The Handbook for Muslim Teenagers : Girls

 The Handbook for Muslim Teenagers :
Girls Edition
, New,
*[A5] Paperback - 70 pages,
by Prof. Kabir Uddin,
Published by London Islamic Research Academy (LIRA).

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Description :

You are a girl, approaching teenagehood or are a teenager and you are experiencing many changes in your body and mind. Sometimes, you do not know what to do or who to ask? You and your parents also feel a bit uncomfortable to discuss certain issues. If this is the situation, then this book will In'sha-Allah be your best friend as it will have the answers to many of your questions.

This book was written in 2015 by the author when his son had reached the age of becoming a teenager. He had noticed the changes in his son's life almost everyday and felt the need to educate his son from an Islamic perspective. After failing to find suitable and appropriate material he decided to write a book himself and this Handbook is the result of his endeavours. After writing the Boys Handbook this Girls Edition has now also just been published.

Table of Contents :


---[1]. Identity Explorer,
---Are you from bacteria, monkey or a Human ?
---Creation of the first Woman in the world,
---Be proud of being a Girl : Your dignity in Islam,
---Your Religion Islam : A Complete Way of Life,
---Early stages of your life journey and support,
---Pre-Birth to Teenage.

---[2]. Understanding Teenage and Adulthood,
---Teenage hormones: What you need to know?
---Teenagers physical changes (puberty),
---Teenage or Adulthood  : Islamic View,
-----What should a teenage Girl do immediately?
-----Importance of youth in Islam,
-----Female Role Models,
--------Ummah Asma, radi Allahu ta'ala anha,
--------Ayesha, radi Allahu ta'ala anha,
--------Fatimah, radi Allahu ta'ala anha.

---[3]. Teenage Challenges and Abuses,
---Shocking figures of some abuses by some girsl,
---Extra marital relations adultery,
---Smoking (tobacco),
---Drug addiction,
---Disobedience to parents,
---Watching pornography,
---Propagating shameful things is punishable,
---Restrain your gaze and guard your private parts,
---Music, singing and dancing,
---An appropriate exception.

---[4]. Prevention and Protection,

---Haya (modesty / shyness) in Islam,
---Islamic dress code,
---Womens Hijab (covering),
------Guidance on wearing the Hijab,
---Risky areas,
------Privacy in the Family,
------Separating beds,
------TV, Internet & Mobile Use,
------Reading Books,
------Wearing shorts at home,
------Friendship & sleeping over at freinds house,
-------One bad experience is quoted,
------School/College trip with mixed gender,
------Mixed swimming pools and gyms,
------Boys and Girls mixed playtime,
------Understanding eye control,
------Allah will forgive the first look,
------Greeting those of the opposite sex,
------Shaking hands,
------Saying Salam to the opposite gender,
------Some common greeting cultures not allowed in Islam,
---Building a Relationship with Allah Almighty,
-----1. Fulfilling obligatory duties,
-----2. Nawafil prayers (voluntary prayers),
-----3. Du'a (Supplication),
-----4. Building a Relationship with the Qur'an,
-----5. Keeping Good Company,
-----6. Having Fear and Hope in Allah,
-----7. Nafl (voluntary) fasting,
-----8. Sincerely repenting to Allah,
-----9. Having good manners, character and being humble.

---[5]. Teenage Health and Hygiene,
---Cleanliness and personal hygiene,
---Islamic etiquettes of cleanliness,
------What is makruh?
------Using left hand and water for cleaning,
------The clipping of finger and toenails,
------Shaving pubic hair,
------Fard (compulsory actions) of Wudu,
------Ghusl (taking a bath),
------What makes Ghusl fard compulsory?
--------Some other notes,
--------Fard actions (compulsory actions) in Ghusl,
------Tayammum (dry ablution),
--------When to make tayammum?
--------The soil used for tayammum,
--------How to perform tayammum.

---[6]. Girls Health Issues,
---Haydh, Istihadhah and Nifas,
------1. Haydh (menstruation blood),
------2. Istihadhah (bleeding),
------3. Nifas (post-natal bleeding),
---Additional Guidance on Haydh, Istihadhah and Nifas,
-----Acts prohibited during menstruation,
-------Praying and Fasting,
-------Reciting from the Qur'an,
-------Touching the Qur'an,
-------Entering the Masjid (Mosque),
---Some other issues and guidance,
------Performing ghusl after menses,
------Menstruation and Salah,
------Making up missed prayers,
------Taking pills to stop menstruation,
------When haydh stops before the usual cycle,
------Different colours in menstruation,
------Menstruation days.

---[7]. Girls Beautification : Islamic View,
---Beautification and make-up,
---The following are prohibited,
------Artificial hair extensions,
------Removing facial hair, teeth spacing, trimmimg and plucking,
------Fingernails and polishing,
------Wearing fake eyelashes,
------Breast enlargement/reduction, exfoliating skin & make-ups,
---Some beautifications that are allowed.

---Write your personal experience as a teenager!

For Ages 9+

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