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Tasawwuf (Arabic)

Kitab al Zuhd wal Kitab al-Riqaiq : Arabic
Kitab al Zuhd wal Kitab al-Riqaiq : Arabic
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Details: †Kitab al-Zuhd wa al Kitab al-Riqa'iq : Arabic, New,
*[A4] Hardback - 536 pages, 3rd Edition,
by Abdullah ibn al-Mubarak (179h),
Edited by Habib ur-Rahman al-A'zami,
Published by DKI, Dar al-Kotob al-Ilmiyyah, Beirut.

Description :

The famous compendium of words and sayings of the Beloved of Allah, salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam, other Prophets, upon them be peace, the sahabah (Noble Companions), and the taba'in (the successors), may Allah be pleased with them all, compiled by Abdullah ibn al-Mubarak, radi Allahu ta'ala anhu. All the work is related to self-discipline and abstinence as practiced by the sufi's.

About the Author :

He was Imam Abdullah ibn Mubarak was born 118 after Hijri / 726 C.E. during the reign of Hisham ibn Abd al-Malik. ĎAbdullah ibn Mubarak was a great scholar and a saint (wali) of the third generation of Muslims (tabiʿ al-tabiʿin). He is highly respected for his knowledge of jurisprudence, trustworthy narration of Prophetic traditions, service in the Muslim army, and business acumen. He was a pious worshipper, sufi, poet, grammarian and linguist.

Qadi Abu'l-Fadl said that as-Sadafi mentioned, "When Ibn al-Mubarak came of age, his father sent him 50,000 to use for commerce. He sought after knowledge until he had spent the money. When it was gone, his father met him and said, 'What have you bought?' He brought out his books for him and said, 'This is my trade.' His father went into the house and gave him 30,000 dirhams more and said, 'Take this and follow your trade with them,' and he spent them."

Ibn al-Mubarak said, "I studied adab for thirty years and I studied knowledge for twenty years."

Imam ibn Hanbal said, "In the time of Ibn al-Mubarak, there was no one who sought after knowledge more than him. He went to the Yemen, Egypt, Syria, the Hijaz, Basra and Kufa, and whoever related knowledge and was worthy of it. He wrote from young men and old men. He omitted what was rare. He gave hadiths from books."

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