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Qur'an [3-S] : 13 Lines Taj
Qur'an [3-S] : 13 Lines Taj
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Ark of Salvation : New
Ark of Salvation : New
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Loving RasulAllah, ﷺ,
Loving RasulAllah, ﷺ,
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Turkish Delight : 200g
Turkish Delight : 200g
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Du'a & Wazaif

Majmua e Wazaif : Urdu [122]
Majmua e Wazaif : Urdu [122]
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Details:  Majmua e Wazaif : with Urdu [122] New,
*[A5] Hardback - 480 pages, Back in Stock : April 2017,
Code: #122
Published by Qudrat Ullah Company, Pakistan.

Description :

Very good quality print Majmu'a e Waza'if with urdu translation published by the renowned Qudrat Ullah Co, of Lahore, Pakistan. Commences on the inside cover with the Asma al-Husna and ends with the Asma al-Nabi kareem, salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam, at the end.

Contains 8 lines per page in bold and clear lettering with the urdu tarjuma directly below. The main Arabic text has a green background. See image below for sample page.

Table of Contents :

22 Surah's :
---Fada'il wa Khass
---Surah al-Kahf,
---Surah as-Sajdah,
---Surah al-Yasin,
---Surah Muhammad,
---Surah al-Fath,
---Surah Qaf,
---Surah ar-Rahman,
---Surah al-Waqi'ah,
---Surah al-Jum'ah,
---Surah at-Taghabun,
---Surah al-Mulk,
---Surah an-Nuh,
---Surah al-Jinn,
---Surah al-Dahr (Surah al-Insaan),
---Surah al Inba,
---Surah at-Tariq,
---Surah al-Fajr,
---Surah al-Mujammail,
---Surah al-Kafirun,
---Surah al-Ikhlas,
---Surah an-Nas,

Asma :
---Asma al-Husna, 99 Names of Allah, subhanhu wa ta'ala,
---Asma al-Nabi Kareem, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,

Du'a Haft Haykal :
---Haykal [1],
---Haykal [2],
---Haykal [3],
---Haykal [4],
---Haykal [5],
---Haykal [6],
---Haykal [7],

Six Kufals,
---[1] Kufal,
---[2] Kufal,
---[3] Kufal,
---[4] Kufal,
---[5] Kufal,
---[6] Kufal.

Daily Awrad al-Sayyadina al-Ghawth al-A'zam, radi Allahu ta'ala anhu,
---[1]. Wird Roz, Sunday,
---[2]. Wird Roz, Monday,
---[3]. Wird Roz, Tuesday,
---[4]. Wird Roz, Wednesday,
---[5]. Wird Roz, Thursday,
---[6]. Wird Jum'ah,
---[7]. Wird Roz, Saturday.

Musbate Asr :
---Surah al-Fatiha,
---Surah an-Nas,
---Surah al-Falaq,
---Surah al-Ikhlas,
---Surah al-Kafiroon,
---Ayat al-Kursi,

Darood Shareef :
---Darood e Akbar,
---Darood e Lakhi,
---Darood e Taj,
---Darood e Kibriya Ahmar,
---Darood e Mustaghas,
---Darood e Muqaddas,
---Darood e Tunnajina,
---Darood e Mahe,
---Darood e Nariya,
---Darood e Khizri,
---Darood e Hazara,
---Darood e Ghousiyya,
---Darood e Qabrastan,
---Ahad Nama,

Du'a :
---Du'a Jameela,
---Du'a e Ganj al-Arsh,
---Du'a 'Akash,
---Du'a e Sunnat e Asr,
---Du'a Shukr Allah,
---Du'a Istaja,
---Du'a e Istakhara,
---Du'a Istahab,
---Du'a Shukr al-Anhar,
---Du'a e Nur,
---Du'a Wasait e Rizq,
---Du'a e Fard,
---Du'a e Imaan,
---Du'a e Hal Mushkilat,
---Du'a e Masura,
---Du'a e Dafe Bukar,
---Du'a e Sar Dard,
---Du'a Qadh Mu'azzam.

Hizb al Bahar :
---Ihtisam Hizb al-Bahar,
---Du'a Hizb al Bahr,

Chahal Qaf :
---Parne ka tariqa,

Sayyad al-Istaghfar :

Tawidh Nazar :

Safat Imaan :
---Iman e Mufassil,
---Iman e Muzammil.

Six Kalima :
---[1]. Kalima Tayyib,
---[2]. Kalima Shahadat,
---[3]. Kalima Tamjeed,
---[4]. Kalima Tawheed,
---[5]. Kalima Istighfar,
---[6]. Kalima Radd e Kufr.

---Tariqa Adhan,
---Jawab during Adhan,
---Du'a bad Adhan,
---Takbir Iqamat,
---Nayyat e Namaz,
---Surah al-Fatiha,
---Tariqa e Namaz, etc

See more Du'a & Waza'if,
Also see Panjsurah and Manzil.

Best Quality Print!!!

*Dimensions : 18.8 x 14.5 x 2.8cm.

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