Misbah al Umrah : English

 Misbah al Umrah : Method of Performing Umrah - English, New,
* [A6] Small Pocket Size Book - 93 pages,
by Allama Muhammad Nizamuddin Misbahi,
Translated into English by : Sadia Mehmood,
Published by : Jamat e Raza Mustafa, UK.

Description :

Handy pocket size book for travellers of the lesser pilgrimage, the Umrah.

Contains the rules and regulations of Ihraam, method of performing Umrah, of visiting the Beloved Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, in Madinah Munawwarah as well as other historical and sacred places. All the Arabic supplications have accompanying English translation.

Contents :

---[1]. The merits of Umrah,
---[2]. Wearing the Ihram for Umrah from Majid e Aqsa,
---[3]. The command for Umrah,
---[4]. The difference between Hajj and Umrah,
---[5]. Fara'iz (obligations) of Umrah,
---[6]. Wajibaat of Umrah,
---[7]. The actions of Umrah,
---[8]. The method of Umrah,
---[9]. Intention (niyyat),
---[10]. The Talbiyyah,
---[11]. Entering Makkah Mukarramah and the remaining acts of Umrah,
---[12]. Intention (niyyat) for Tawaaf,
---[13]. Miqaat,
---[14]. The Ihram of a woman,
---[15]. The Ihram of a small child or one who is insane,
---[16]. Forbidden (haram) acts in Ihraam,
---[17]. Disliked (makruh) acts in Ihraam,
---[18]. Acceptable acts in Ihram,
---[19]. Masa'il about tawaaf,
---[20]. The tawaf of a person who is ill,
---[21]. Raml during tawaaf,
---[22]. Idhtibah in tawaaf,
---[23]. Salat al-Tawaaf,
---[24]. Haram acts in tawaf, even nafl tawaaf,
---[25]. Disliked (makruh) acts in tawaaf,
---[26]. Sa'y (sa'i) of Safa and Marwah,
---[27]. Permissible (mubah) acts during tawaaf and sa'y,
---[28]. Makruh acts during sa'y,
---[29]. Shaving or trimming (halq or taqseer),
---[30]. Violations and compensations,
---[41]. Miscellaneous rulings; applying perfume perfume or oil,
---[42]. Wearing sewn clothing,
---[43]. Removing hair,
---[44]. Cutting nails,
---[45]. Kissing or intercourse whilst in the state of Ihram,
---[46]. Some important issues,

---[47]. Visiting the Blessed Shrine of the Beloved Prophet, 
---[48]. Virtues of Salah (ritual prayer) inside Masjid al Haram and Masjid al Nabwi,
---[49]. Some Holy Places in Makkah Mukarramah and Madinah Munawwara,
---[50]. The Beloved Prophet's, , place of birth,
---[51]. The cave of Thaur,
---[52]. The cave of Hira,
---[53]. Jannat al Ma'laa,
---[54]. The battlefield of Badr,
---[55]. Jannat al Baqi,
---[56]. Du'a (supplication) for the graveyard,
---[57]. Masjid e Quba,
---[58]. The Martyrs of Uhud,
---[59]. Du'a for drinking Zamzam water,
---[60]. Du'a for the first tawaf,
---[61]. Du'a for the second tawaf,
---[62]. Du'a for the third tawaf,
---[63]. Du'a for the fourth tawaf,
---[64]. Du'a for the fifth tawaf,
---[65]. Du'a for the sixth tawaf,
---[66]. Du'a for the seventh tawaf.

*Dimensions :  13.5 x 10.5 cm.

Sub-continent print quality.

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