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Du'a & Wazaif

Du\'aas in the Life of a Muslim
Du'aas in the Life of a Muslim
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Details:    Du'aas in the Life of a Muslim, English/Arabic with Transliteration,
*[A5] Paperback - 57 pages, [2015 Reprint]
Prepared by The Lenasia Muslim Assoc.
Published by I.B.S. India.


Description :

Excellent collection of comprehensive Daily invocations (du'as).

  • Ideal for children and beginners,
  • English translation, with
  • English transliteration.

Contents include:


---Kalimah Tayyibah,
---Kalimah Shahaadah,
---Kalimah Tamjeed,
---Kalimah Tawheed,
---Kalimah Radd e Kufr,
---Imaan e Mujamal,
---Imaan e Mufassal,

---Du'aa before Wudhu,
---Du'aa whilst making Wudhu,
---Du'aa after Wudhu,
---Azaan e Fajr,
---Replying to Azaan and Iqaamah,
---Du'aa after Azaan,
---Du'aa when entering the Masjid,
---Du'aa when leaving the Masjid,

---Tasbeeh of Ruku,
---Tasmee' when Raising from Ruku,
---Tahmeed in Qaumah,
---Tasbeeh of Sajdah,
---Tashahhud (shafi'i),
---Durood e Ibrahim,
---Du'aa after Salaam,
---Du'aa e Qunoot,
---Du'aa e Qunoot (shafi'i),.

Everyday Du'aas,
---Du'aa before sleeping,
---Du'aa after waking up,
---Du'aa upon entering the bathroom (to relieve oneself),
---Du'aa after leaving the bathroom,
---Du'aa on seeing the New Moon,
---Du'aa before Eating,
---Du'aa after Eating,
---Du'aa when Eating elsewhere,
---Du'aa upon boarding a car or other vehicle,
---Du'aa for Fasting,
---Du'aa after breaking the Fast,
---Du'aa upon sneezing,
---Reacting to the Du'aa upon sneezing,
---The sneezer's reply,
---Du'aa when a loss occurs,
---Du'aa after drinking water,
---Du'aa when looking into a mirror,
---Du'aa upon wearing a New garment,
---Du'aa when wearing any garment,
---Morning and Evening Du'aa,
---Du'aa after drinking milk,
---Du'aa upon hearing good news,
---Du'aa when meeting a Muslim,
---Reply to the greeting,
---Expressing one's love for another,
---Replying to one who expresses his love,
---When seeing another Muslim cheerful,
---On thanking someone,
---Du'aa when visting a sick person,
---Du'aa when in bodily pain,
---Du'aa when in fever,
---Du'aa when intending to do something,

---Du'aa when entering a graveyard or cemetery,
---Thanaa' in Janaazah (funeral) Salaah,
---Du'aa e Janaazah,
---Du'aa e Janaazah for a boy,
---Du'aa e Janaazah for a girl,
---Du'aa for Esaale Thawaab (supplication to benefit the deceased).
More Everyday and General Du'aas,
---Correct method of reciting Du'aas with examples,
---Du'aa for Istikhaarah,
---The Islamic Months,
---Du'aa before slaughtering a Qurbani animal,
---Du'aa after slaughtering a Qurbani animal,
---Du'aa when entering one's home,
---Du'aa when leaving one's home,
---Du'aa e Aqeeqah,
---Du'aa when a dog barks,
---Du'aa before going to bed,
---Du'aa when things are in one's favour,
---Du'aa when one sees or experiences an evil thing,
---Du'aa when a fire breaks out,
---Du'aa when an evil thought comes to mind,
---Du'aa upon seeing a person in difficulty,
---Du'aa at the time of sunset,
---Du'aa when one leaves any meeting place,
---Du'aa upon bidding someone farewell,
---Du'aa at the time of embarking on a journey,
---Du'aa after commencing a journey,
---Du'aa at the time of distress,
---Du'aa at the time of drought,
---Du'aa at the time of rainfall,
---Du'aa at the time of excessive downpour,
---Du'aa at the time hearing thunder,
---Du'aa when one's gaze falls upon the moon,
---Du'aa when one becomes angry,
---Du'aa when making iftaari (breaking fast) at another persons house,
---Du'aa when any need arises,
---Du'aa Qunoot e Naazilah,
---Du'aa before entering the market or trading area,
---Du'aa for increasing one's knowledge,
---Du'aa at the time of death,
---Du'aa when laying the deceased to rest in the Qabr (grave),
---Du'aa when filling the Qabr with soil.

*Dimensions : 21.5 x 13.7cm.

Sub-Continent Print Quality!!


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