The Invocation of God

 The Invocation of God - al-Wabil al-Sayyib min al-Kalim al-Tayyib, NEW,
*[A5+] Paperback - 202 pages,
**by Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya
Translated by Michael Abdurrahman Fitzgerald
& Moulay Youssef Slitine,
Published by the Islamic Texts Society, Cambridge.

Description :

In describing al-Wabil al-Sayyib, here translated into English for the first time as Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya on the Invocation of God, the author says, ‘We have mentioned [in it] nearly one hundred benefits of remembrance of God [dhikr], and the secrets of remembrance … This is a book of great usefulness.’

Written in the fourteenth century by the renowned theologian Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya, this treatise movingly details the many blessings of the remembrance of God. Through discussions of the ego, the nature of the body, the ephemerality of the world, the degrees of prayer, fasting, charity, and the purification of the heart, this beautifully written work is a genuine contribution to Muslim spirituality.

What makes Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya on the Invocation of God of great interest is that it illustrates the spiritual life of Ibn Qayyim.

                 ‘This book is a spiritual book, and it goes a long way towards
                  making a hard, cruel and oblivious heart become lenient,
                  compassionate, kind and merciful …’---Muslim World Book Review.

Table of Contents :

------The Life of Ibn al-Qayyim,
------His Writings,
------Al-Wabil al-Sayyib,
------About this Translation,
The Translation : The Invocation of God - al-Wabil al-Sayyib,
---[1].  The Paths to Happiness,
------The Two Wings,
------Love of God and Respect for His Commandments,
------Signs of Veneration for God's Commandments,
------How Good Deeds Amend Wrongs,
------Ostentation in Worship and in other Good Deeds,
------Signs of Veneration for the One Who Prohibits,
------Avoiding Extremes,
------The Ego [Nafs], the Physical Nature and the Members of the Body,
------The Ephemerality of the World.

---[2].  A Commentary on the Hadith of al-Harith al-Ash'ari,
------Divine Oneness [Tawhid] the Key to Heaven,
------Five Degrees of Prayer,
------Three Kinds of Hearts,
------God Acts towards His Servant as His Servant Acts towards Others,
------Cleansing the Hearts of Tarnish.

---[3].  The Many Benefits of Remembrance,
------Safety from Forgetfulness of God,
------The Heaven of this World,
------The Easiest Form of Worship,
------Remembrance as Light,
------Commentary on the Verse of Light,
------The Images of Water and Fire in the Qur'an,
------The Similtude of the Rainstorm [sayyib],
------Levels of People with Respect to Knowledge and Guidance,
------The Attributes of God,
------Invitation to Sanctity [al-walaya],
------God is with the One who Invokes Him,
------The Basis of Gratitude,
------The Stations of those who Labour for the Next World,
------The Meadows of Heaven,
------The Gatherintgs of Angels,
------The purpose of all religious practice,
------Remembrance may Replace Supererogatory Acts,
------The Mountains and Plains Boast to One Another,
------Returning to [the Discussion of ] Protection from the Devil

---[4].  Two Kinds of Remembrance,
------Remembrance and Supplication,
------Remembrance, Recitation and Supplication.

---Appendix I: The Arabic Text of Recommended Invocations & Supplications,
---Appendix II: Selected Biographical Notes,
---Appendix III: Concerning the Breath of the One Fasting,
---Index of Qur’anic Quotations.
---General Index.

**We do not recommend other works of this scholar.

*Dimensions : 23.4 x 15.6cm.

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  • Written by: Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyyah

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