Walking in Footsteps : New

 Walking in Footsteps : New,
On the Need for a Spiritual Teacher,
*[A5] Paperback - 173 pages,
by Talib al-Habib,
Published by Nur al-Habib Productions.

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Description :

Tasawwuf is the term given to the Islamic science of Ihsan - the perfection and purification of the soul. Its basis is the divine law, its path is self-realisation and its purpose is the attainment of absolute sincerity. It is the inner dimension of Islam; the soul that moves it, the vital force that strengthens it and the breath that sustains it.

The path of tasawwuf must be taken from a perfected and revered spiritual master, who guides one through the deadly snares of the Ego and the traps of the Devil. The bond between Master and pupil imitates the relationship between the Holy Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and his Companions. It forms the basis and essence of tasawwuf and is essential for any sincere seeker of Allah.

This book examines the importance of walking in the footsteps of the saintly and righteous along the long and difficult path that leads to the ultimate reality. It unearths the Islamic origins of Tasawwuf and helps explain the nature and characteristics of the master-pupil bond according to the classical scholars and luminaries of traditional Islam.


Table of Contents :


Section A.
---[I]. Introduction,
------Tasawwuf and Peeri-Mureedi,
------The Purpose of this Book,
------What this Book is Not?
---[II]. Shari'ah and Tasawwuf,
---[III] The Need for a Shaykh,
---[IV]. The Sunnah of the Prophets,
---[V]. The Argument from the Qur'an,
---[VI]. The Argument from the Sunnah,
---[VII]. The Argument from the Scholarly Tradition,
---[VIII]. The Qualities of a Shaykh.

Section B.
---[IX]. Adab -the Etiquette of Conduct,
---[X]. Bay'ah - the Pledge of Allegiance,
---[XI]. Nisbah - the Bond of Love,
---[XII]. Suhbah - the Perfume of Companionship,
---[XIII]. Taa'ah - the Priority of Obedience,
---[XIV]. Some Final Thoughts.

Section C.
---[XV]. Tasawwuf in Civilisation,
---[XVI]. Questions and Anwsers,
---[XVII]. The Risalah al-Qushayriyyah,

---Biographical Note,

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