Al-Ghazali : The Islamic Reformer

 Al-Ghazali : The Islamic Reformer, New,
''An Evaluative Study of the Attempts of Imam al-Ghazali at Islah (Islamic Reform),''
*[A5+] Paperback - 339 pages,
by Muhamed Abu Bakr al-Musleh,
Published by Islamic Book Trust, Malaysia.

Description :

Numerous studies have been done on Imam al-Ghazali (1058-1111) in almost all major languages. So much is the academic attention given to him, and deservedly so, that it is difficult to find any element of originality in a new study on him. Various aspects of his life and thought have yet to be adequately studied, one of them being his role in islah (Islamic reform). It is also true that the study of islah as a separate topic is somewhat new, and available literature on the subject is limited within the views and the achievements of a number of distinguished scholars in the modern times.

This work attempts to discover part of the rich legacy of the muslihun (Islamic reformers) and to shed some fresh light on the topic of islah as distinctive Islamic duty by introducing a pre-modern scholar as Imam al-Ghazali as an Islamic reformer. It critically looks at his reformist teachings namely those formulated in his magnum opus, Ihya 'Ulum al-Din, and discusses some of the criticism directed at him.

Table of Contents :

------The literature on Imam al-Ghazali,
------The problem,
------The hypothesis,
------The methodology and the structure.

---Chapter [1]. Analytical definition of Islah,
------Islah in the Arabic language,
------The Islamic perspective of Islah,
------Phrasing the definition of Islah,
------Islah and reform; Degree of equivalence,
------The relationship between Islah and other concepts.

---Chapter [2]. Setting the historical context,
------The overall condition of Islamdom,
------The political setting,
------The first crusade and the Muslim response,
------The religio-intellectual life.

---Chapter [3]. The life-experience of al-Ghazali,
------Dependent learning and premature authorship,
------Highly distinguished scholarly career,
------Epistemological crisis,
------Independent examination of the seekers after truth,
------Serious inspection of the inner state,
------Seclusion and self-islah,
------Striving for general islah.

---Chapter [4]. Survey of al-Ghazali's islahi efforts,
------Al-Ghazali's diagnosis of fasad,
------Al-Ghazali's Islahi attempts to eradicate the roots of fasad,
------Al-Ghazali's Islahi treatments of the phenomena of fasad.
---Chapter [5]. Assessment of al-Ghazali's islahi teachings,
------Balance between individualism and collectivism,
------Realism and practicality,

---Chapter [6]. The effects of al-Ghazali's attempts at islah,
------The impact of al-Ghazali's islahi teachings on his pupils,
------The claimed studentship of ibn Tumart under al-Ghazali,
------The influence of the 'Ihya,
------Al-Ghazali's effect on Sufism,
------The effect on the movement of philosophy,
------The effect of al-Ghazali's quarrel with the Batinis,
------The influence of al-Ghazali on the successive Islahi movement.


---Appendix 1 : Summaries and customised versions of the 'Ihya Ulum al-Din,
---Appendix 2 : Imam al-Ghazali's pupils - selected list,

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