Namaaz & Du'aas : Beginners Guide to Prayer

Namaz & Du'as :
The Beginner's Guide to Prayer
[A5+] Paperback - 40 pages,
by Prof. Naeem Tariq, MA Islamic Studies,
Published by Al-Qalam Academy.
Best Selling, now in it's 8th Edition, 2013.


Back in Stock January 2023,


Contains Arabic, English Translation and Transliteration.

Description :

This book addresses important issues pertaining to the essentials of Islam. It is based on the traditional teachings of Islam. The book will enable those who are unable to read and undertand the Arabic language to benefit from it with it's compendium of translation and transliteration of the Arabic text.

By studying this book the younger generation will be able to enhance their knowledge of the essentials of Islam. This book may be utilised by both the younger and older generation. 

This is a quality presentation in English, including transliteration with diagrams for wudu and salah and accompanying arabic.  

     **Full colour,
     **Excellent layout,
     **Diagrams and images for Wudu & Salaah,
     **English Translation with Transliteration,.

A must for each home to be used over and over again.

Table of Contents :

---[1]. Imaan-e-Mujmil, Imaan Mufassil,
---[2]. Kalima Tayyab, Kalima Shahadat,
---[3]. Kalima Tamjeed, Kalima Tawheed,
---[4]. Kalima Istighfaar,
---[5]. Kalima Radd-e-Kufr,
---[6]. Wudu (The Ablution), with diagrams,
---[7]. Adhaan (The Call to Prayer),
---[8]. Du'aa (supplication) after the Adhaan,
---[9]. How to perform the Salaah (The Prayer),
----------For Brothers and Sisters (with diagrams),
---[10]. Names and Timings of Salaah,
---[11]. Table of the Rakahs (The Cycles of Prayer),
---[12]. Some Important Du'aas after Prayer,
---[13]. Salat al-Witr, Du'a al-Qunut,
---[14]. Salat al-Taraweeh (The Ramadan Night Congregational Prayer),
---[15]. Ayat al-Kursi, (The Verse of the Throne),
---[16]. Salat al-Janazah, (The Funeral Prayer),
----------For Adult,
----------For Boy,
----------For Girl,
---[17]. The Eid Prayer,
---[18]. Masnuun Du'as, (Common supplications),
---[19]. The Last Ten Surahs (verses) of the Holy Qur'an, with transliteration,
---[20]. Islamic Manners (Everyday Intentions).















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Full colour with Arabic, English translation and transliteration (romanisation). As used in madrassahs, schools throughout UK, Europe.




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  • Written by: Allama Tariq Naeem

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