The Voice of Truth: 'Nida-e-Haqq'

  The Voice of Truth -  '' Nida - e - Haqq ''  
[A5+] Paperback [ vii + 147] = Total 154 pages.
by Maryam Qadri,
Published by Mukhtar Books, USA.

DescriptionA' la Hazrat : Mujaddid Imam Ahmed Raza Khan

Synopsis :

 - (The Voice of Truth) is devoted to answering questions such as :

      *** What does the ruling of takfir (apostasy) by a qualified mufti have to do with Muslims living in English-speaking countries like the United States, Canada, England and Australia?

     *** What happens when a Muslim denies the fundamentals of faith, and instead of repenting he professes to be a Sunni belonging to the Saved Group?

     *** Why is a controversy that took place in British India more than a century ago relevant today?

Much of the following sections of this book are devoted to answering such questions, at present however, it is hoped that a brief glance should suffice. The answer to the first question is everything in the sense that correct belief is a prerequisite for the believer.

As for the second question, we need to imagine what would happen if a charlatan wore the garb of a pious Sufi Shaykh and professed to be a follower of the Mujtahid Imams. How would the Ummah (community) recognise his innovation from the true creed of Islam? In all probability, without proper guidance, we would be overcome by this ravenous wolf.

In answer to the third question, it could be said that the events that took place in the recent past possess the very touchstone that establishes truth from falsehood, and a clear understanding of these events is therefore essential. And it is with this in mind, that we introduce A' la Hadrat, The Mujaddid; Imam Ahmad Raza Khan al-Qadiri, May Allah be pleased with him. [1856 - 1921 C.E]

Table of Contents :

---Concerning 'Abd al-Mustafa.

---[1].   Introduction,
---[2].   A Brief History,
---[3].   The Apologist,
---[4].   Verbal Abuse,
---[5].   The Justification,
---[6].   Due Consideration,
---[7].   Sahih Hadith
---[8].   Probable Possibility,
---[9].   Denial of Disbelief,
---[10]. Insidious Points,
---[11]. Fallacies,
---[12]. Conclusion,
---[13]. Summation,
---[14]. A Letter to Shaykh Nuh,

---Appendix 1 : The Kharijites,
---Appendix 2 : Takfir.

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The Author : Maryam Qadri is a disciple of Hazrat Allama Peerzada Mawlana Chaman Qadri - may Allah sanctify his lofty secret and grant him a long life. She embraced Islam in 2004 at the hands of her Murshid al-Kamil.


[ Published in the USA by al-Mukhtar Books]

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