The Book of Beliefs : English

The Book of Beliefs :
(Kitab al-Aqa'id) English,
*[A6] Paperbook - 108 pages, New English Translation,
by Sayyid Na'im al-Din Muradabadi [d.1367h],
Translated by Muhammad Amar,
Published by As-Siraat.

Description :

Learn the essentials of Islamic belief as written by one of the most renowned scholars of the past century.

"The constitution of the belief system of a Muslim can be divided according to the articles of faith namely belief in Allah, His Angels, His Books, His Messengers, the Last Day, Pre-destination and Life after Death. This timely translation of the classic work of Shaykh Sayyid Na’im al Din al Muradabadi, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi, serves to outline the essential components that are imperative for all Muslims to know. Each section is complete with questions to test the understanding of the reader."

Each chapter is carefully explained in simple language making this book ideal for young students and adults alike.

About the author :

Allama Muhammad Na’im al-Din al Muradabadi, may Allah be pleased with him, also known as Sadr al-Afadil, was a twentieth-century jurist, scholar, mufti, Qur'anic exegetic, and educator. He was a renowned scholar of philosophy, geometry, logic and hadith. He was also a recognised poet in praise of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace.

Table of Contents :

---Other books by the Author,
---The Author of the Original Urdu Text,
------Shaykh Sayyid Na'im al-Din Muradabadi.

---[1]. The Lord of the Universe,
---[2]. Prophethood,
--------Characteristics of the Prophets, alayhim as-salam,
--------Ranks amongst the Prophets,
--------Miracles (Mu'jizat),
---[3]. The Heavenly Books,
---[4]. The Angels,
---[5]. Destiny (Taqdir),
---[6]. Death and the Grave,
---[7]. The Signs of the Day of Judgement,
--------The Signs:
--------The Emergence of Imam Mahdi,
--------The Emergence of Dajjal,
--------The Descent of Sayyiduna Isa, alayhi salam,
--------Ya'juj and Ma'juj,
--------The Beast of the Earth (Dabbah al-Ard),
--------The Rising of the Sun from the West,
---[8]. The Resurrection,
--------The Accounting (Hisab),
--------The Pool (al-Hawd al-Kawthar),
---[9]. Heaven (Jannah),
---[10]. Hell (Jahannam),
---[11]. Faith (Iman),
---[12]. The Rightly Guided Caliphs and Companions,
---------Sayyiduna Abu Bakr al-Siddiq,
---------Sayyiduna Umar ibn al-Khattab
---------Sayyiduna Uthman ibn Affan,
---------Sayyiduna Ali ibn Abi Talib,
---------The Ten Given Glad Tidings : Al Asharah al-Mubasharah,
---[13]. The Greater Leadership (Imamah),
---[14]. The Friends of Allah (Awliya-Allah).

---Answers to Chapter Questions.


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  • Written by: Allama Naim al-Din Muradabadi

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