Supplement for the Seeker of Certitude

 Supplement for the Seeker of Certitude : New,
*[A5+] Paperback - 231 pages,
'Worship' from Zad al-Mustaqni,
by Musa al-Hajjawi al-Hanbali,
Translated by Musa Furber,
Published by Islamosaic.

Description :

'Supplement for the Seeker of Certitude' presents the sections related to worship from Musa al-Hajjawi’s Zād al-Mustaqni‘, an abridgment of Ibn Qudamah’s Al-Muqni‘ that sticks to the school’s official position, removing extraneous issues, and adding a few necessary things.

The book is extremely terse yet it still manages to present the basics for the school along with issues rarely found in books twice its length. The book was accepted by scholars of the school to such an extent that some said that whoever has memorized it is fit to be a judge. The book continues to be considered essential reading for students of the school, making it a natural choice for presenting the school to English readers.

It is more advanced than 'Hanbali Acts of Worship' and it is intended to be read as a supplement to it.

The contents of this edition are based on a series of lessons the translator delivered in 2002–2003, with numerous corrections (and only slight editing). The chapters covered in the text include purification, prayer, zakah, fasting, pilgrimage, and jihad. The text includes numerous notes from Mansur al-Buhuti’s commentary Al-Rawḍ al-Murbi‘.

Musa Furber is a Research Fellow at the Tabah Foundation, and is a qualified issuer of edicts (mufti). He received his license to deliver legal edicts (fatwas) from senior scholars at the Egyptian House of Edicts, including the Grand Mufti of Egypt. He was raised in Portland, Oregon, and lives in the United Arab Emirates.

Table of Contents :

---Transliteration Key,

---[1]. Purification,
--------Containers (and Animals),
--------Going to the Lavatory,
--------The Toothstick and the Recommended Actions of Ablution,
--------The Obligatory Acts and Description of Ablution,
--------Wiping over Footgear (and Other Barriers),
--------Ablution Invalidators,
--------Major Ritual Impurity,
--------Dry Ablution,
--------Removing Impurity,
--------Menstruation, Postpartum Bleeding, Chronic Discharge.

---[2]. Prayer,
--------The Call to Prayer and its Commencement,
--------Preconditions to Prayer,
--------Description of the Prayer,
--------What is Offensive, Permissible, Recommended, or Invalidates in the Prayer,
--------The Essential Elements of Prayer,
--------Prostration of Forgetfulness and What Invalidates the Prayer,
--------Prostration for Omissions,
--------Supererogatory Prayer,
--------Congregational Prayer and the Imam,
--------The Imam,
--------Where the Imam and the Followers Stand,
--------Rules for Following the Imam,
--------Excuses Rescinding the Friday Prayer and the Congregational Prayer,
--------People who have Excuses,
--------Shortening Prayers,
--------Joining Prayers for Travel, Hardship or Weather,
--------The Prayer of Peril,
--------The Friday Prayer,
--------Preconditions for the Validity of Friday Prayer,
--------Description of the Friday Prayer,
--------The Eid Prayer,
--------The Eclipse Prayer,
--------The Drought Prayer.

---[3]. Funerals,
--------Washing the Body,
--------Shrouding the Body,
--------Praying Over the Deceased,
--------Carrying and Burying the Deceased,
--------Visiting Graves.

---[4]. Zakat,
--------Zakat on Livestock,
--------Sheep and Goats,
--------Zakat on Crops,
--------The Amount Due,
--------Zakat on Gold, Silver and Other Money,
--------Zakat on Trade Goods,
--------Zakat al-Fitr,
--------What Payment Consists Of,
--------Zakat Payment,
--------The Eight Categories of Recipients,
--------Who Is Ineligible?

---[5]. Fasting,
--------What Invalidates the Fast and Requires an Expiation,
--------Expiating a Fast Invalidated by Lovemaking,
--------Offensive and Recommended Measures During the Fast & Make-Up Fasts,
--------Voluntary Fasting,
--------Spiritual Retreat.

---[6]. Pilgrimage,
--------The Places of Entry,
--------Things Forbidden Whilst Making Pilgrimage,
--------Repeated Forbidden Actions,
--------The Compensation for Hunting,
--------Hunting in the Sacred Precinct,
--------Entering Makkah,
--------Traversal between Safa and Marwah (Sa'y),
--------How to Perform Hajj and Umrah (Qiran),
--------Being Left Behind or Obstructed,
--------The Hadi and Udhiyah Sacrifices,
--------The Hadi,
--------The Feast for a Birth ('Aqiqah).

---[7]. Jihad,
--------It's Rulings,
--------The Dhimmah Contract and It's Rulings,
--------The Rulings of Non-Muslim Subjects,
--------Contract Breakers.


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