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Du'a & Wazaif

Solution through Du\'as
Solution through Du'as
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Details:  Solution through Du'as -
Pocket Paperback - 94 pages.
Arabic with English Translation and Transliteration,
English by Mohammed Ibn Ahmad,
Published in India.

Back in Stock August 2020

DescriptionDu'as and Wazifas for all types of concerns and afflictions.

Do you have any of the following problems? Rizq (financial), health, worries, anxiety, depression, enemies, jealousy, family problems, jadoo, sihr, etc. If yes, then read this book, claims the author. 

This pocket size booklet aims to redress the many prevalent symtoms in our society with Du'aas (supplications) from the Qur'an and Ahadith. The booklet contains a wealth of remedies and actions which should be implemented in ones life to not only redress problems but also prevent difficulties.

Table of Contents:

---Salaatul Haajah,
---Abstaining from Sins a pre-requisite for Du'a Acceptance,
---10 Golden Rules for Du'a and Dhikr to be effective,
---Abundance of Rizq and Payment of Debt,
---Fulfilment of all needs,
---Safetly against Sicknesses,
---Safety against Enemies,
---Safety against Sihr or Jadoo (Black magic),
---For Rizq and Security,
---Easing any Difficulty,
---For all types of Difficulty,
---The Benefits of Istaghfaar,
---Acquiring Rizq through Surah Muzammil,
---Marriage of Children and acquiring good children,
---Goodness of this world and the Hereafter,
---Forgiveness through Qur'aanic Duas,
---Relief from all Hardships,
---Safety from all types of mischief, harm and jealousy,
---Acquiring the ability and courage to make sabr (patience),
---For the removal of all difficulty,
---Subduing the enemy,
---Stopping ones' enemy from bickering and taunting,
---Special Salaah for safety against all hardships, difficulties & calamities,
---Benefits of Surah Yasin Shareef,
---Erasing the Love for Wealth and Status,
---Special Wazeefah, when in severe difficulty,
---Cure from spiritual and physical sickness,
---Taweez for cure from sickness,
---Taweez for cure from diseases,
---Cure from Gaflah & mindfulness,
---Safety from 'shaytani' - evil thoughts in the mind,
---To gain closeness to Allah Almighty,
---Developing Love for Rasull-Allah, Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,
---Seeing Rasull-Allah, Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam, in a Dream,
---Safeguard against disgrace on the Day of Judgement (al-Qiyyamah),

---Safety against Dajjal,
---Remedy for forgetfulness,
---When preparing a lecture or bayaan,
---To strengthen the Memory,
---When entering or leaving Town,
---When staying somehwhere for the Day or Night,
---When Ones Life and Honour is at Stake,
---Safety against Sihr, wild animals and dangerous men,
---When in financial difficulties,
---Fulfilment of all needs in this world and the next,
---Ismul A'zam,
---A Special form of Salaah,
---Du'a when on journey for assured safety,
---Khatme Khawajagaan.

Arabic text with transliteration [Roman script] and English meaning.

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