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Hadith & Sunnah

Hadith Literature - Its Origin & Development
Hadith Literature - Its Origin & Development
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Details:  Hadith Literature : 'Its Origin, Development & Special Features' New,
*[A5+] Large Paperback - 188 pages,
by Muhammad Zubayr Siddiqi,
Edited & Revised by Abdal Hakim Murad,
Published by the Islamic Texts Society, Cambridge.

Description :

The hadith, the sayings attributed to the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, form a sacred literature which for the Muslims ranks second in importance only to the Qur’an itself.

As a source of law, ethics and doctrine, the vast corpus of hadith continue to exercise decisive influence. Islamic scholarship has hence devoted immense efforts to gathering and classifying the hadith, and ensuring their authenticity. This book is the only introduction in English which presents all the aspects of the subject. It explains the origin of the literature, the evolution of the isnad system, the troubled relationship between scholars and the state, the problem of falsification, and the gradual development of a systematic approach to the material.

This edition is a fully revised and updated version of the original, which was first published in 1961 to considerable scholarly acclaim.

Extract from the Introduction :

The history of the origin, development and criticism of hadith literature is a subject as important as it is fascinating. It is important because it serves as an astonishingly voluminous source of data for the history of pre-Islamic Arabia and of early Islam, and for the development of Arabic literature, as well as of Islamic thought in general and Islamic law in particular. It also played a decisive role in establishing a common cultural framework for the whole Islamic world, and continues to wield substantial influence on the minds of the Muslim community; an influence which, it seems clear, will continue for the foreseeable future.

It is fascinating because it sheds so much light on the psychology of the hadith scholars—the Traditionalists—the devoutly scrupulous as well as the confirmed forgers, and on many of the key political and cultural movements which germinated and developed in the various regions of the Muslim world throughout its complex history. It portrays a brilliant medieval academic world which gave birth to many European scholarly institutions, including the doctorate and the baccalaureate. It also contains many of the basic ideas now current about democracy, justice among mankind and nations, the condemnation of aggression, and the ideal of global peace. All this, moreover, is linked resolutely to the sacred, to a consciousness of man’s exalted meaning and destiny, which seems to mark the Muslims out today more than ever before.

The author, Muhammad Zubayr Siddiqi, was Professor of Islamic Culture in the University of Calcutta.

Table of Contents :

---Editor's Preface,
---Author's Preface,

---[1]. The Event of the Hadith,
------The Meaning of Hadith,
------Hadith and Sunna,
------The Importance of the Hadith,
------Assembling the Hadith,
------The Muwatta'
------The Legal and Historical Traditions,
------Classification of Hadith Texts.

---[2]. The Companions,
------'Companion' Defined,
------The Number of the Companions,
------The Companion Narrators,
------The Scrupulousness of the Companions,
------The Controversy over Kitaba,

---[3]. After the Companions,
------The Successors,
------The Traditionists' Attitude to Hadith,
------The Crisis of Authenticity,
------Critical Traditionists,
------The Science of Rijal Develops,
------Travelling (Rihla) in Search of Hadith,

---[4]. Categories of Hadith Collections,
------The Musnads,
------The Musnad of al-Tayalisi,
------The Musnad of Ahmad ibn Hanbal,
------Other Musnad Works,
------The Musannaf Works,
------The Musannaf of 'Abd al-Razzaq,
------The Musannaf of Ibn Abi Shayba,
------The Sahih of Al-Bukhari,
------The Sahih of Al-Muslim,
------The Sunan Works,
------The Sunan of Abu Daud,
------The Jami of Al-Tirmidhi,
------The Sunan of al-Nasa'i,
------The Sunan of al-Darimi,
------The Sunan of Ibn Maja,
------The Sunan of al-Daraqutni,
------The Sunan of al-Bayhaqi,
------The Sunan of Sa'id ibn Mansur,
------The Sunan of Abu Muslim al-Kashshi,
------The Mu'jam Works,
------Ranking of Hadith Collections.

---[5]. Some Special Features of the Literature,
------The Isnad System,
------Academic Procedures,
------Scholars and the State.

---[6]. The Biographical Dictionaries,
------Asma al-Rijal,
---------Criticism of Narrators,
------General Works,
------The Tabaqat of Ibn Sa'd,
------The Kitab al-Tarikh of Al-Bukhari,
------Al-Jarh wa'l-Ta'dil of al-Razi,
------Dictionaries of Particular Classes,
------Biographical Dictionaries of the Narrators,
------The History of Baghdad by al-Khatib al-Baghdadi,
------The History of Damascus,
------Other Local Collections.

---[7]. The Disciplines of Formal Criticism,
------'Ilm Riwayat al-Hadith,
------'Ilm al-Jarh wa'l-Ta'dil,
------Legal Significance of Traditions,
------Matn Analysis and Criticism,

---Appendix 1. Women in Hadith Scholarship,

---Appendix 2. The Hadith and Orientalism,

---Appendix 3. The Leiden Edition of Ibn Sa‘d,

---Works Cited,

Also see Hadith and Sunnah,
Also see Forty Hadith,
Also see Hadith Collections,
Also see Hadith (Darsi).

*Dimensions : 23.4 x 15.6cm.

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