Repentance - Tauba

Tauba - Repentance, 
*[A5] Paperback Booklet - 64 pages,
by Imam Abu Hamid al-Ghazali [d.505h],
Translated by M. Fazlul Karim,
Published by Islamic Book Service, India.

Description :

This book is an extract from Imam Al-Ghazali's, epic Ihya Ulum-ad-Din, The Revival of the Religious Sciences.

If one does not truly KNOW that sins are the cause of being far from Allah, he will have no regrets over committing sins. He will not feel the pain of his path far from his Lord. When that pain is not felt, he will not return nor have the determination to stay away from sin.

About Imam al-Ghazali:

Abu Hamid Muhammad, famous in the world of learning as Imam al-Ghazali, may Allah be pleased with him, was born in 450 AH (1058 C.E). in Persia . He graduated from the al-Nizamiyyah Madrassah at Nishapur, with distinction. The Nizamiyyah is a very famous educational institution in Nishapur. Later he was appointed as a teacher at the Nizamiyyah College in Baghdad, where he proved very successful in imparting knowledge to the scholars under his care. This valuable gift of sustaining interest of his pupils and passing on his knowledge to them made him so famous that students from all parts of the country flocked to study under him. Imam al-Ghazali, may Allah have mercy upon him, was fondly referred to as the "Hujjat-ul-lslam", Proof of Islam. He is honoured as a scholar and a Sufi-saint (Wali-Allah) by learned men all over the world.

Table of Contents :

---The Meaning of Tauba,

---The Four Principles of Tauba,
---The First Principle : Knowledge and Limit,
---The Merits of Tauba,
---God is Agent of Actions,
---Tauba is Compulsory,
---Examples of a Sinner and a Virtuous Man,
---Compulsory Tauba's Systematic Descriptions,
---The Meaning of Wajib,
---Condition of Acceptance of Tauba,
---Saying of the Sages,
---Tauba from Minor and Major Sins,
---Classes of Sins according to the Nature of Man,
------Firstly : Godly Nature,
------Second Class of Sins,
------Third Class of Sins,
---Major Sins have got Three Stages,
---Punishment and Reward in the Next World,
---Man will be Divided into Four Classes in the Next World,
---Stages of Those who will Meet with Destruction,
---Different Stages of the Fortunate,
---Causes of Disasters on Religious People,
---Persons who get Salvation,
---When a Minor Sin turns into a Major Sin?
------1. The First Cause,
------2. The Second Cause,
------3. The Third Cause,
------4. The Fourth Cause,
------5. The Fifth Cause,
------6. The Sixth Cause,
---The Conditions of Tauba,
---Determination or Firm Will,
---Breach of Duties Towards the People,
---Regarding Property,
---Determination in Future,
---The Classes of Repentants,
------First Class of Repentants,
------Second Class of Repentants,
------Third Class of Repentants,
------Fourth Class of Repentants,
---Expiation of Voluntary and Involuntary Sins,
---Different Stages of Seeking Forgiveness,
---Medicine for Unwillingness to Repent,
---Disease of the Soul,
---The Four Modes of Giving up Sins,
------First Mode,
------Second Mode,
------Third Mode,
------Fourth Mode,
---The Different Causes of the Commision of Sins,
------First Cause,
------Second Cause,
------Third Cause,
------Fourth Cause,
------Fifth Cause.

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NB: Sub-Continent print quality.

*Dimensions :  21.5 x 14cm.



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