A Womans Guide to Hajj & Umrah

A Womans Guide to Hajj & Umrah : New,
*[A5] Paperback - 384 pages,
*by M. Muhammad Faruq, UK.
Published by Rasm Graphics, 3rd Edition.


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Description :

A Woman's Guide To Hajj & Umrah helps to fill an often overlooked void in Shari'ah literature for the English speaking world. The author has sourced the research for this book exclusively from Qur'an, hadith and fiqh. He deals with every aspect of performing Hajj & Umrah for women, covers an extensive range of questions & answers and provides invaluable advice as well as a brief history of the sacred places.

The fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) is based on Hanafi Interpretation according to traditional traditional Indo/Pak practice, however it covers most modern issues.

A comprehensive guide to Hajj and Umrah for Sisters and families. A nice presentation with colour co-ordinated chapters and sections with illustrations and diagrams.

Table of Contents :


---[1]. Preparation for Hajj & Umrah,
---[2]. When you arrive in Saudia Arabia,
---[3]. Important advice
---[4]. Examples & advice about plans for Madinah Munawwarah,
---[5]. Guide to show how Sisters should check her 'dates' before booking the flights,
---[6]. The procedure for Hajj & Umrah for a Woman,
---[7]. Miqat,
---[8]. Ihram,
---[9]. Intention for Makkah Mukarramah first,
---[10]. Intention for Madinah Munawwarah first,
---[11]. The Types of Hajj and Umrah,
---[12]. A Safe method for Sisters to adopt whose Menstruation date is very near,
---[13]. Hil,
---[14]. Haram,
---[15]. Method on how to Perform Umrah,
---[16]. View of the Ka'bah,
---[17]. Tawaf,
---[18]. The procedure for all types of Tawaf,
---[19]. The two Rakats of any Tawaf Salah,
---[20]. Sa'i,
---[21]. View of the hills of Safa and Marwah,
---[22]. The procedure for all types of Sa'i,
---[23]. The procedure for cutting the hair for Hajj and Umrah,
---[24]. Possible scenarios,
---[25]. Determining if the Sister performing Hajj or Umrah has to perform the complete Rakats' of the fard Salah,
---[26]. Things to do during your stay in Makkah Mukarramah,
---[27]. Hajj.

The Procedure for Performing Hajj,
------Hajj e Qiran,
------Hajj e Tamattu,
------Hajj e Ifrad,
---[1]. Mina,
---[2]. Day 1, Mina, 8th Dhul Hijjah,
---[3]. Day 2, Arafah, 9th Dhul Hijjah,
---[4]. Day 2, Muzdalifah, 9th Dhul Hijjah,
---[5]. Day 3, Mina, Pelting the big Jamarah, 10th Dhul Hijjah,
---[6]. Day 3, Qurbani, 10th Dhul Hijjah,
---[7]. Day 3, Cutting the Hair, 10th Dhul Hijjah,
---[8]. Day 3, Tawaf e Ziyarat, 10th Dhul Hijjah,
---[9]. Day 4, Mina,  Pelting all 3 Jamarah,11th Dhul Hijjah,
---[10]. Day 5, Mina, Pelting all 3 Jamarah,12th Dhul Hijjah,
---[11]. The stay at Wadi e Muhassab,
---[12]. Day 6, Mina, Pelting all 3 Jamarah,13th Dhul Hijjah,
---[13]. Tawaf e Wida : The Farewell Tawaf,
---[14]. Determining if the Sister has to carry out full Rakats' of the fard Salah after performing Hajj,
---[15]. Seeing the Ka'bah for the last time,
---[16]. Departing from Makkah Mukarramah.

Some Important Ruling for Sisters on Hajj & Umrah:
---[1]. Fequently Asked Questions,
---[2]. Calculation to see whether Menstruation commences if bleeding starts during Hajj & Umrah,
---[3]. What to do if menstruation finishes earlier than usual,
---[4]. Menstruation during Hajj and Umrah,
---[5]. The use of a tampon,
---[6]. Pregnancy and bleeding during Hajj and Umrah,
---[7]. Miscarriage during Hajj and Umrah,
---[8].Istihdah (chronic vaginal disorder and discharge),
---[9]. Frequently asked questions on Ihram,
---[10]. Rulings pertaining to Ihram,
---[11]. Conditions required for entering into Ihram,
---[12]. Ihram and Menstruation,
---[13]. Frequently asked questions on Ihram Salah,
---[14]. Frequently asked questions on the Miqat,
---[15]. Frequently asked questions on Intention (niyyah),
---[16]. Forgetting if the Intention was made or to not make the Intention,
---[17]. The Talbiyah,
---[18]. The Hil,
---[19]. Frequently asked questions on Umrah,
---[20]. Umrah that cannot be performed (before going to Madinah or returning home),
---[21]. Du'a when entering and leaving the Masjid,
---[22]. Rulings connected to Ablution,
---[23]. Different types of Tawaf,
---[24]. Frequently asked questions on Tawaf,
---[25]. Rulings pertaining to Tawaf,
---[26]. Frequently asked questions on Hajar al Aswad,
---[27]. Frequently asked questions on Rukn e Yamani,
---[28]. Frequently asked questions on Tawaf Salah,
---[29]. Frequently asked questions on Sa'i,
---[30]. Rulings pertaining to Sa'i,
---[31]. Frequently asked questions on cutting one's hair,
---[32]. Frequently asked questions on Zamzam water,
---[33]. Tan'im : Masjid e Aishah,
---[34]. 1st Dhul Hijjah : Clipping the nails & removing hair,
---[35]. Coming into Ihram for Hajj from Al-Aziziyah,
---[36]. Leaving Madinah Munawwarah for Hajj & Umrah,
---[37]. Hajj on a Friday,
---[38]. Menstruation which stops a Sister from performing Umrah, (Hajj e Qiran),
---[39]. Frequently asked questions on Hajj e Tamattu,
---[40]. Dam e Shukr,
---[41]. Frequently asked questions on Tawaf e Ziyarat,
---[42]. Dam,
---[43]. 5 Days of Hajj for the elderly and sick,
---[44]. Regarding small children performing Hajj and Umrah,
---[45]. The age at which the compulsory Hajj for a child will be accepted,
---[46]. Method of Hajj & Umrah to adopt for small children and the mentally ill,
---[47]. Fard Salah after Hajj,
---[48]. Hajj e Badl, Performing Hajj for someone else,
---[49]. Performing Tawaf for someone else,
---[50]. Being delayed in performng Hajj or Umrah aftering into Ihram,
---[51]. If husband or Mahram passes away during Hajj or Umrah,
---[52]. Places where du'as are accepted,
---[53]. The sign of Hajj e Mabrur and Hajj e Maqbul,
---[54]. Salah when travelling,
---[55]. Reply to the Adhan,
---[56]. Du'a after Adhan,
---[57]. Salah behind the Imam not permissible,**
---[58]. Method of performing Salah behind the Imam,**
---[59]. Performing the Jum'ah (Friday) Salah, **
---[60]. Rulings pertaining to performing Salah in the Haram,
---[61].Janazah (funeral) Salah,
---[62]. Ramadan in Saudi Arabia,
---[63]. Tarawih,**
---[64]. Performing the Witr Salah,
---[65]. Performing the Ramadan Eid Salah,**
---[66]. Nafl Salah,
---[67]. A Word of Caution for Hajj & Umrah Tour Operators,
---[68]. General.

---A Plea to the Husband and Wife,
Mistakes and their Penalties,
---A mistake in miqat and its penalty,
---Mistakes in Ihram and their penalties,
---Mistakes in tawaf of Umrah and their penalties,
---Mistakes in sa'i of Umrah and their penalties,
---Mistakes in cutting one's hair  and their penalties,
---Mistakes in tawaf e Ziyarat  and their penalties,
---Mistakes in Nafl tawaf and their penalties,
---Mistakes in Arafat and their penalties,
---Mistakes in Hajj e Qiran and their penalties,
Muzdalifah :
---Mistakes in pelting the Jamar'at and their penalties,
---Mistakes in Tawaf e Qudum  and their penalties,
---Mistakes in Tawaf e Wida and their penalties,
---Important Notes on Penalties,

---Hajj & Umrah according to the Four Sunni Schools of Thought,
------At a glance actions for Hanafi, Shafi'i, Maliki, Hanbali,
---The requirements of Hajj and Umrah,
------Hajj e Ifrad,
------Hajj e Qiran,
---Hajj and Umrah at a glance,

Holy Places for Ziyarat,
---[1]. Masajid of Makkah Mukarramah, of Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifah,
---[2]. The Blessed Mountains of Makkah Mukarramah,
---[3]. Mina,
---[4]. Arafat,

---[5]. The Birthplace of Sayyadina RasullAllah, salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam,
---[6]. Dar e Arqam,
---[7]. Shayba Abi Talib,
---[8]. Jannat al-Ma'la,
---[9]. Graveyard where girls were buried alive during Pre-Islamic times,
---[10]. Boundaries of the Haram,
---[11]. Safa, Marwa and Zamzam water,
---[12]. The hill of Safa and the appearance of the beast (Dabbat al Ard),
---[13]. Hajar al Aswad and Maqam e Ibrahim,
---[14]. Rukn e Yamani,
---[15]. The most superior Invocation.

---Transliteration Key.

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*Dimensions : 21 x 14.2 x 2.2cm.

*Although this book is a non-ASWJ publication, it still serves a useful purpose for our Sisters from a fiqh perspective. It has been recommended to us.

**Salah behind any Salafi Imam in Masjid al-Haram or Masjid al-Nabawi will have to be repeated.




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