The Essential Islamic Creed

The Essential Islamic Creed :
*[A5] Paperback - 118 pages,
by Shaykh Ahmad ibn Zayni Dahlan [d.1304h],
Translation & Footnotes by Amjad Mahmood,
Published by Heritage Press, UK.


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Description :

The essence of Islam is its creed, which validates the performance of one’s worship; thus making it eligible for acceptance. The obligation to have sound doctrine has led Muslim theologians to develop an elaborate discipline of creed based primarily on the Qur’an and Sunnah, whilst also incorporating sound rational argumentation.

This work by Shaykh Ahmad ibn Zayn? Dahl?n, may Allah have mercy upon him, is a summary of the core tenets of faith in the manner of the Late-Sunni Tradition, enumerating what a Muslim should believe regarding Allah; the Prophets;  the Divine Scriptures; the Angels; the Resurrection Day, with its prelude and finale; the  Prophet’s Companions, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and miracles of Allah’s friends (Awliyah-Allah).

Shaykh Ahmad ibn Zayn? Dahl?n (d. 1304/1817–1886) was the leading Sh?fi?? mufti and scholar of Mecca in his time, and an authority on Islamic history. He authored, and personally published, numerous works on the Islamic sciences and history. Shaykh Dahlan is the author of the respected work 'Fitnat al Wahh?biyyah.'

 Table of Contents :

---Transliteration Key,
---Translators Introduction,
---Author's Biography,

Chapter [I]. Foundational Principles,
---The Obligation of Knowing Creed,
---The First Obligation,
---Defining the Legally-Responsible Person (Mukallaf),
---The Rational Judgements (al-Ahkam al-'Aqliyyah).

Chapter [II]. The Attributes of Allah,
---The Self-signifying Attribute (al-Sifah al-Nafsiyyah),
------Existence (wujud),
---The Negative Attributes (al-Sifat al-Salbiyyah),
------Pre-eternality (Qidam),
------Everlastingness (Baqa')
------Dissimilarity to Originated Beings (Mukhalafah li al-Hawadith),
------Self-subsistence (Qiyam bi al-Nafs),
------Oneness (Wahdaniyyah),
---The Qualitive Attributes (al-Sifat al-Ma'ani),
------Omnipotence (Qudrah),
------Will (Iradah),
------Omniscience ('Ilm),
------Life (Hayah),
------Hearing (Sam'),
------Sight (Basar),
------Speech (Kalam),
---The Predictive Attributes (al-Sifat al-Ma'nawiyyah),
---That which is Possible in Relation to Allah Most High.

Chapter [III]. The Attributes of The Prophets, alayhim as-Salam,
---The Necessary Attributes of the Prophet's,
---What is Possible for the Prophet's?
---The Impossibility of Prophet's Sinning,
---The Prophet's in the Qur'an,
---The Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him & grant him peace, and His Lineage,
---The Prophet's Children,
---The Prophet's Wives,
---The Divine Scriptures.

Chapter [IV]. The Unseen Realm and the Afterlife, & other Essential Beliefs and Practices,
---The Angels,
---The Interrogation in the Grave,
---Resurrection Day,
---The Reality of Faith,
---The Reality of Islam,
---The Obligation of Learning Sacred Law,
---The Obligation of Loving the Companions,
---The Miracles of Allah's Friends,
---Accompanying the Righteous and Remembering Allah,
---Concluding Remarks.

Contains Extensive Notes and References.

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  • Written by: Sh. Ahmad ibn Zayni Dahlan

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