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Qamar Series

Qamar Islamic Studies Level 2
Qamar Islamic Studies Level 2
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Details:  Qamar Islamic Studies : Level 2, New,
*[A4] Glossy Paperback - 102 pages,
Edited by Mohsin Adam, 2nd Edition.
Published by Qamar Learning Academy, UK.
Part of the 'Qamar Islamic Studies' series.

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Description :

The Qamar Islamic Studies books series provide knowledge of the most essential aspects of Islam whilst helping to bring a child's faith to life through regular practice. The books build on the foundations contained within the Qur'an and Sunnah by bringing blessed Islamic principles to life in the classroom and beyond.

Qamar covers core areas in Aqidah (tenets of faith), Fiqh (rulings), Seerah (Propehtic biographies) and Akhlaq (manners) within a simple framework which is tailored to suit the developing needs of the learner. Level Two in the series has been split into these four categories and has been colour co-ordinated accordingly :

  *** Aqidah (Belief),
  *** Fiqh (Rulings),
  *** Tarikh (History),
  *** Akhlaq (Manners).

Each books contains colourful illustrations, exercises and classroom activities that will make learning fun.

Table of Contents :

---The Role of Parents,

Aqidah :
---Lesson [1]. Allah The Almighty : The Most Powerful,
------Exercise 1. True or False,
---Lesson [2]. Jannah (Paradise),
------Exercise 2. Fill in the Gaps,
---Lesson [3]. Jahannam (Hellfire),
------Exercise 3. Fill in the Gaps,
---Lesson [4]. The Prophets of Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala,
------Exercise 4. Complete the Wordsearch,
---Lesson [5]. The Day of Judgement,
------Exercise 5. Complete the Sentences,
---Lesson [6]. The Holy Qur'an,
------Exercise 6. Colour-in the Correct Statements,
---Lesson [7]. The Angels,
------Fascinating Facts about :
--------Angel Jibraeel, alayhi salam,
--------Angel Mikaeel, alayhi salam,
--------Angel Israfeel, alayhi salam,
--------The Angels Munkar and Nakeer, alayhim salam,
------Exercise 7. Match the images with the correct Angel,
---Lesson [8]. Destiny (Taqdeer),
------Exercise 8. Tick the correct answers.

Fiqh :
---Lesson [1]. Arabic Terms,
------Exercise 1. Match the items from right to left,
---Lesson [2]. The Faraidh of Wudhu,
------Exercise 2. Shade in the parts of the body that are faraidh to wash in Wudhu,
---Lesson [3]. The Sunnah acts of Wudhu,
------Exercise 3. Tick the Sunnah acts of Wudhu from the list,
---Lesson [4]. How to perform the Wudhu,
------Exercise 4. Carry out the 9 Steps of Wudhu with the aid of these images,
---Lesson [5]. Circumstances which break the Wudhu,
------Exercise 5. Questions : Do the following acts break one's Wudhu?
---Lesson [6]. The Faraidh of Ghusl,
-----How do we make Ghusl? Method of carrying out of Ghusl,
------Exercise 6. Write the 3 Fards of Ghusl?
--------Fill in the Gaps.
---Lesson [7]. The Days when Ghusl is Sunnah,
------Exercise 7. Number the Steps of Ghusl in the Correct Order,
------Days when it is Sunnah to perform Ghusl,
---Lesson [8]. The Adhaan and the Iqamah,
-----The Words of the Adhaan,
-----The Words of the Iqamah,
------Exercise 8. Fill in the Gaps,
---Lesson [9]. The Conditions of Salah,
------Exercise 9. Questions on the Conditions of Salah.

Tarikh (Islamic History) :
---Lesson [1]. Sayyiduna Musa, alayhi salam,
------Exercise 1. Colour the Correct Boxes,
---Lesson [2]. The Prophethood of Sayyiduna Musa, alayhi salam,
------Exercise 2. Answer the Questions,
---Lesson [3]. Sayyiduna Isa, alayhi salam,
------Exercise 3. Fill in the Gaps,
---Lesson [4]. Sayyiduna Ayub, alayhi salam,
------Exercise 4. Colour-in the Correct Answers,
---Lesson [5]. Sayyiduna Sulayman, alayhi salam,
------Exercise 5. Answer the Questions,
---Lesson [6]. The Blessed Family of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad, salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa 'aalihi wa sabihi wa Sallam,
------Exercise 6. Answer the Questions,
---Lesson [7]. The Beloved Prophet, Sayyiduna Muhammad, salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam,
------Exercise 7. Colour-in the Correct Answers,
---Lesson [8]. Prophethood,
------Exercise 8. Answer the Questions.

Akhlaq :
---Lesson [1]. The Etiquettes of Salaam,
-----Du'a when Greeting a Muslim,
-----Du'a when replying to the Greeting,
-----Virtues of Greeting one another,
------Exercise 1. True or False?
---Lesson [2]. Truthfulness,
-----Hadith : A Promise to tell the Truth,
------Exercise 2. Colour-in the Correct Answers,
------Colour-in a Message about Speaking the Truth,
---Lesson [3]. Helping the Needy,
-----Hadith : The Humble One,
------Exercise 3. Fill in the Gaps.
------Colour-in the image.
---Lesson [4]. Greed,
-----Why we should share?
-----Hope and Greed,
------Exercise 4. Good and Bad actions,
------Colour-in the image.
---Lesson [5]. Orphans,
-----Hadith : An Orphans Eid,
------Exercise 5. Fill in the Gaps.
------Colour-in the image.
---Lesson [6]. Learning,
-----Being a Good Student,
-----Hadith : Showing interest in Learning,
------Exercise 6. True or False?
------Colour-in the image.
---Lesson [7]. Yawning and Sneezing,
-----What should i do when sneezing?
-----Hadith : Paradise for 2 dinars,
------Exercise 7. Fill in the Gaps.
------Colour-in the image.
---Lesson [8]. The Tasmiyyah,
-----When should one recite the Tasmiyyah (Bismillah) ?
-----An alcoholic becomes a Friend of Allah?
------Exercise 8. Complete the Wordsearch,
------Colour-in the image.

---Pages for making notes.

This New series is an authentic Ahl al-Sunnah Syllabus designed and published in the UK using high grade paper.

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*Dimensions : 24.5 x 17cm.

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