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Ahl al-Bayt

The Age of Bliss Fatima bint Muhammad
The Age of Bliss Fatima bint Muhammad
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Details:  The Age of Bliss :
Fatima bint Muhammad
, radi Allahu ta'ala anaha,
*[A5] Paperback - 72 pages,
by Omer Yilmaz,
Published by Tughra Books, Turkey.
Part of the 'Age of Bliss' Series.

Back in Stock June 2020

Description :

This book tells the story of Sayyidah Fatima, may Allah be pleased with her, who was the youngest daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, and his most beloved. He referred to her as being a part of himself. From a young age until his worldly departure she never left the Prophet's side, learning everything she could from him, taking care from him and even protecting him from his enemies.

Many words can be used to describe Fatima, may Allah be pleased with her, honourable, intelligent, beautiful, charitable, honest, loving, caring, yet none does justice to this unique character. She resembled her Father in both looks and mannerisms and was said to be the person closest to him.

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*Dimensions : 19.5  x 12.5cm.

The Age of Bliss Series:

---Prophet Muhammad,
---Fatima Bint Muhammad,
---Ali ibn Abi Talib,
---Hasan and Husayn,
---Abu Bakr as-Siddiq,
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---Aisha bint Abu Bakr.

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