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Astronomy : Darsi

Sharh Tahrir Aqlidas : Urdu
Sharh Tahrir Aqlidas : Urdu
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  • Authored by: Mufti Yaar Muhammad Khan

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Details:  Tahrir Aqleedas : Urdu Sharh, New,
*[A4] Hardback - 266 pages,
by Khawja Nasir al-Din Tusi [d.672h],
sharh by Mufti Yaar Muhammad Khan Qadiri,
**Published by Maktaba Jamia al-Furqan, Pakistan.

Description :

Tahreer Uqleedas is a classical text by the famous mathematician and astrologer Khawaja Nasir al-Din al-Tusi, presented here with its urdu sharh by Mufti Yar Muhammad Khan al-Qadiri.

Khawaja Nasir al-Din al-Tusi,

He is Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn al-Hasan al-Tusi. Al-Tusi was born [597hijri] in Tus, Khursan which lies close to Mashhad in northeastern Iran. He was a famous Persian scholar and prolific writer in different fields of science and philosophy. He was an astronomer, mathematician, physicist, philosopher, and theologian.

Al-Tūsī wrote over 150 works, in Arabic and Persian, that dealt with mathematical sciences, philosophy, and the religious sciences (fiqh, kalām, and tasawwuf). By his prolific oeuvre, the wide diffusion of his works and their influence, he acquired the honourific titles of khwāja (distinguished scholar and teacher), ustādh al-bashar (teacher of mankind), and al-mu'allim al-thālith (the third teacher, after Aristotle and Al-Fārābī). In addition, Al-Tūsī was the director of the Islamic major astronomical observatory of Marāgha (northern Iran).

Al-Tūsī was born into a family of learned scholars. His father and his uncles encouraged him to pursue the Islamic religious sciences as well as the the rational sciences. He studied philosophy and mathematics in his native town Tūs, but eventually traveled to Nīshāpūr (after 1213) in order to continue his education in sciences, medicine, and philosophy. He studied the works of Ibn Sīnā, who became an important formative influence. Al-Tūsī then traveled to Iraq where his studies included legal theory; in Mosul (sometime between 1223 and 1232), one of his teachers was Kamāl al-Dīn ibn Yūnus (died 1242), a legal scholar who was also renowned for his expertise in astronomy and mathematics. Al-Tūsī's writings are both synthetic and original. His recensions (tahārīr) of Greek and early Islamic scientific works, which included his original commentaries, became the standard in a variety of disciplines.

Nasīr al-Dīn al-Tūsī's major scientific writings in astronomy, including Al-Tadhkira fī ‘ilm al-hay'a, in which he endeavoured to reform Ptolemaic astronomy, had an enormous influence upon late medieval Islamic astronomy as well as the work of early-modern European astronomers, including Copernicus.

Al-Tūsī wrote several treatises on practical astronomy (taqwīm), instruments, astrology, and cosmography/theoretical astronomy (‘ilm al-hay'a). He also compiled a major astronomical handbook (in Persian) entitled Zīj-i Īlkhānī for his Mongol patrons in Marāgha. Virtually all these works were the subject of commentaries and supercommentaries, and many of his Persian works were translated into Arabic. They were influential for later generations, some still being used into the 20th century.

Allama wa Mawlana Mufti Yaar Muhammad Khan al-Qadiri is a renowned scholar from Pakistan. He is the founder and principal of 'Jam'ia al-Furqan' as well as Ustad al-Ulema (Sadr al-Mudariseen) of Hadrat Sultan Bahu Trust. 

Mufti Yaar Muhammad Khan is also a prolific author who has written and translated numerous classical texts of the sacred sciences.

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**Sub-continent print. Usual wear and tear as with all sub-continental books.

*Dimensions :  25 x 18.3 x 1.8cm.

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