Zikr : New

Zikr : A Compendium on the Zikr of Allah, New,
"The Illuminated Way of the Messenger of Allah, " 
*[A5+] Hardback with Dustjacket - 172 pages,
by Mufti Qazi Hassan Razza,
Published by Al-Markaz Publishing,
Printed in Turkey.


Description :

"There are some guidebooks that give excellent descriptions of a place you intend to visit but when you get there you find that they are not of much use when it comes to finding your way about or helping you discover places to eat or sleep. There are others that really are useful and give you practical advice that really assists you in your stay in that unfamiliar enviroment. This treatise on dhikru'llah by Mufti Qazi Hassan Razza is definitely one of the latter.

From beginning to end it is transparently clear that he is speaking of a territory with which he is absolutely familiar and through which he can guide any who wish to discover it to gain the utmost benefit from it. He has been there, seen it and done it and is completely qualified to show others how to do the same.

Shaykh ibn 'Ata'illah al-Iskandari says in his Hikam :




"Do not keep the company with anyone whose state does
not inspire you and whose speech does not lead you to Allah


It is patently obvious that Mufti Hassan is just such a Companion.

Two aspects from this book are unusual in such studies and particulary worth highlighting. The first is that, while remaining scrupulously within the parameters of orthodox Islamic teaching, Mufti Hassan reminds us that its subject matter, the invocation and remembrance of the Divine Unity, is in reality the birthright and true purpose of every human being.

The second aspect is the stress he places on what might be called the "physical" elements of spirituality. This is extremely important because modernism has erected an apparently impenetrable barrier between the material and spiritual worlds, with the open objective of denying the spiritual altogether. By accentuating the subtle connection between the physical and spiritual dimensions of existence, Mufti Hassan breaks down this illusion of rigid separation and open the way to an understanding of existence as the integrated, undivided, unified whole it - in reality - is. "---Shaykh Abdalhaq Bewley.

About the Author :

Imam al-Hafiz Shaykh Mufti Qazi Hassan Razza was born in September 1964 (Jamada al Awwal 1384h). He is a prominent and honourable scholar, who is recognised across the Muslim world and hails from a family of eleven generations of scholars and Muftis. He has thousands of students in the UK and across the world, many of whom are senior scholars in their own right. The shaykh grew up studying intensely with his father Mufti Saif ar-Rahman al-Qadiri for many years, which was under the spiritual eye of his maternal grandfather, the great gnostic Shaykh Moazzam Sadr ad-Din.

Mufti Hassan Razza showed tremendous intellectual ability from a young age, and completed the memorisation of the Qur'an at the tender age of thirteen and completed the Dars e Nizami (Islamic Scholarship) course at the age of 21, followed by the Mufti course and an apprenticeship in issuing religious edicts (fatawa). The shaykh then went onto complete a Master's in Arabic at the International Islamic University in Islamabad, a Master's in Philosophy in Arabic at the University of Peshawar, and spent time studying at the Allama Iqbal University.

The shaykh is recognised as one of the most senior scholars of Qur'an, Hadith, Tafsir and Fiqh, however he specialises in Arabic Grammar, Tafsir and Tasawwuf. As well as being a high ranking academic, the shaykh has devoted his life to spreading the Zikr of Allah and serving others. He is a master of tasawwuf, and has ijaaza in the Naqshbandi way from Shaykh Fazl ar-Rahman. He also has ijaaza in various other spiritual paths including the Qadiri, Shadhili, Chishti and Owaisi ways and holds regular gatherings of Zikr.

Table of Contents :

---Say Allah! Allah! - a poem,
---About the Author,

---Foreword by Abdalhaqq Bewley,
---Foreword by Naeem Abdul Wali,

---The Origin of Light,
---The Light of Allah,
---The Spiritual States of Revelation,
---The Transfer of Light,
---The Role of the Hand in Spirituality,
---Bay'ah : The Pledge of Allegiance,
---The Zikr of Allah,
---Silent Zikr,
---Lataif e Sitta (The Six Subtleties),
---The Necessity of Spiritual Transfer by Hand,
---The Nafs,
---Sultan al-Azkaar,
---The Prayer of Light,
---Remembering the Pious,
---Sensations during Zikr,
---Gatherings of Zikr,
---Zikr Aloud,
---The Statesments made during Zikr done Aloud,
---A Warning,
---The Call to Allah,
---The Light of the Believer,



"Excellent quality print using high grade paper."


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*Dimensions : 24 x 16.5cm.












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