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Insaan ke Huquq : Urdu
Insaan ke Huquq : Urdu
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Helpful Child 4
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Loving Child 5
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Balaghah : Darsi

An Introduction to Oratory Khitabah
An Introduction to Oratory Khitabah
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Details:  An Introduction to Oratory Khitabah : New,
*[A5+] Paperback - 93 pages,
by Abdulhakim Yuce,
English Translation by : Ogulgozel Atakova,
by Tughra Books, Turkey.

Back in Stock April 2020

Description :

Speech is a great asset to those who can use it well. One can please or hurt another person with language. A word can heal a broken house, or it can break a solid house. Masters of eloquence can inspire communities to have long contemplations. They can draw tears from a crowd, and they can change opinions, but they can also assert dominance over hearts and consciences. Word is a very effective way of connecting one soul’s reflections to another’s. Our Noble Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said: “Words have a magical power.”

'An Introduction to Oratory: Khitabah' analyses this magical dimension of speech with ample examples from the Islamic sources.

This book can be used for self-study or with the guidance of a teacher at Islamic schools and colleges as well as theology faculties.

Table of Contents:

Chapter [1] : Definition and kinds of Oratory Skills,
---Definition, Significance, Purpose and Subject of Oratory,
---Types of Oratory,
------Subjects of Oratory,
------Forms of Oratory,
------A Brief History of Oration,
---Oratory Skills of Arabs,
---Oratory Skills of Turks.

Chapter [2] : Sermon as Kind of Religious Oratory,
---Kinds of Different Oratory,
---Religious Oratory inside the Sanctuary,
------Preaching and Sermons,
------Principles of Sermons,
------Conditions of Sermon Validity,
------Sunnahs of Sermons,
------Abominable Points for Sermons,
------Supplications of Sermons,
------Preparation and Presentation of Sermons,
------Choosing a Subject.

Chapter [3] : Blessed Days and Religious Festivals,
---Religious Festivals and National Holidays,
---Blessed Nights,
---Laylat al-Mawlid,
---Laylat al-Qadr,
---Laylat al-Barat.

Chapter [4] : Being an Imam and Muezzin,
---Definition of Imam and Muezzin and Their Importance & Position in History,
------Paying Wages to Imams and Muezzins,
------Duties of Imam and Muezzin,
------Duties of Imam and Preacher,
------Duties of Muezzins,
------The Terms and Regulations of the Adhan.

Chapter [5] : Religious Oratory and Supplication,
---Sermon Supplication,
---Recitations after the Daily Prayers,
---Supplication of Adhan,
---Salawat Munijiyah,
---Salawat Tafrijiyah,
---Sayyid u'l 'Istighfar,
---The All Beautiful Names of Allah,
---Supplication of Food and Iftar (breaking fast with meal),
---Supplication of the Sacrifice,
---Funeral Supplications,
---Supplication of a Graveyard Visit,
---Supplication of Recitation of the Whole Qur'an (Khatm al-Qur'an),
---Supplication of Marriage.

---Reading Texts,
----Prophet Adam and Prophet Moses, peace be upon them,
----The First Sermon,


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