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Men and Women Around the Messenger
Men and Women Around the Messenger
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Details:  Men and Women around the Messenger, 2 Volumes within 1 Book, NEW,
*[A4] Hardback -.662  pages,
by Khalid Muhammad Khalid &
Dr. Abdel-Hamid Eliwa,

Translated by Sheikh Muhammad Mustafa Gemeiah,
(Al-Azhar University)
Edited by Aelfwine Acelas Mischler,
Published by Dar al Manarah, Egypt.

Description  :

Contains details of the lives of more than 60 well known Men : the Noble Companions of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, after the four rightly guided Khalif's. Also contains information regarding  The Mother of the Mankind, Hawwa’, The Mother of the Prophets, - Sara, Hajar, Umm Musa. Maryam, as well as the Female Companions of the Prophet, including the Mother of the Believers, the Daughters of the Prophet and other Sahabiyat.

See Below for the Complete List.

While reading this book, we cannot help but be moved by the lives of the Companions herein depicted. How we long to have their awe and reverence for Allah! How we long to spend the same hours in worship as they! How we long to be as brave as they were in the face of danger! How we long to be as patient as they were under torture!

This book fulfills the need for the English-speaking Muslim to learn more about that first generation of Muslims. Indeed the Companions -- the men who were contemporaries with the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, -- inspire and encourage us.

Read these stories and share them with your children, for these Companions are a part of our Islamic heritage that will, Allah willing, strengthen us as a nation if we try to follow their examples.

Table of Contents  : Vol One : Men Around the Messenger,

--- Translator's Preface,
--- Notes on Transliteration,
--- Introduction,
--- The Light They Followed.

---1 - Mus'ab Ibn 'Umair,
---2 - Salmaan Al-Faarisiy,
---3 - Abu Dhar Al-Ghifaariy,
---4 - Bilaal Ibn Rabaah,
---5 - 'Abd Allah Ibn 'Umar,
---6 - Sa'd. Ibn Abi Waqqas,
---7 - Suhaib Ibn Sinaan,
---8 - Mu'aadh Ibn Jabal,
---9 - Al-Miqdaad Ibn'Amr,
---10 - Sa'iid Ibn 'Aamir,
---11 - Hamzah Ibn'Abd Al-Muttalib,
---12 - 'Abd Allah Ibn Mas'uud,
---13 - Hudhaifah Ibn Al-Yamaan,
---14 - 'Ammaar Ibn Yaasir,
---15 - 'Ubaadah Ibn As-Saamit,
---16 - Khabbaab Ibn Al-Arat,
---17 - Abu 'Ubaidah Ibn Al-jarraah,
---18 - 'Uthmaan Ibn Madh'uun,
---19 - Zaid Ibn Haarithah,
---20 - Ja'far Ibn Abi Taalib,
---21 - 'Abd Allah Ibn Rawaahah,
---22 - Khaalid Ibn Al-Waliid,
---23 - Qais Ibn Sa'd Ibn'Ubaadah,
---24 . 'Umair Ibn Wahb,
---25 - Abu Ad-Darda,
---26- Zaid Ibn Al-Khattaab,
---27 - Talhah Ibn 'Ubaid Allah,
---28 - Az-Zubair Ibn Al-'Awaam,
---29 - Khubaib Ibn Adiy,
---30 - 'Umair Ibn Sa'd,
---31 - Zaid Ibn Thaabit,
---32 - Khaalid Ibn Sa'iid,
---33 - Abu Aiyuub Al-Ansaariy,
---34 - Al-'Abbaas Ibn'Abd Al-Muttalib,
---35 - Abu Hurairah,
---36 - Al-Baraa' Ibn Maalik,
---37 - Utbah Ibn Ghazwaan,
---38 - Thaabit Ibn Qais,
---39 - Usaid Ibn Hudair,
---40 - 'Abd Ar-Rahman Ibn 'Awf,
---41 - Abu jaabir 'Abd Allah Ibn 'Amr Ibn Hiraam,
---42 - 'Amr Ibn Al-jamuuh,
---43 - Habiib Ibn Zaid,
---44 - Ubaiy Ibn Ka'b,
---45 - Sa'd Ibn Mu'aadh,
---46 - Sa'd Ibn 'Ubaadah,
---47 - Usaamah Ibn Zaid,
---48 -'Abd Ar-Rahman Ibn Abi Bakr,
---49 -'Abd Allah Ibn 'Amr Ibn Al-'Aas,
---50 - Abu Sufyaan Ibn Al-Haarith,
---51 -'Umraan Ibn Husain,
---52 - Salamah Ibn AI-Akwa,
---53 - 'Abd Allah Ibn Az-Zubair,
---54 - 'Abd Allah Ibn 'Ahbaas,
---55 - 'Abbaad Ibn Bishr,
---56 - Suhail Ibn 'Amr,
---57 - Abu Muusaa Al-Ash'ariy,
---58 - At-Tufail Ibn'Amr Ad-Dawsiy,
---59 - 'Amr Ibn Al-'Aas,
---60 - Saalim Mawlaa Abi Hudhaifah


Table of Contents  : Vol Two : Women Around the Messenger,

---Translaor‘s Postscript,

---The Mother of the Mankind,
---The Mother of the Prophets,
------Umm Musa,
---The Prophet’s Wives,
------Khadija bint Khuwaylid,
------Sawda bint Zam'a,
------Aisha bint Abu Bakr,
------Hafsa bint ‘Umar,
------Umm Salama,
------Umni Habiba,
------Zaynab bint Jahsh,
------Safiyya bint Huyay,
------Juayriya bint al-Harith,
---The Prophet as a Husband,
------Umm Mihjan,
------The Prophet, his humour as a Husband,
------The Prophet, the straight husband,
------The Prophet, the faithful husband,
------Polygamy in Islam,
------The rationale behind the multiplying of the Prophet,
------Earlier Prophets and polygamy,
------Polygamy in Christianity,
------The rationale behind the multiplying of the Prophet’s wives,
---The Prophet’s daughter's,
------Ummi Kulthum,
---The Prophet as a father,
------The Prophet as a kind father,
------The Prophet as a serious father,
------Asma’ bint Abu Bakr,
------Fatima bint al- Khattab,
------Umm Kulthum bint ‘Ali,
------Safiyya bint ‘Abdel-Muttalib,
------Sumayya bint Khayyat,
------Asma’ bint Yazid ibn as-Sakan,
------Umm Salim bint Malhan,
------Umm Haram,
------Umm Waraqa,
------Asma’ bint ‘Amis,
------Ashi Shifa’ bint al-Harith,
------Umm Hakim bint al-Harith,
------Umm Ayman,
------Hind bint ‘Utba,
------Umm Sharik,
------Umm al-F’adl,
------Ar-Rubai’ bint Mu’awiya,
------Khawla hint Tha’laba,
------Umm Ruman,
------Umm ‘Imara,
------Umm Mihjan.

*Dimensions : 24.5 x 18 x 4cm.

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