The Concise Article : New

The Concise Article :
al-Nubdha al-Sughra, New,
*[A5] Paperback - 112 pages,
by Habib Abu Bakr al-Adani b. Ali al-Mashhur,
Transl. into English by Mohammad Ahmad Mbaye,
Edited by Abdul Aziz Suraqah,
Published by the T.S.L. Canada.

Description :

The Concise Article : On the Knowledge of the Fourth Pillar of the Religion and an Explanation of the Intermediate, Minor, and Major Signs of the Last Hour.

From the Introduction :  '' This is a concise study of the fourth pillar of the religion. I have  compiled this work for the beginner seekers of the Fatherly Prophetic Sacred Knowledge  (al-‘ilm  al-abawi al-nabawi al-shar‘i), male and female. It concerns the fourth pillar of the religion, which encompasses the intermediate, minor, and major signs of the Last Hour.

It also contains all the necessary means to know and study the science of fiqh al-tahawwulat and its prophetic traditions known as sunna al-mawaqif and sunna al-dalala.  [I intend] to make this a service for the renewal of the science of calling to Allah with wisdom and goodly exhortation, and also for the protection, scholarly restoration, and preservation of the thawabit (the constants) among the fundamentals of the sacred law and its vessels (aw‘iya) who are the just and credible carriers [of sacred knowledge] (al-‘udul).

And they shake their heads at you and say, 
When will it be?” Say, “It might well be near.

 [Qur’an 17:51].


This is in an era dominated by turmoil and disputation, where the pens and tongues of the ruwaybida and those who incite disaffection use the scale of their thoughts and opinions to measure important issues and matters – specifically among those who place their faith solely in the theoretical sciences and give them more care and invest in them more trust  than they give to the message of the infallible [Prophet] (ma‘sum), may Allah bless him and grant him peace, or among those who disregarded the distinctiveness of Islam in their dealings with the pre-emptive events described in the sacred texts related to the signs of time.

It is our hope that by the will of Allah the Exalted all will benefit from this Concise Article and that it will be for us and them a service, intellectually and practically, that will renew the methodology of the blessed Islamic da‘wa (calling to Allah). Amin, Allahumma Amin.''

Table of Contents :

---Transliteration Key,
---Honorific Phrases in Arabic,
---Biography of the Author.

---The Qur'anic Preamble,
---The Prophetic Preamble,
---Foreword to the English Translation,

---Lesson [1]. The Pillars of the Religion,
---Lesson [2]. Al-Wahda al-Mawdu‘iyya (The Unity of Subject Matter) and al-Wahda al-Shar'iyya (The Unity of Shariah) Reflected in the Hadith of Jibril, alayhi salam,
---Lesson [3]. The Tasks of the Fourth Pillar of the Religion,
---Lesson [4]. Constants (thawabits) and Variables (mutaghayyirat),
---Lesson [5]. The Pillars of Knowledge concerning the Signs of the Hour,
---Lesson [6]. The Different Categories of the Science of the Hour,
---Lesson [7]. The Definition of Fiqh al-Tahawwulat,
---Lesson [8]. The Designations and the Definition of the 'Texts' in Fiqh al-Tahawwulat,
------The Sacred Texts at the Time of the Prophetic Message and the Revelation, and the
Nusus al-Istibaqiyya (Pre-emptive Texts) and Nusus al-Istiqrai’yya (Inductive Reasoning Texts),
---Lesson [9]. The Sciences of Fiqh al-Tahawwulat,
---Lesson [10]. Chart Outlining Fiqh al-Tahawwulat,
---Lesson [11]. Summary of the Fiqh of Nawaqid (Nullifiers) and Naqa'id (Contraries), and the Trials and Tribulations which Lead to Error, and the Means of Protection from Them,
---Lesson [12]. Summary of Fiqh al-Isharat (Signs), Fiqh al-Bisharat (fiqh of glad tidings), Fiqh al-Nidharat (Warnings), Fiqh al-Hasanat (Immunities), and the Integrity of ‘Adala (Probity) and Sanad (Chain of Transmitters),
---Lesson [13]. Summary of the Fiqh of Modern Developments in Theoretical and Applied Sciences, New Cultural and Educational Sciences (both Negative and Positive), 
and the Scientific Miracles of the Qur’an,
---Lesson [14]. Summary of the Fiqh of Cosmic Portents and Blood Shedding Conflicts,
---Lesson [15]. Summary of the Shariah connection Between Religion and History,
---Lesson [16]. The Sunna of Mawaqif (Standpoints) and Sunna of Dalala and their link with the Good Sunna,
---Lesson [17]. The Concept of the Rightly Guided Caliphs in the Context of Fiqh al-Tahawwulat,
---Lesson [18]. The Categories of Sunna in the Fiqh of Language, Legal Theory, and
Fiqh al-Tahawwulat,
---Lesson [19]. The Classification of the Consecutive Stages According to the Shariah,
---Lesson [20]. Summary of the Major Signs,
---Lesson [21]. The Intermediate Signs,
---Lesson [22]. The Minor Signs,
---Lesson [23]. The Position of a Muslim Regarding the Fitan and the Obligation to Hasten to Righteous Works When Such a Time Appears,
---Lesson [24]. The Fiqh of Mubadara (Hastening) When the Signs of the Hour Manifest,
---Lesson [25]. The Manhaj al-Salama (The Methodology of Safety, Peace, and Security) in the Protection of a Muslim from Fitan.
---Glossary of Terms.





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  • Written by: Habib Abu Bakr al-Adani

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