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Endless Grace : New
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Islam to the Modern Mind : New
Islam to the Modern Mind : New
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Details:  Islam to the Modern Mind : New,
*[A5] Paperback - 295 pages,
by Mawlana Shaykh Fazl ar-Rahman Ansari al-Qadiri [d.1394h],
Edited by Yasien Mohamed,
Transcribed by Mahdie Kriel,
& by Awaatief Daniels,
*Published by Hidden Treasure Press [1999].

Description :

Mawlana Fazl-ur-Rahman Ansari (1914-1974) was undoubtedly one of the great sages of the twentieth century. He reminded us of the sacred journey into the infinite undertaken by every human being, consciously and unconsciously. He was able to explain, in the language of the contemporary age, the fundamental truth that in our beginning lies our end and in our end lies the secret of our beginning. Thus he was able to demonstrate with a mastery of cosmology, not only from the perspective of the Qur'an and hadith, but also from his knowledge of the scientific findings of the contemporary age, that all creation would ultimately return to the state before creation when the secret of our souls would be made manifest.

Mawlana Ansari deplored the intellectual, moral and spiritual stagnation of the ummah and reminded us of the urgent need for an Islamic response to the intellectual challenges of the twentieth century. He believed that the great majority of Muslims of the contemporary age have resigned themselves to being sentimental enthusiasts or professional traditionalists. He urged the Muslims to make the values of Islam operational in their day-to-day lives. It was in the 1970's that he predicted that Islam would arise from the west, as indeed appears to be the case in both America and Europe, where Islam is recorded as the fastest growing religion in these regions.

'Islam to the Modern Mind' draws from the lectures the eminent scholar gave in South Africa in 1970 and 1972, and deals with three broad themes; a deeper understanding of the basic principles of Islam, an Islamic response to the intellectual challenges of the twentieth century, and the methodology of Islamic spirituality.

Mawlana Ansari was able to marry the inner technology of Islamic spirituality with the outer technology of modern science to produce a beautiful and noble example for Muslims to follow. As the twentieth century draws to close, his teachings are evermore relevant. The editors and publishers of 'Islam to the Modern Mind' should be greatly commended for making available these valuable and thought-provoking discourses for a new generation of readers.

About the Author :

Al-Shaykh Mawlana Dr. Muhammad Fazlur Rahman al-Ansari al-Qadiri was a great missionary and a roving ambassador of Islam. He was renowned philosopher, researcher, author of many books in English and Urdu.

He was born into a religious family of Muzaffar Nagar, UP province of combined Indo-Pakistan on 14th August, 1914 (i.e. 14th Shaban 1333). When he wan born, his maternal uncle Mawlana Mushtaq Ahmed Ambetvi a devotee and follower of the Chishtiyya Sabiriyya School of Tasawwaf, saw his face and immediately gave him name as Fazlur Rahman. His uncle was influenced by a great learned scholar of that time namely Shah Fazlur Rahman of Gunj Muradabadi. The family tree leads to the Noble Companion Abu Ayub al-Ansari, radi Allahu ta'ala anhu, of Madina al-Munawwara, a great Sahabi al-Rasul, ﷺ.

As a child he memorised the Holy Qur'an at the age of 7 and in the 19th year completed his Dars-e-Nizamia (Islamic Scholarship Course). After this he left for Aligarh University where he passed BA and BSc and Phd. Amongst his teachers were the revered Allama Sayyad Sulayman Ashraf and Dr. Sayyad Zafar al-Hassan, may Allah have mercy upon them both.

After coming into contact with Mawlana Shaykh as-Shah Abd ul Aleem al-Siddiqui, rahmatullahi ta'ala alayhi, [a prominent Khalifa of AlaHadrat Imam Ahmad Rida Khan, radi Allahu ta'ala anhu, of Bareilly] and a great scholaristic personality of Islam of the time. He became his Mureed. Mawlana Abdul Aleem al-Siddiqui gave him Ijazat (authority) in spiritual affairs within the Hateem of the Holy Ka'aba. He also accepted him as his family by giving his eldest daughter in marriage to him. After the death of Mawlana Abdul Aleem he was appointed Raees-ul-Khalifa of Halaqa-e-Aleemiyah Qadiriyyah.

Mawlana Fazl ur Rahman al-Ansari, besides an advocate of Tasawwaf through his shaykh also travelled extensively throughout the globe. He made numerous missionary tours as a roving ambassador of Islam and established many centres and Islamic Missions. 

It is not known exactly how many books were written by Mawlana Ansari, but some of the more well known ones are :

---“The Beacon Light” at the age of only 18 years,
---“The Christian World in Revolution”
---“Muhammad, may Allah bless him & grant him peace,
---“The Glory of Ages”
---“Islam in Europe and America” etc.
---“The Qur'anic Foundations & Structure of Muslim Society” in 2 Volumes.

Mawlana Ansari established the 'Aleemiyah Institute of Islamic Studies,' in Karachi which is considered one of its prime projects where, beside of imparting religious education and missionary training, important secular subjects like Economics, Comparative study of religions, Journalism etc., are also taught. Because of his continuous effort and service to Islam and mankind, thousands of people converted to Islam.

After returning from his final missionary tour of Seychelles and Sri Lanka he breathed his last on Monday, 3rd June, 1974 (11th Jamadi-ul-Awwal 1394 hijri] at 10:30 a.m. He is buried in the Islamic Centre compound. May Allah Almighty shower His choicest blessing on this noble soul.

Table of Contents :

---Editor's Introductions,
---Transliteration Note,
---Biographical Sketch of Mawlana al-Ansari,
------His Character,
------His Education,
------His Missionary Activity.


---Chapter [1]. Knowledge and the Self,
---Chapter [2]. What is Islam?
---Chapter [3]. The Principle of Unity (Tawhid),
---Chapter [4]. The Philosophy of the Shahadah ?
---Chapter [5]. Muhammad, ﷺ, The Prophet of Allah,
---Chapter [6]. The Inner Dimensions of the Sunnah,
---Chapter [7]. Salah (Prayer),
---Chapter [8]. Surah al-Fatihah and the concept of the Khalifat-Allah,
---Chapter [9]. Mi'raj,
---Chapter [10]. The Challenge of the Twentieth Century,
---Chapter [11]. Why Religion?
---Chapter [12]. Westernised Muslims,
---Chapter [13]. The Qur'anic View of Disunity,
---Chapter [14]. The Age of Doubt,
---Chapter [15]. Message to the Muslim Youth,
---Chapter [16]. Islam vs Communism,
---Chapter [17]. Women in Islam,
---Chapter [18]. Response to Questions on Darwinism,
--------Birth Control,
--------Taqdir (Predestination),
---Chapter [19]. Tasawwuf : The Spiritual Pursuit in Islam,
---Chapter [20]. A Discourse on the Grades of Knowledge,
---Chapter [21]. Discipline in Dhikr,
---Chapter [22]. Murid (Initiation),
---Chapter [23]. Mawlid al-Nabi, ﷺ,



"A must have for any library collection!"

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*Dimensions : 21.6 x 14.2cm.

NB> Slightly off-mint due to publishing date.

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