Al-Sirajiyyah : English

Al-Sirajiyyah : English, New,
*[A5+] Large Paperback - 110 pages,
by Imam 'Abd al-Rashid al-Sajawandi [d.600h],
Translated by Sir William Jones,
Edited with Annotation by Almaris Rumsey,
*Published by The Leopold Library.


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Description :

Imam al-Sajawandi's Al-Sirajiyyah (al-Siraji fi ‘l-Mirath) also known and referred to as al-Fara’id al-Sirajiyyah, and al-Fara’id al-Sajawandiyyah is based on the famous Hanafi treatise on the law of inheritance.

This Edition :

The English philologist and jurist Sir William Jones (1746–94) published the first English translation of this work in Calcutta (present-day Kolkata), India in 1792. Presented here is an 1890 reprint of Jones’s translation, with an introduction and notes by Almaric Rumsey (1825–99), barrister-at-law and professor of Indian Jurisprudence at King’s College, University of London.

The original treatise, a subject of a number of commentaries including one by al-Sajawandi himself, starts with an introduction on the importance of ‘ilm al-far?’id (the science of inheritance and patrimony). It goes on to cover many aspects of the subject, including impediments to succession, the doctrine of shares and the persons entitled to them, and the division of the property among heirs and among creditors.

Islamic inheritance law is a complex and refined system of rules that developed over several centuries and that is based on passages in the Qur?an that specify the fixed fractional shares of a deceased person’s estate that are to be awarded to the relatives of that person.

This rare facsimile copy is from the collections of the Law Library of the Library of Congress.

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*Dimensions : 25.5 x 17.8cm.

*Off-mint condition. (Text is fascimile print).




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