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Ali al-Hujweri

Revelation of Mystery : Kashf al Mahjub
Revelation of Mystery : Kashf al Mahjub
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  • Authored by: Sh. Data Ali al-Hujweri

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Details:  Revelation of the Mystery : Kashf al Mahjub, NEW,
*[A5] Paperback - 427 pages, Back in Stock - January 2016,
by Shaykh Ali B. Uthman al-Hujwiri,
English Transl. by Lt Col. Muhammad Ashraf Javed,
Published in the USA.

Description :

Extract from the Translator's Note:

'' Kashf al-Mahjub is one of the oldest persian treatise in Sufism and has been in circulation for over ten centuries and its reading has caused millions of hearts to find their way to the Truth. It provides ample opportunity for the seeker of the Truth and guides him to his goal even without an intermediary. Its teaching is simple and heart throbbing.

Although the original book was written in Persian (farsi), no translation can match the original text, particularly when the use of technical terms encompass the meanings and feelings of the trade holder, it becomes more difficult to translate the expressions in their true sense. However, earnest efforts have been made to produce the work as near to the original as possible. The verses of the Qur'an and sayings of the eminent Sufi's have been added in Arabic and their closest possible vocabulary in English has been used in translation.

For the benefit of the common reader I have tried the keep the language as simple as possible. It is hoped that all those hearts who are desirous of acquiring the knowledge of the Truth and eager of following the righteous path would overcome their thirst by studying this book and Allah-willing would achieve their goal of attaining His proximity. As the author says that he has composed this book to polish the hearts of those who are subject to temporary veiling but in whom the substance of light of the Truth is existent, in order that the veil may be lifted from them by the blessing of reading it, and that they may find their way to spiritual reality. May Allah Almighty bless all of us with His Mercies and Bounties both in this world as well as Hereafter. Amin! '' ---Muhammad Ashraf Javed, (Translator).

Table of Contents :

---Translators Note

---Chapter [1]. Knolwedge,
---Chapter [2]. Poverty,
---Chapter [3]. Tasawwuf (sufism),
---Chapter [4]. The dress of the Sufi's,
---Chapter [5]. Poverty and Purity,
---Chapter [6]. Blame,
---Chapter [7]. Imam's (learned) amongst the Companions,
---Chapter [8]. Imam's from the House of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, (the Ahl al-Bayt)
---Chapter [9]. The People of the Veranda (Ahl-i Suffa)
---Chapter [10]. Mystics among the Followers (Tabieen),
---Chapter [11]. Mystics of the Ancient Period,
---Chapter [12]. Mystics of Recent Time,
---Chapter [13]. Modern Mystics of Different Countries,
---Chapter [14]. Doctrines of Sufism,
------The Muhasibi's,
---------The Nature of Rida (satisfaction),
---------Maqam (station) and Hal (state),
------The Qassari's,
------The Tayfuri's,
---------Sukr (intoxication) and Sahw (sobriety),
------The Junaidi's,
------The Nuri's,
------The Sahli's,
---------Reality of Nafs (lower soul) and Hawa (passion),
---------Mortification of the Nafs (lower soul),
---------True nature of Hawa (passion),
------The Hakimi's,
---------Karamat (miracles),
---------The difference between mujiza and karamat,
---------Performance of miracles by pretenders,
---------Proofs and Arguments for karamat (miracles),
---------Superiority of the Prophet's over the Saints,
---------Superiority of the Prophet's and Saints over Angels,
------The Kharrazi's,
---------Subsistence (baqa) and Annihilation (fana),
------The Khafifi's,
---------Absence (ghaybat) and Presence (hudur),
------The Sayyari's,
---------Union and Separation,
------The Hululi's,
---------Spirit (ruh),
---Chapter [15]. Uncoveringthe First Veil : Gnosis (marifat),
---Chapter [16]. Uncovering the Second Veil : Unification (tawhid),
---Chapter [17]. Uncovering the Third Veil : Faith (iman),
---Chapter [18]. Uncovering the Fourth Veil : Purification (taharat),
------Repentance (tawbah),
---Chapter [19]. Uncovering the Fifth Veil : Prayer (Salat),
------Love (muhabbah) and its connected matters,
---Chapter [20]. Uncovering the Sixth Veil : Alms (zakat),
------Liberality and Generosity,
---Chapter [21]. Uncovering the Seventh Veil : Fasting (sawm),
------Hunger and matters connected with it,
---Chapter [22]. Uncovering the Eighth Veil : Pilgrimage (hajj),
------Contemplation (mushahidah)
---Chapter [23]. Uncovering the Ninth Veil : Companionship, it's Rules and Principles,
------Companionship and matters connected,
------Rules of the Companionship of the shaykhs,
------The Reality of Culture (aadab),
------The Rules of the Companionship affecting Residents,
------The Rules of the Companionship in Travel,
------The Rules of Eating,
------The Ruling on movements,
------The Rules of Sleeping,
------The Rules of Sufi's in Speech and in Silence,
------The Sufi Rules about Requesting,
------The Rules on Marriage and Celibacy,
---Chapter [24]. Uncovering the Tenth Veil : Phraseology and Meanings of the Terms & Verities of the Ideas Signified,
---Chapter [25]. Uncovering the Eleventh Veil : Audition (sama),
------Audition of the Qur'an and related matters,
------Audition of Poetry and related matters,
------Audition of Melodious Voice,
------Principles of Audition,
------Various Opinions respecting Audition,
------The different grades of Sufi's in the Reality of Audition,
------Regarding Wajd, Wajud and Tawajud,
------Looking at Youths,
------The Rending of Garments,
------The Rules of Audition.

* Dimensions: 23 x 15.3 x 2.6cm.

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