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Nalayn Light : New 2020
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Hadith : Darsi

The Influence of the Noble Hadith
The Influence of the Noble Hadith
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  • Authored by: Sh. Muhammad Awwamah

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Details:  The Influence of the Noble Hadith  -
- upon the Differences of Opinion amongst the Jurists Imams :
*[A5+] Large Paperback - 235 pages, New,
by Shaykh Muhammad Awwamah,
Translated by Mariam Madge Conlon,
*Published by Turath.

Back in Stock December 2019

Description :

"The Influence of the Noble Hadith  upon the Differences of Opinion amongst the Jurists Imams" - Athar al-Hadith al-Sharif fi Ikhtilaf al-A'immah al-Fuqaha :  an extensive work by the author on providing sound reasons for the differences and distinctions that have arisen amongst the noble fuqaha, and their advantages the Muslim Ummah has inherited as a result of their tireless efforts in the service of protecting and preserving the great madhhabs on which we all depend.

Among the major themes that Shaykh Muhammad Awwamah deals with in this book are the status of the hadith in the hearts of the Imams; the differences in how they understood the hadith; their conditions and methods for deploying the hadith to derive legal rulings; their differences in how they assayed the hadiths; and their varying degrees of acquaintance with the Sunnah.

Though very concise, the book is astonishingly comprehensive, and unique in providing thorough explanations, which students in the field will find most helpful and effective.

About the Author :

He is Shaykh Muhammad ibn Muhammad 'Awwamah who was born in January 1940 in the Syrian City of Aleppo, although he now resides in the Blessed City of the Prophet, ﷺ, in al-Madinah al-Munawwarah. He studied hadith with the foremost experts of his time, namely Shaykh Siraj al-Din 'Abdullah al-Halabi and Shaykh 'Abd al-Fattah Abu Ghuddah. He went onto teaching and researching hadith and writing scholarly works on it, until he became a great expert and authority in the field. He has enriched Islamic libraries with the scholarly annotated editions he produced of early and classical texts on hadith, narrators of hadith and other disciplines within this field.

Shaykh Muhammad Sa'id al-Tantawi says about him :

"I do not know on the face of the earth anyone who is more knowledgeable than him in scholarly editing of the classical works."

Amongst the most important works edited by Shaykh 'Awwamah :

---As Sunan of Abu Dawud, based on Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani's original manuscript,
---Al-Musannaf of Ibn Abi Shaybah, again based on the earliest manuscripts,
---Taqrib al-Tahdhib of Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani's original manuscript,
---Al-Kashif of Imam adh-Dhahabi,

Shaykh Awwamah has also authored the following works :

---Adab al-Ikhtilaf fi Masa'il ad-Din,
---Athar al-Hadith al-Sharif fi Ikhtilaf al-A'immah al-Fuqaha,

Table of Contents :

---Translator's note
---Publisher's Notes,
---Author's Introduction to Arabic Editions
---Foreword by Shaykh Mustafa Ahmad az-Zarqa,
---Preface : The Status of the Noble Hadith in the Hearts of the Imāms,

The First Reason,
---When does a noble hadīth qualify for being acted upon?
-----[1]. Differences regarding conditions for hadīth authentication,
---------Continuity of the Chain of Transmission,
---------Establishing the uprightness of the narrator
---------Similar differences surrounding other conditions for a rigorously authenticated hadīth,
-----[2]. Is acting upon a hadīth conditional upon its authenticity?
-----[3]. Establishing the noble Prophetic wording of the hadīth
-----[4]. Establishing the Correct Arabic vocalisation

The Second Reason,
-----[1]. The Differences in terms of undertsnading the noble hadith,

The Third Reason,
-----[1]. The Differing Methods in Dealing with Apparently Contradictory Aspects of the Sunnah,

The Fourth Reason,
-----[1]. Differences of Opinion among the Imams due to their Varying Degrees of Acquaintance with the Sunnah.


Also see Hadith : Darsi,
Also see Fiqh : Darsi.

*Note about the Translation/publication.

Although the author is clearly a Sunni Scholar of repute the translators/publishers are of the Deobandi sect. We have included this publication is we have been told it will be useful for students of knowledge.

*Dimensions : 23 x 15.4cm.

NB: Off-mint condition.

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