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Hadith & Sunnah

Jewels of Guidance
Jewels of Guidance
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Details:  Jewels of Guidance : - New,
Advice from Prophet Muhammad, salla Allahu ta'ala alayhi wa Sallam,
*[A5] Paperback - 87 pages,
by Shaykh Muhammad Salih Ajjaj,
English translation by Muhammad Isa Waley.
Published by Dar al-Taqwa.

Description :

The doctrine and the practice of Islam are founded upon two essential basses: firstly the Holy Qur’an, and secondly the Sunnah or the saying and the action of the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, as recorded in Tradition (Hadith) literature.

Jewels of Guidance, is an ideal introduction to Hadith: compiled by a contemporary scholar, it contains a carefully-made selection of tradition from the two most authoritative collections, those of the 3rd/9th century scholars, the Imams Muslim and Bukhari, may Allah be pleased with them.

Table of Contents :


---[1]. The excellence of the words ''La ilaha illa 'Llah (There is no God but Allah)''
---[2]. Tawhid (Divine Unity),
---[3]. Virtues of seeking knowledge,
---[4]. Helping the distressed,
---[5]. The merits of prostrataion (sujud) before Allah, the Exalted,
---[6]. Merits of charity (sadaqah),
---[7]. The merits of praying 2 rakahs in the forenoon (ad-duha) and fasting three days each month,
---[8]. Salat al-Tasabih ; a special prayer for the pious,
---[9]. Asking Allah for forgiveness and well-being,
---[10]. Virtues of fasting,
---[11]. The merits of tawbah (turning to Allah in repentance),
---[12]. The Pillars of Islam,
---[13]. Kindness to parents,
---[14]. Performing ritual prayer (salat) regularly,
---[15]. Good character,
---[16]. What should be said after every prayer (salat),
---[17]. Excellence of dhikr (remembrance or invocation, of Allah),
---[18]. Personal qualities,
---[19]. Renouncing acts of disobedience to Allah, and adhering to obedience and remembrance of Allah,
---[20]. Excellence of the two rakahs before the dawn (fajr) prayer,
---[21]. Avoid being distracted during prayer (salat),
---[22]. The merit of true sincerity (ikhlas),
---[23]. For those who have a special need to ask from Allah,
---[24]. Moral maladies,
---[25]. On helping those who ask something by Allah, the Mighty and Glorious,
---[26]. The excellence of ''The Mother of the Book'' (Surat al-Fatihah, the first chapter of the Qur'an),
---[27]. The excellence of certain Qur'anic Surahs and verses,
---[28]. Reviving a practice (sunnah) of the Prophet, salla Allahu alayhi wa Sallam,
---[29]. Renunciation of worldly things (zuhd ad-dunya),
---[30]. Safety from the Hell-fire,
---[31]. A man of Paradise,
---[32]. Salat al-Istikharah (Prayer for Divine Guidance),
---[33]. A prayer (du'a) for the relief, by Allah's permission, of anxiety and sorrow,
---[34]. Prostration in prayer (sujud) leads to Paradise,
---[35]. Feeding people, greeting people and offering voluntary prayers at night,
---[36]. Genoristy towards one's neighbours,
---[37]. Love the destitute (al-masakin),
---[38]. Definitions of wealth and poverty,
---[39]. Fear (taqwa) of Allah, the Mighty and Glorious,
---[40]. The excellence of reciting the Qur'an,
---[41]. Ways of spending in charity,
---[42]. A Prayer to ease trouble and for the discharge of debts, by permission of Allah, the Exalted,
---[43]. A Prayer to say before going to sleep,
---[44]. A Prayer for those afflicted with insomnia at night,
---[45]. The best of people.
---[46]. Making amends (kaffarah) after sitting in a gathering,
---[47]. The merit of glorifying Allah (tasbih),
---[48]. The ''Master Prayer'' for forgiveness (sayyidul -istighfar),
---[49]. Plants of Paradise,
---[50]. Protection (ta'widhah) against scorpion stings,
---[51]. A Prayer for the discharging of one's debts and for abundant provision, by the permission of Allah,
---[52]. Spending in different forms of charity,
---[53]. Special Prayers (du'a's), to say in the morning, at night, and when leaving one's house,
---[54]. Do not ask to be made a leader,
---[55]. Having a Mosque, or Prayer Room (masjid), in the house.

--- A concluding message,
---Ten pieces of advice for all Muslims.

Shaykh Hamzah Muhammad Salih Ajjaj is a prominent Egyptian scholar educated at Al-Azhar University, Cairo.

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