The Prophet's Ramadhaan

The Prophet's Ramadhaan,
How the Prophet, Observed the Month of Ramadhan,
[A5] Paperback - 155 pages, Second Edition.
by Mufti Muhammad Khan Qaadri.
Translated into English by Muhammad Sajid Younus (UK).
Published by True Islam.


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Description :

Ramadhan, (Ramadan) the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar is the month in which Allah bestowed countless blessings upon humanity.

This month hosted the beginning of the revelation of the Qur'an; the mercy for the Universe 'Muhammad’s announcement of Prophethood; the first major victory for the Muslims at Badr and the Muslims’ re-entering of Makkah without any bloodshed.  Furthermore to demonstrate its virtue Allah has made one of its nights better than a thousand months.

Allah the Almighty opens the gates of Paradise, shuts the gates of Hell and chains the devils in this month. Allah also forgives and pardons countless believing sinners from Hell. In order to express gratitude for these blessings the believers, who truly recognise and appreciate these blessings, are commanded to fast and observe this month with utmost sincerity and humility.

To observe this month in the way Allah wishes the believers need to follow the one who is most aware of what pleases and displeases Allah and who is the most knowledgeable about Ramadhaan, namely the Prophet, May Allah bless him and grant him peace. This book aims to describe how the Beloved Prophet, May Allah bless him and grant him peace, observed the month of Ramadhaan and allows the reader to become aware of his blessed practices and try to implement them into their daily lives during the blessed month. 

This second edition also includes a brief appendix on the basic rules of fasting.

Table of Contents :

---Introduction, 7,

---Chapter [1] The Prophet & Ramadhaan,
---Chapter [2] At the Beginning of Ramadhaan,
---Chapter [3] At Sehri, 28,
---Chapter [4] During the Day whilst Fasting,
---Chapter [5] At Sunset & Iftaar,
---Chapter [6 ] The Taraaweeh Prayer,
---Chapter [7] The Fast of Wisaal,
---Chapter [8] The Last Ten Days of Ramadhaan,
---Chapter [9 ] Itikaaf,
---Chapter [10] The Night of Qadr,
---Chapter [11] The End of Ramadhaan & the Last Night,
---Chapter [12] The Night & Day of Eid,

Appendix Rules of Fasting, based on 'Classic Hanafi Texts' by Muhammad Sajid,
---Matters which break and nullify the fast,
---Those matters which break the fast & need only be made up (no need for compensation),
---Matters which break the fast necessitate Kaffaara,
---Disliked (makruh) Acts during fasting,
---Acts that are not disliked ( but people mistakenly think they are),
---Matters specifically relating to women.

The Author : Mufti Muhammad Khan Qaadri is based in Lahore, Pakistan and is one of the leading teachers of Dars e Nizaami (traditional Islamic scholastic course).  He is also heavily involved in both writing and translating.  He currently has over 100 titles published on a range of subjects such as Hadith, Fiqh, Usul ul Fiqh, women’s rights and social issues.

His previous book 'The Prophet's Hajj' also translated by Muhammad Sajid Younus - has become a best seller.




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  • Written by: Mufti Muhammad Khan Qadri

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