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Details:  Showing Off - Riyakari, New,
[A5] Paperback - 164 pages,
by Majlis Madina tul Ilmiyya,
Translated into English by Majlis e Tarajim,
Dawat e Islami, Karachi.

Description :

This important work of the Majlis e Madina Tul Ilmiya highlights the dangers and evils of riyakari (showing-off or ostentation). What happens to those who intentionally and unintentionally show off, what can one do to prevent this disease? ... these and many other questions are answered in this comprehensive book.

Table of Contents :

---Du’a for Reading the Book,
---Translator’s Notes,
---13 Intentions for Reading this Book,
------Two Madani pearls,
---Necessity of rectifying one’s heart.

Showing Off :
---Closeness of Beloved Mustafa, ﷺ,
---End of people who showed off,
---Beg for sincerity,
---O Sincerity! Where are you? ,
---True success,
---Gaining knowledge about showing off is Fard,
---What is showing off?,
---Levels of showing off,
---Save yourselves from showing off,
---5 Sayings of Mustafa, ﷺ,  regarding showing off being minor polytheism,
---Madani pearls,
---The foolishness of a show off.

22 Destructions of Showing-Off!
----1. A good deed gets wasted,
----2. Friends of Satan,
----3. The valley of Hell that will be the destination of those who show off,
----4. Deeds will go to waste,
----5. The regret of show off,
----6. Deeds rejected,
----7. The four names of a show off,
----8. Even Hell seeks protection,
----9. Punishment of embarrassment,
----10. Paradise is Haram for a show off,
----11. Will not even smell the fragrance of Paradise,
----12. A criminal who insults his Creator,
----13. Cursed in the earth and sky,
----14. Final abode of show offs,
----15. Deprivation from the mercy of Allah,
----16. The one who displeases his Creator,
----17. The consequence of learning knowledge to attain wealth,
----18. Facing embarrassment on the Day of Judgement,
----19. Deeds will be rejected,
----20. Consequence of a show off Qari,
----21. Seek your reward from whoever you acted for,
----22. A show off has no share in the afterlife,

---What will become of us?
---The lightest punishment of Hell,
---Our sensitive body,
---How is it to label someone a show off?
---Three legal [Shar’i] rulings regarding intention,
---Remained deprived of crying for one year,
---Do not be suspicious,
---O Show off!,
---15 Examples of showing off with the tongue,
---15 Examples of showing off in actions,

---Method of eating less amongst other people,
---Can I read two couplets for blessings?

---In what things does a person show off?
----1. Showing off in faith,
----2. Showing off in worldly matters,
-------Our Beloved Prophet, ﷺ, combed his blessed hair,
----3. Showing off in worship,
-------i). Showing off in its fulfilment,
-------ii). Showing off in attributes.

---Pure showing off and mixed showing off,
---How is it to take a wage for religious services?
---Will the wage recipient get any Šawab (reward)?
---One case in which a wage taker can get reward,
---Easy method for obtaining reward,
---Do not use religion for worldly livelihood,
---The consequence of the one who pursued worldly profit through religion,
---Correct your intention before any worship,
---Waiting for the intention to be correct,
---A satanic whisper and its solution,
---Copying good people is also good,
---Showing off during worship,
---Revealing your good deeds,
---Two Conditions for revealing your worship to inspire others,
---The share of sincere people,
---Method of recognising the traps of the Nafs and Satan,
---Hide your good deeds,
---Avoiding showing off is harder than doing a deed,
---What is ‘Tahdiš-e-Na’mat’?
---Look at your heart 101 times,
---Showing off is more hidden than the pace of an ant,
---4 Types of hidden showing off,
---Were your needs not fulfilled!
---Do not suffer loss,
---Allah’s sincere bondmen,
---Tremble for fear of Allah !
---Training ground for showing off,
---Showing off even in avoiding sins,
---Sign of sincerity,
---How is it to leave worship due to fear of showing off?
---Just the thought of showing off is not a sin,
---Make Satan fail,
---Will we save ourselves from Satan if we stop our good deeds?
---Example of a person who discontinues good deed for fear of showing off,
---What will people say?
---Signs of a show off,
---We are not showing off are we?
---Repent of showing off,
---Blessing of repenting of showing off,
---Cure the disease of showing off,
---Do not despair,
---Do not be afraid of difficulty,

10 Cures for Showing-Off,
---First cure: Ask Allah  for help,
---Second cure: Focus on the harms of showing off,
------Example of a show off,
---Third cure: Eliminate the causes,
------How to control desire for praise?
------5 Disadvantages of desiring fame,
------Reflect (do Fikr-e-Madinah),
------Liking false praise is Haram,
------How do we cure the fear of public criticism?
------How do we cure our greed for fortune?
------Save yourself from loving this world,
---Fourth cure: Be sincere,
------6 Excellences of sincerity,
------Example of a sincere Muslim,
------Who is sincere?
------The pleasure of Allah  is the greatest of all blessings,
---Fifth cure: Guard your intentions,
------What is intention?
------More intentions, more rewards,
------Before donating think about your intention,
------Make good intentions before every deed,
------7 Merits of good intentions,
------Reward according to intention,
------Being beaten is easier than making good intentions,
------Reward for holy war,
------Sincerity in an intention,
------Make intentions for good deeds,
---Sixth cure: Save yourself from satanic whispers during worship,
------If satanic whispers still remain despite trying?,
---Seventh cure: Act equally whether in private or public,
---Eighth cure: Hide your good deeds,
------The strongest creation,
------Secret deeds are better,
------The statement of Sayyiduna ‘Isa, alayhi salam,
------Sayings of saints,
------Do not ask about fasting,
------A fasting person should answer if he is questioned,
------The worst show off,
---Ninth cure: Adopt good company,
------The Madani environment of Dawat-e-Islami,
------By the grace of Allah I changed,
------Madani In’amat,
------Great news for those who practice Madani In’amat,
---Tenth cure: Make a habit of recitations (Awrad-o-Wawa'if),

---What if the problem remains despite treatment?

21 Parables,
---1. Result of sincerity,
---2. I do not find my intention present,
---3. Continuous fasting for forty years,
---4. The slave who hid his good deeds,
---5. Forgiving for the sake of Allah,
---6. Why did his Nafs dislike his mother’s instruction?
---7. Why did I feel regret for not making it to the first row?
---8. Seller of sincerity,
------A few satanic tricks for destroying preachers,
------Touched a nerve,
------The thief of the heart got caught,
------Become an example of total humility,
------When the Saints were invited they turned up unhesitatingly.
---9. I wore this garment for the pleasure of Allah,
---10. Recompense for a good deed,
---11. Divine reward is enough,
---12. Evil of sins,
---13. The fruit of a good intention and the harm of a bad intention,
---14. Analysing a conversation,
---15. Who paid my debt?
---16. Do not make my name apparent,
---17. His generosity was discovered after his demise,
---18. Who shall I show off for?
---19. We do not sell Ta’wiz here,
---20. I do not sell knowledge,
---21. I cannot sell admiration.

---Transliteration Chart,

Dimensions : 31.5 x 13.5cm.

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