True Stories of Islam I

True Stories of Islam Volume I : New,
*[A5+] Large Hardback - 344 pages, Now in Stock & Despatching,
by 'Sultan al-Wa'izeen' Mawlana Abul Noor Muhammad Bashir,
Translated into English by Shahid Hussain,
Published by Abul Noor Publications.

Description :

'True Stories of Islam' is the authorised translation of Sachi Hikaayat, a unique corpus of Islamic stories in Urdu now translated to English. The fact that a considerable part of the Holy Qur'an is devoted to stories and parables is a testimony to how important they are as a means of propagation, education and enlightenment. Qur'anic stories are timeless.

Though an event may have taken place thousands of years ago, the lesson for us today in them is perfectly relevant. The location, language, custom and climate may be different, but the moral is up to date. And the same is applicable to the lessons and morals we learn from the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. 

The reader is taken on a journey through the Qur'an and Seerah of the Prophets and their faithful followers and will leave with a sense of being spiritually uplifted. It is an ideal companion for young and old alike.

About the Author : Mawlana Abul Noor Muhammad Bashir, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi, [1913 - 2007] was a renowned author, orator and poet. Born and raised in Kotli Loharan, Sialkot, Pakistan he gained his early education from his father 'Faqi 'A'azam' Mawlana Abu Yusuf Muhammad Sharif, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi. He went onto study at 'Darul Uloom' Jamia Hizbul Ahnaaf, Lahore where he immediately began preaching upon his return.

In 1951 he started Mah e Taibah a monthly magazine which he edited for over two decades. He penned many books including Sachi Hikaayat, Jibreel ki Hikaayat, Shaytan ke Hikaayat, Aana jaana Noor Ka, Aurat ki Hikaayat, Sunni Ulama ke Hikaayat, Deoband Ulama ki Hikaayat, Labbayk Ya Sayyidi to name but a few. His oratory skills were second to none hence why he is affectionately known as Sultan ul Wa'izeen.

Table of Contents :

---About this book,
---Translator's Foreword,

Part One : The Necessity of Allah's Existence and His Oneness,
---[1]. A debate between Imam 'Azam Abu Hanifa and an atheist,
---[2]. Imam Ja'far Sadiq and the atheist sailor,
---[3]. A wise old woman.

Part Two : The Unique Character and Miracles of the Final Prophet Muhammad, salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam,
---[4]. Jibreel and the star,
---[5]. The King of Yemen,
---[6]. Sayyiduna Abu Bakr Siddiq's, may Allah be pleased with him, dream,
---[7]. Iblis's Grandson,
---[8]. Blessed Murderer,
---[9]. Dhammad's cure,
---[10]. Rakana the Wrestler,
---[11]. The cap of Khalid ibn al-Waleed, may Allah be pleased with him,
---[12]. The Prophet's, ?, Blessed Hair,
---[13]. Jabir's Goat,
---[14]. The snake's egg,
---[15]. Jabir's thousand guests,
---[16]. Miraculous fingers,
---[17]. A Desert convoy,
---[18]. Control over the sky,
---[19]. Control over the moon,
---[20]. Control over the sun,
---[21]. Control over the earth,
---[22]. Control over trees,
---[23]. A strayed camel,
---[24]. The key to the Ka'aba,
---[25]  'Lost' Camel,
---[26]. An Imprisoned Uncle,
---[27]. Ther lost pigeon,
---[28]. A heavenly camel,
---[29]. The trapped gazelle,
---[30]. The non-believer's house,
---[31]. Truth speaking baby,
---[32]. A late night thief,
---[33]. The wise wolf,
---[34]. Donkey acknowledges finality of Prophethood,
---[35]. The Prophet, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam, and the Angel of Death,
---[36]. The Prophet, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam's homecoming in the heavens,
---[37]. The Prophet, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam's, Ghusl (washing),
---[38]. Voice from The Grave,
---[39]. Adhan from the Qabr e Anwar,
---[40]. The Weeping of the Heavens,
---[41]. Bilal's, may Allah be pleased with him, dream,
---[42]. Umme Fatima,
---[43]. Hashmi woman,
---[44]. The Prophet's, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam, message to a fireworshipper,
---[45].. Dream of milk,
---[46]. Dream of bread,
---[47]. The Roman prisoner,
---[48]. Murderer's release,
---[49]. Island prisoner,
---[50]. The stuck ship,
---[51]. A Sayyida and a fire worshipper,
---[52]. Abdullah ibn Mubarak and the Sayyad,
---[53]. Abul Hasan Kharkani and the Hadith lesson,
---[54]. A Wali (saint) and a Muhaddith.

Part Three : The Prophet's Allah, upon them be peace,
---[55]. Adam, alayhi as-salam, and Shaytan,
---[56]. The Spit of Shaytan,
---[57]. Adam and the deer,
---[58]. Noah's, alayhi as-salam, Ark,
---[59]. Noah and the old lady,
---[60]. Uzair's, alayhi as-salam, sleep,
---[61]. Sayyiduna Ibrahim, alayhi as-salam, and the four birds,
---[62]. Ibrahim and the axe,
---[63]. The debate between Ibrahim, alayhi as-salam, and Nimrud,
---[64]. Nimrud's fire,
---[65]. Khalil and Jibreel, alayhi as-salam,
---[66]. Jibreels speed,
---[67]. The great sacrifice,
---[68]. Pharoah's dream,
---[69]. Pharoah's daughter,
---[70]. The strength of Musa, alayhi as-salam, (1),
---[71]. The strength of Musa, alayhi as-salam, (2),
---[72]. The well of Madyan,
---[73]. The burning bush,
---[74]. The snake,
---[75]. The snake's attack,
---[76]. The defeat of the magicians,
---[77]. The floods,
---[78]. The locusts,
---[79]. The toads,
---[80]. Rivers of blood,
---[81]. The downfall of Pharoah,
---[82]. The cause of Pharoah's downfall,
---[83]. Sayyiduna Musa, alayhi as-salam, and the old woman,
---[84]. The Jews deviation,
---[85]. The golden calf,
---[86]. The cow,
---[87]. The story of Musa and Khidr,
---[88]. Animal talk,
---[89]. The storm,
---[90]. The 'Camel of Allah,'
---[91]. Cool spring,
---[92]. One Great Kingdom,
---[93]. Sulayman's wise decision,
---[94]. Mother's confusion,
---[95]. Sulayman, alayhi as-salam, and the Angel of Death,
---[96]. The murder of Sayyiduna Yahya, alayhi as-salam,
---[97]. Thirteen hundred year old king,
---[98]. The reality of dunya,
---[99]. Yusuf, alayhi as-salam, and the mirror,
---[100]. The brother's of Yusuf, alayhi as-salam,
---[101]. The enlightened shirt,
---[102]. False acting,
---[103]. A fortunate convoy,
---[104]. Yusuf, alayhi as-salam, beauty,
---[105]. A noble woman's commitment,
---[106]. The Aziz of Egypt,
---[107]. Zulaykha,
---[108]. Zulaykha and the banquet,
---[109]. The servant and the cook,
---[110]. The King's dream,
---[111]. Yusuf, alayhi as-salam's, coronation,
---[112]. Yusuf and Zulaykha,
---[113]. The famine,
---[114]. The lost cup,
---[115]. Brother's regret,
---[116]. The shirt of Yusuf,
---[117]. The reunion,
---[118]. The unseasoned fruit,
---[119]. The sign of Allah,
---[120]. Student or teacher,
---[121]. The hand of the Messiah,
---[122]. The lame and blind thieves,
---[123]. The greedy jew,
---[124]. The crucifixion.

Part Four : The Khulafa Rashideen - The Four Rightly Guided Caliphs of Islam,

further details to follow ....


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