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Al-Wahidi's Asbab al-Nuzul
Al-Wahidi's Asbab al-Nuzul
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Bukhoor Sandal & Oud 100g
Bukhoor Sandal & Oud 100g
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Maslak e Arbabe Haq : Urdu
Maslak e Arbabe Haq : Urdu
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Durood / Salawat

Majmua Durood Shareef : Urdu
Majmua Durood Shareef : Urdu
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Details:  Majmu'a Darood Shareef mutarjam : Urdu, New,
*[A4] Large Paperback - 64 pages,
No 280 : Full Colour,
by Qudrat Ullah Co, Lahore.

Description :

This is a beautiful large print Darood Shareef book for those with poor or weak eyesight. The arabic letters and urdu translation are large and clear. Each page has a beautiful decorative border with a green background for the main Darood arabic text. Click on image below for sample page.

Excellent gift idea!

Contents :

---Faza'il e Darood Shareef,

---[1]. Faza'il Darood e Ibrahimi,
------Darood e Ibrahimi,
---[2]. Faza'il Darood e Lakhi,
------Darood e Lakhi,
---[3]. Faza'il Darood e Taj,
------Darood e Taj,
---[4]. Faza'il Darood e Muqaddas,
------Darood e Muqaddas,
---[5]. Faza'il Darood e Tunajinna,
------Darood e Tunajinna,
---[6]. Faza'il Darood e Mahi,
------Darood e Mahi,
---[7]. Faza'il Darood e Nariya,
------Darood e Nariya,
---[8]. Faza'il Darood e Khidri,
------Darood e Khidri,
---[9]. Faza'il Darood e Hazara,
------Darood e Hazara,
---[10]. Faza'il Darood e Ghawthiyya,
------Darood e Ghawthiyya,
---[11]. Faza'il Darood e Naimat e 'Azmi,
------Darood e 'Azmi,
---[12]. Faza'il Darood e Awl wa 'Akhir,
------Darood e Awl wa 'Akhir,
---[13]. Faza'il Darood e Mustafa,
------Darood e Mustafa,
---[14]. Faza'il Darood e Qur'ani,
------Darood e Qur'ani,
---[15]. Faza'il Darood Husul e Rahmat,
------Darood Husul e Rahmat,
---[16]. Faza'il Darood e Habib,
------Darood e Habib,
---[17]. Faza'il Darood Imam al-Busairi, radi Allahu ta'ala anhu,
------Darood Imam al-Busairi,
---[18]. Faza'il Darood Khamsa,
------Darood e Khamsa,
---[19]. Faza'il Darood e Fakhri,
------Darood e Fakhri,
---[20]. Faza'il Darood e Fatima az-Zahra, radi Allahu ta'ala anha,
------Darood e Fatima az-Zahra,
---[21]. Faza'il Darood e Qabarastan,
------Darood e Qabarastan.

*Dimensions : 24 x 17.8cm.

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