Peace and Conflict Resolution in Islam

Peace and Conflict Resolution in Islam : New,
"Islamic Perspectives on War,
Peace and Conflict Resolution
*[A5] Paperback - 216 pages,
by Flamur Vehapi,
Published by Taha, UK.

Description :

'Peace and Conflict Resolution in Islam' argues the case for Islam as the prescription for constructing and maintaining a society of peace, tolerance, compassion, justice and equality at every level of humanity.

The book draws exhaustively from the Qur'an and hadith and investigates and analyses historical events from the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and the early caliphate of Islam.

We live in a world of conflict - between nations, between religions, between ethnic groups and even between families - and yet there are no winners. Conflict leaves a path of destruction in its wake, from catastrophic loss of life at one end of the spectrum to enmity and grudges within hearts at the other. There is no inner or outer peace. And yet that is something that we all yearn for : to be at peace with ourselves and with others so that we can be the best human beings we are capable of, both individually and on a collective basis.

Table of Contents :

---The Timeline of the History of Islam.

Part One : Islam, Its Major Concepts, and Misconceptions,
---[1]. Islam and Modern Challenges,
--------The need to decontruct the dominant narratives about Islam and Muslims,
--------The process of enmification,
--------Islamophobia : Historical truths and misconceptions,
--------Embracing the differences and finding a way forward.

---[2]. A Historical Background of Islam,
--------The birth of Islam and the Qur'an,
--------Major concepts of Islam,
--------The misunderstood shariah,
--------The spreading of Islam and its contributions to the world,
--------Islam and the west,
--------Islam today,
--------Diversity and differences in the Muslim world.

Part Two : War and Peace in Islam,
---[3]. War, Peace and Everything in Between,
--------Peace as the norm,
--------War as the exception,
--------The question of jihad,
--------The question of non-violence in Islam.

---[4]. Ethics of War and Peace,
--------A glimpse at the western perspectives on the ethics of war and peace,
--------Ethics in Islam,
--------Islam vs. realism and pacifism,
--------Islam and the just war theory (JWT).

Part Three : The Example of the Prophet Muhammad, ?,
---[5]. The Practice of the Prophet, ?,
--------The importance of the Propehtic example,
--------Muhammad, ?, before Prophethood,
--------The Makkan years of Prophethood,
--------The Madinan years of Prophethood,
--------The Character of the Prophet Muhammad, ?,

---[6]. In the Footsteps of the Prophet, ?,
--------Notable examples of Prophetic conflict,
--------Muslim women as champions of peace.

Part Four : Human Nature and Inter-Personal Conflict in Islam,
---[7]. The Islamic Concept of Human Nature,
--------The state of the heart,

---[8]. The Approach of the Qur'an and Sunnah to Achieving and Maintaining Peace,
--------The purpose of conflict,
--------The Islamic prescription for peace and conflict resolution,
--------Practical steps to conflict resolution and peace restoration.

---[9]. Peacebuilding in the Modern Era,
--------Religion, conflict resolution and peacebuilding,
--------Modern initiatives.

---[10]. A Faith Committed to Peace,

---[11]. Reflections, Conclusions and Recommendations,

---A Prayer for Peace,

---Appendix A : The Farewell Sermon of the Prophet, ?,
---Appendix B : The Constitution of Madinah (The Madinah Charter) (622 C.E).
---Appendix C : The Treaty of Hudaybiyyah (628 C.E)
---Appendix D : The Agreement of Umar, ?, with the People of the Surrendered City of Jerusalem (638 C.E),
---Appendix E : Quick Tips for Conflict Resolvers and Mediators.

---Glossary of Arabic Terms,









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