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Reality of the Film : Arabic
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Weekend Learning

Islamic Studies Level 7
Islamic Studies Level 7
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Details:  Islamic Studies - Level 7, New,
Third Edition, 2016 Reprint.
*[A4+] Large Paperback - 136 pages,
Compiled by Mansur Ahmad and Husain A. Nuri,
Part of the 'Weekend Learning Series.'

Description :

Level 7 Islamic Studies book is for 11 to 14 year old children who have completed Level 6 book from the Weekend Learning Series or children who have similar Islamic knowledge. Ideally, seventh-grade students should use this book.

As the students progress through the Islamic Studies curriculum, students are now introduced to additional new topics with greater depth. For example, Istighfar, Islamic Greetings, Amr Bil Ma'ruf, regarding Guarding our Tongues, Lailat ul Qadr, the Characters of the Prophets, upon them be peace, the Permitted and Prohibited and so forth are covered.

Additional details from the lives of the Prophets, from Adam, alayhi salam, Ibrahim, alayhi salam, Lut, alayhi salam, and Yusuf, alayhi salam, are covered with special emphasis on the morals from their lives. The stories of the Companions of Cave and Dhul-Qurnain are told in proper light from the Qur'an. Life and activities of Abu Sufyan and Khalid Ibn Walid, may Allah be pleased with them both, are covered to show why they initially opposed Rasullullah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and how they accepted Islam later in their lives. Many other lessons cover Islamic values and morals.

Table of Contents :

---Preface to the 2nd Edition,
---Preface to the 3rd Edition,
---How to Use this book effectively; Instructions for Teachers & Parents,
------Regular Interaction with the Qur'an,
------Teaching Respect,

---[1]. Why Islam, What is Islam?
---[2]. The Qur’an: Its Qualitative Names,
---[3]. Istighfar : Seeking Forgiveness and Protection,
---[4]. Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala, Angry or Kind,
---[5]. Islamic Greeting: Wishing Peace,
---[6]. Adam, alayhi salam, The Trial of the First Human Being,
---[7]. ‘Ad and Thamud : Consequences for Defying Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala,
---[8]. Life of Ibrahim, alayhi salam, Early Life and Mission
---[9]. Life of Ibrahim, alayhi salam, Beginning of a New Generation,
---[10]. The Sacrifice of Ibrahim, alayhi salam,
---[11]. Lut, alayhi salam, A Message for the Modern Societies,
---[12]. Yusuf, alayhi salam, The Will to Overcome Temptation,
---[13]. The Companions of the Cave,
---[14]. Dhu al-Qarnain : The Journey of a King,
---[15]. Abu Sufyan : His Life and Achievements,
---[16]. Khalid Ibn Al-Walid : The “Sword of Allah”
---[17]. How to Achieve Success,
---[18]. Character of the Messengers,
---[19]. Marriages' of Rasulullah, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam,
---[20]. Purification: Physical and Spiritual “Hygiene”
---[21]. Permitted and Prohibited,
---[22]. Lailat ul Qadr : The Night of Majesty,
---[23]. Fasting in Ramadan: The Month of Endless Benefits,
---[24]. My Family is Muslim Now,
---[25]. Amr bil ma’ruf : Enjoin Good Deeds,
---[26]. Guard your Tongue: Think Before You Speak,
---[27]. Lessons from Past Civilisations,
---[28]. Science in the Qur’an.

---The Steps of Salah,
------The physical preparation for Salah,
------Description for Salah with 2 rakat (cycles),
---------Steps 1 - 16,
---------How to Pray three Rak'ats (Maghrib),
---------How to Pray four Rak'ats (Dhuhr, 'Asr and 'Isha),

---Outline of Curriculum, Grades 1,2,3,
---Outline of Curriculum, Grades 4,5,6,
---Outline of Curriculum, Grades 7,8,9,
---Outline of Curriculum, Grades 10,11 and 12.

'The Islamic Studies books' from Weekend Learning Publishers are based on a comprehensive 10-year curriculum. The curriculum covers broad aspects of Islam based on the Qur’an and authentic Hadith. The lessons in the curriculum are presented in a logical, systematic manner to suit the teaching needs of a weekend Islamic school or home school. Topics are selected based on age, grade and the learning level of each grade.

Age11 - 14 years.

*Dimensions : 28 x 21.5 x 1.0 cm.

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