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General History

The Book of Islamic Dynasties
The Book of Islamic Dynasties
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Details:  The Book of Islamic Dynasties : New,
'A Celebration of Islamic History and Culture'
*[A4+] Large Hardback - 194 pages,
Written and Illustrated by Luqman Nagy.
Published by Taha.

Description :

'The Book of Islamic Dynasties' presents in one concise volume an introduction to the many great Islamic dynasties that have arisen, shone and faded – like stars in the firmament – but have left the Muslim world all the richer.

The subtitle, A Celebration of Islamic History and Culture, reflects the importance of the inspiring cultural legacies bequeathed to us by our Muslim ancestors and the enormous contributions made by Muslims to world civilisation.

Filled with beautiful hand painted illustrations to bring the text to life. This book will be a pleasure to read for both adolescents and adults and will insha’Allah enable the reader to better comprehend the complexities of life in today’s Dar al-Islam.

About the Author :

Luqman Nagy was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. He graduated from the University of British Columbia with graduate degrees in Library Science and Education and subsequently pursued Middle Eastern language studies at Ankara University (Turkish), Pahlavi [Shiraz] University (Persian), and Umm al-Qur’a University, Makkah (Arabic). Since 1970, he has traveled the length and breadth of Dar al-Islam several times always in search of traditional Islamic societies.

Table of Contents :


---[1]. The Ummayads of Syria [661-750],
----------Mu'awiyah ibn Abu Sufyan 661-680,
----------Yazid ibn Mu'awiyah 680-683,
----------'Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan 685-705,
----------Al-Walid ibn 'Abd al-Malik 705-715,
----------1.1. The First True Islamic Coinage (Illustration),
----------1.2. The Dome of the Rock,
----------Umar ibn 'Abd al-Aziz 717-720,
----------Hisham ibn 'Abd al-Malik 724-743.

---[2]. The Ummayads of Spain [756-1031],
----------'Abd ar-Rahman I 756-788,
----------'Abd ar-Rahman II 822-852,
----------'Abd ar-Rahman III 912-961,
----------Al-Hakam II 961-976,
----------The Great Mosque of Cordoba, Spain,
----------2.1. Andalusian Calligraphy,
----------2.2. The Great Mosque of Cordoba, Spain,
----------2.3. The Great Mosque of Cordoba, Today.

---[3]. The 'Abbasids [749-1258 & 1261-1517],
----------Al-Mansur 754-775,
----------Baghdad - The New Capital,
----------3.1. Empires Rise and Fall,
----------Harun al-Rashid 786-809,
----------Al-Ma'mun ibn Harun 813-833,
----------Al-Mu'tasim ibn Harun 833-842,
----------Weakening of the 'Abbasid State,
----------3.2. Spiral Minaret,
----------The Mongol Invasion,
----------Destruction of Baghdad,
----------3.3. The Destruction of Baghdad,
----------Re-Emergence of a Shadow 'Abbasid Caliphate.

---[4]. The Samanids [819-1005],
----------Origins of the Dynasty,
----------Importance of the Samanids,
----------Importance of the Persian language,
----------4.1. The Pahlavi language,
----------4.2. The New Persian Writing,
----------Samanid Art,
----------4.3. Well-Travelled Samanid Coins,
----------4.4. Samanid Pottery,
----------4.5. Tomb of Isma'il Saman,
----------The Decine of the Samanids.

---[5]. The Fatimids [909-1171],
----------'Ubayd Allah 909-934,
----------North African Period 909-973,
----------5.1. Fatimid Coin - A Miniature Work of Art,
----------Conquest of Egypt,
----------Extent of the Fatimid Empire,
----------Isma'ili Doctrine,
----------Al-Hakam 996-1021,
----------5.2. The Mosque of Al-Hakim,
----------The Decline of the Fatimids,
----------5.3. The Ibn Tulun Mosque,
----------The Legacy of the Fatimids.

---[6]. The Ghaznavids [977-1186],
----------Mahmud ibn Sebuktigin 998-1030,
----------6.1. An Invitation to Islam,
----------Al-Biruni 973-1048,
----------Firdawsi's Shahnameh,
----------Mas'ud ibn Mahmud 1031-1041,
----------Legacy of the Ghaznavids.

---[7]. The Great Seljuqs [1040-1194],
----------The Battle of Malazgirt - August 26, 1071,
----------7.1. Circular Tombs,
----------Nizam al-Mulk 1063-1092 & Malik Shah 1072-1092,
----------Legacy of the Great Seljuqs.

---[8]. The Seljuqs of Rum [1077-1307],
----------After Malazgirt 1071,
----------The Crusades,
----------Konya -The Seljuq Capital,,
----------Kilij Arsalan II 1156-1192,
----------The Battle of Myriocephalon - September 17, 1176,
----------The Mongol Invasion 1243,
----------The Battle of Kose Dagh - June 26, 1243,
----------Seljuq Art,
----------8.1. Turquoise Tilework,
----------8.2. Geometric Genius,
----------Mevlana Jalal al-Din Rumi 1207-1273,
----------8.3. Seljuq Silver.

---[9]. The Berber Dynasties : The Almoravids [1056-1147],
----------Berber Origins,
----------Islamisation of the Berbers,
----------Origins of the Dynasty,
----------Yusuf ibn Tashfin 1061-1106,
----------Ibn Khaldun 1332-1406,
----------9.1. The Moroccan Mosque,
----------Legacy of the Almoravids.

---[10]. The Almohads [1130-1269],
-----------Muhammad ibn Tumart 1121-1130,
-----------'Abd al-Mu'min 1130-1163,
-----------Ibn Tufayl  c.1105-1185,
-----------10.1. Marrakesh Minaret,
-----------10.2. Moroccan Gold,
-----------Important Battles.

---[11]. The Ayyubids [1169-1260],
-----------Origins of the Dynasty,
-----------Salah ad-Din 1169-1193,
-----------Battle of Hitin - July 4, 1187,
-----------Liberation of Al-Quds - October 2, 1187,
-----------Friday Khutbah - October 9, 1187,
-----------Ibn Jubayr 1145-1217,
-----------11.1. Salah ad-Din Silver,
-----------Decline of the Ayyubids,
-----------11.2. The Liberator of Jerusalem.

---[12]. The Delhi Sultanate [1206-1556],
-----------The Ghurids,
-----------Qutb ad-Din Aybak 1206-1210,
-----------Qutb Minar,
-----------12.1. The Qutb Minar,
-----------12.2. A Hidden Treasure,
-----------12.3. Masterful Carving,
-----------Shams ad-Din Iltutmish 1211-1236,
-----------'Ala ad-Din Khalji 1296-1316,
-----------Muhammad ibn Tughluq 1325-1351,
-----------12.4. Worthless Money,
-----------End of the Tughluq Dynasty,
-----------Sayyid Dynasty [1414-1451],
-----------Lodi Dynasty [1451-1526],
-----------The First Battle of Panipat - April 21, 1526,
-----------End of the Delhi Sultanate.

---[13]. The Nasrids of Spain [1232-1492],
-----------Muhammad ibn al-Ahmar 1232-1273,
-----------Yusuf I ibn Isma'il 1333-1354,
-----------Muhammad V ibn Yusuf 1354-1359 and 1362-1391,
-----------Decline of the Nasrids,
-----------Abu al-Hasan 'Ali 1464-1482 and 1483-1485,
-----------Abu 'Abdullah Muhammad XII - Boabdil 1482-1483 and 1486-1492,
-----------The Fall of Granada - January 4, 1492,
-----------Persecution of Muslims,
-----------13.1. A Well-Travelled Qur'an,
-----------The Legacy of Muslim Spain,
-----------13.2. A Nasrid Masterpiece,
-----------13.3. Beauty in Dancing Tiles,
-----------13.4. Simple Silver Coin.

---[14]. The Mamluks of Egypt [1250-1517],
-----------Mamluk Origins,
-----------Bahri Mamluks 1250-1382,
-----------The Battle of 'Ain Jalut - September 3, 1260,
-----------Al-Zahir Baybars I 1260-1277,
-----------Qalawun 1279-1290 and Al-Ashraf Khalil ibn Qalawun 1290-1293,
-----------Al-Nasir Muhammad 1293-1340,
-----------14.1. Mamluk Monuments,
-----------14.2. "Light Upon Light"
-----------Black Death 1348-1349,
-----------Barquq 1382-1389 and 1390-1399 and The Burjiyyah Mamluks,
-----------Al-Ashraf Qa'it Bey 1468-1496,
-----------Qansawh Al-Ghawri 1501-1516,
-----------Al-Mutawakkil III, 1509-1516 and 1517,
-----------The Last Mamluks,
-----------14.3. Meticulous Mamluk Metalwork,
-----------The Legacy of the Mamluks.

---[15]. The Ilkhanids of Iran [1256-1353],
-----------Jenghiz Khan 1206-1227,
-----------Hulagu Khan 1256-1265,
-----------'Ala' ad-Din 'Ata Malik Juwayni 1226-1286,
-----------Fate of Baghdad in 1258,
-----------Mongol Religious Freedom,
-----------First Ilkhanid Rulers,
-----------Mahmud Ghazan Khan 1295-1304,
-----------Rashid ad-Din al-Tabib 1247-1318,
-----------Uljaytu Khan 1304-1316,
-----------15.1. Masters of Tilemaking,
-----------15.2. The Ilkhan Taj Mahal,
-----------Abu Sa'id 1316-1335,
-----------15.3. Abu Sa'id Silver,
-----------Legacy of the Ilkhanids.

---[16]. The Timurids [1370-1506],
-----------Timur-i Lang 1370-1405,
-----------Timur's Conquests,
-----------Invasion of India 1398,
-----------Occupation of Damascus 1401,
-----------Battle of Ankara - July 28, 1402,
-----------Timur's Death,
-----------Shah Rukh 1409-1447,
-----------16.1. Timur's Tomb,
-----------16.2. Timurid Tilework,
-----------Ulugh Beg 1447-1449,
-----------Decline of the Timurids.

---[17]. The Ottomans [1281-1922],
-----------Seljuq Connections,
-----------Osman I, 1281-1326,
-----------Battle of Kosovo - June 28, 1389,
-----------Mehmed II, 1444-1446 and 1451-1481,
-----------Constantinople, The Ottoman Capital,
-----------17.1. Mehmed II's Fortress,
-----------Ottoman Turkish Language,
-----------Selim I, 1512-1520,
-----------Sulaiman I, 1520-1566,
-----------17.2. Ottoman Excellence,
-----------17.3. Sinan's Sulaimaniye,
-----------17.4. Calligraphic Excellence,
-----------The Battle of Lepanto - October 7, 1571,
-----------17.5. A Tiled Garden,
-----------Decline Begins,
-----------The Tulip Era 1718-1730,
-----------Selim III, 1789-1807,
-----------17.6. "Plenty of Islam"
-----------Tanzimat Reforms 1839-1876,
-----------17.7. The Turkish Tughra,
-----------Final Years of the Ottoman Empire,
-----------Young Turks,
-----------Foreign Occupation of Turkey,
-----------Mehmed VI, 1918-1922,
-----------17.8. Popular Mihrab Ayah.

---[18]. The Safavids [1501-1722],
-----------Origins of the Dynasty,
-----------Shah Isma'il 1502-1524,
-----------Safavid-Ottoman Conflict,
-----------The Battle of Chaldiran - August 23, 1514,
-----------Shah Tahmasp I, 1524-1576,
-----------Shah 'Abbas I, 1587-1629,
-----------Isfahan -"Half the World"
-----------18.1. A Spectacular Public Square,
-----------18.2. Safavid Calligraphy,
-----------18.3. A Palace with a View,
-----------Decline of the Safavids,
-----------18.4. Safavid Silver,
-----------Safavid Legacy.

---[19]. The Mughals of India [1526-1858],
-----------Babur Shah 1526-1530,
-----------First Battle of Panipat - April 21, 1526,
-----------Humayun 1530-1540 and 1555-1556,
-----------Humayun's Legacy,
-----------19.1. Humayun's Tomb,
-----------Akbar 1556-1605,
-----------Akbar's Din-i Ilahi,
-----------Fatehpur Sikri 1571-1585,
-----------Akbar's Final Years,
-----------Jahangir 1605-1627,
-----------Shah Jahan 1627-1658,
-----------19.2. Mughal Masterpiece,
-----------19.3. From a Mughal Garden,
-----------Aurangzeb 1658-1707,
-----------The Lesser Mughals - The Decline of the Dynasty 1707-1858,
-----------Bahadur Shah Zafar II, The Last Mughal 1837-1858,
-----------The Sepoy Rebellion of 1857,
-----------The Legacy of the Mughals.

---Islamic Dynasties, Map,
---Select Bibliography,

"Large Coffee Table Book - Excellent Gift Idea!"

More Islamic History,
Also see Sirah, Biographies.

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