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Arabic Grammar : Darsi

Al-Sarf al-Jilani : English & Arabic
Al-Sarf al-Jilani : English & Arabic
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Details:  Al Sarf al-Jilani : English & Arabic,
*[A5+] Large Paperback - 141 pages,
by Sayyid Mohammad Hamadani,
by Sayyid Mohammed Samdani, &
by Sayyid Mohammed Zarqani,
Published by Sadr ul-Ulama Publications.

Back in Stock October 2020

Description :

Al-Sarf al-Jilani - is a brand new publication in the study of Arabic word morphology / etymology (Sarf).

The majority of words in the Arabic language are intertwined in meaning and form with other words by means of root letters and common word patterns. Al Sarf al-Jilani
 is the study of these roots and patterns and the effects that they have on the meanings of words.

A mastery of Sarf is essential for a deeper understanding of the subtleties of the Arabic language. See images below for clear samples of the various sections.

Al-Sarf al-Jilani is aimed at the English speaking student and has been meticulously compiled by three young Sayyid (al-Jilani) UK based scholars. It is fitting that their grandfather was a supreme Master of the Arabic language, which earned him the title of Imam an-Nahw, he is non other than 'Sadr al-Ulema' Allama Sayyid Ghulam Jilani al-Meruthi, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi.

Table of Contents :


Section [1].

---Important Terms,
---Lesson [1]. Etymology,
---Lesson [2]. The Three Types,
---Lesson [3]. The Sacle,
---Lesson [4]. Al-Harf,
---Lesson [5]. The Six Types,
---Lesson [6]. The Seven Types,
---Lesson [7]. The Seven Types (continued),
---Lesson [8]. Al-Masdar and al-Jamid,
---Lesson [9]. The Twelve Types.

Section [2].

---Important Terms,
---Lesson [1]. Al-Fil, al-Madhi, al-Mutlaq, al-Muthbat, al-Maroof,
---Lesson [2]. Al-Fil, al-Madhi, al-Mutlaq, al-Muthbat, al-Majhool,
---Lesson [3]. Al-Fil, al-Madhi, al-Mutlaq, al-Manfi,
---Lesson [4]. Aqsaam al-Madhi,
---Lesson [5]. Al-Fil, al-Mudhari, al-Muthbat,
---Lesson [6]. Al-Mudhari, al-Manfi, al-Muakad Bi Lan,
---Lesson [7]. Al-Mudhari, al-Majhood Bi Lam,
---Lesson [8]. Al-Mudhari, al-Muakad Bi al-Lam wa Noon al-Thaaqeela,
---Lesson [9]. Al-Mudhari, al-Muakad Bi al-Lam wa Noon al-Khafeefa,
---Lesson [10]. Fil al-Amr,
---Lesson [11]. Fil al-Nahi,
---Lesson [12]. Ism al-Fail,
---Lesson [13]. Ism al-Mafool,
---Lesson [14]. Ism al-Zarf,
---Lesson [15]. Ism al-Aala,
---Lesson [16]. Ism al-Tafdheel,
---Lesson [17]. Al-Sifat al-Mushabaha,
---Lesson [18]. Al-Sarf al-Saghir,
---Lesson [19]. Al Thulathi al-Mazeed fi,
---Lesson [20]. Al Thulathi al-Mazeed fi (continued),
---Lesson [21]. Al-Rubai.

Section [3].

---Important Terms,
---[3a]. Al-Saheeh,
---[3b]. Al-Mahmooz,
---[3c]. Al-Mithal,
---[3d]. Al-Ajwaf,
---[3e]. Al-Naqis,
---[3f]. Al-Muda'af.

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