The Exemplary Role Model Muhammad

The Exemplary Role Model Muhammad,
peace & blessings be upon him,
*[A5+] Paperback - 382 pages, NEW,
by Dr. Recep Dogan,
Published by Islamic Sciences
& Research Academy Australia,

Description :

''The Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, is the best role model for humankind as he represented the best human values in his nature. Discovering the different aspects of his life is indeed discovering the real value of humankind. This will also enlighten us as to why God chose humankind to be His vicegerent on earth. He explained the meaning of this universe and introduced our Creator with His names and attributes. If we know God in His true sense it is because of the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. Similarly, if we know how to be perfect and represent the universal values it is again through his exemplary life. The entire humanity is in great debt to him regarding learning the meaning of their life on earth and achieving happiness in this life and the Hereafter.

We tried to show Muhammad's, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, exemplary life so people can eradicate themselves of misconceptions and the Muslims can follow His way and represent Islam in the best form.

The books which cover the biography of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, usually give chronological information about his life; however, do not give insight into the exemplary characteristics. For example the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, as educator leader, the commander of an army, father, husband, ruler of state is absent from regular Sirah books. I came to the conclusion that it is beneficial to combine Sirah with the philosophy behind it, so have attempted to do so in this humble work.'' ---Dr. Recep Dogan.


About Author :

Dr. Recep Dogan is a prominent Muslim scholar, author and a respected community activist in Australia. He completed his Bachelor of Divinity (Islamic Theology) at Ankara University, Turkey. He then continued on at Ankara University to complete a Master of Islamic Studies and later a PhD in the Islamic Studies Department, Philosophy of Religion.

Hosted lecture on The Nature of Man from Islamic perspective (UC Berkeley, California, April 2015).

In 2014, Dr Dogan was appointed Islamic Chaplain of Charles Sturt University. Currently teaches Family Law and Usul Hadith (Methodology of Prophetic Traditions) at Charles Sturt University.

Table of Contents :


---Chapter [1].
---The dark period of ignorance (jahiliyyah) and the need for a Prophet,
---The Divine wisdom in sending the Last Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, amongst the Arabs,
---The good tidings about the coming of the Last Prophet,
------Rabia ibn Nasr,
------Abu Karb,
------The monk Nastura and Salman al-Farsi,
------Zayd ibn 'Amr,
------Waraqa bin Nawfal,
------Abdullah ibn Salam,
---The Prophet's Family : Descendents and Lineage,
------'Abd al-Muttalib,
---The incident of the Elephant.

---Chapter [2].
---The Birth of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace,
------The years with the 'milk-mother' (milkmaid),
------The years with 'Abd al-Muttalib and Abu Talib,
------Meeting with the monk Bahira,
------The sacrilegious war and the pact of virtues (khilf al-fudul),
---The trusted (al-Amin) merchant of Makkah,
---The marriage with Khadija, may Allah be pleased with her,
---The rebuilding of the Ka'ba,

---Why Prophet's are sent ?
------1. To illuminate humanity's way,
------2. To guide people to worship alone,
------3. To teach to correct conduct of life,
------4. To be examples,
------5. To establish balance,
------6. To be witnessed.

---Chapter [3].
---Receiving revelation,
---The irresistible appeal of the Qur'an,
---The first Muslims,
---Inviting the close family to Islam,
---Characteristics of Prophets,
------Total dependence on revelation and submission to God,
------Trustworthiness and asking for no wage,
------Complete sincerity,
------Calling people wisely and with kindness,
------Calling humanity to God's Oneness.

---Chapter [4].
---Open invitation,
---Mercy to all the Worlds,
---Open invitation to Islam,
---Scenes of violence,
---The conversion of Hamza,
---The conversion of 'Umar,
---The Essentials of Prophethood,
------Truthfulness (sidq),
------Trustworthiness (amana),
------Communication (tabligh),
------Intellect (fatanah),
------Infallibility ('ismah).

---Chapter [5].
---Emmigration to Abyssinia,
---The miracle of splitting the moon,
---A boycott against the Muslims,
---The year of sadness,
---The dramatic experience of Ta'if,
---The Isra and Mi'raj,
------The meaning of Isra and Mi'raj,
---Looking for support amongst the different clans,
---The beginning of Islam among the people of Madinah,
---The pledges at Aqaba.

---Chapter [6].

---The Hijrah,
------Towards Hijrah,
------The Holy Hijrah,
------The meaning and significance of the Hijrah,
---Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him & grant him peace, as husband & father,
------Why the Prophet had more than one wife?
------Umma Salama,
------Umma Habiba,
------Juwayriya bint Harith,
------Zaynab bint Harith,
------Sawda bint Zam'a,

---Chapter [7].
---The Madinah constitution and social reforms,
---The brotherhood,
---The construction of the Masjid,
---The call to prayer (adhan),
---The companions of suffa (ashab suffa),
---The demise of 'As'ad ibn Zurara,
------The envy and hatred towards the Prophet,
---The constitution of Madinah,
---The epidemic of Madinah,
---Building the new civilisation,
---Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him & grant him peace, as an educator.

---Chapter [8].
---The new term
---Islam and jihad,
---The new term,
---The early military expeditions,
---Towards Badr,
------The battle of Badr,
------The sad news of the Makkan army,
------The incidents after Badr,
---The seige of Bani Qaynuqa,
---Preparations for the battle of Uhud,
------Marching towards Uhud,
------The battle of Uhud,
------The burial of the martyrs,
------Following the enemy until Hamra al-Asad,
------The incidents after Uhud,
------The incident of Bani Nadir,
---The battle of the trench (khandaq).

---Chapter [9].
---The Hudaybiya treaty,
------The Bani Mustaliq campaign and the incident of slander,
------Towards the Hudaybiya treaty,
------The incidents after the Hudaybiya treaty,
---The conquest of Khaybar,
---The Prophet, may Allah bless him & grant him peace, from a military aspect.

---Chapter [10].
---The conquest of Makkah,
---Towards the conquest of Makkah,
---The conquest of Makkah,
---The battle of Hunayn,
---The seige of Ta'if,
---The Prophet, may Allah bless him & grant him peace, as a leader.

---Chapter [11].
---The years of deputies,
---The letters of the Prophet, may Allah bless him & grant him peace,
---The year of deputations,
------The deputation of Najran,
------The deputation of Thaqif,
------The other deputations,
---The battle of Muta,
---Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him & grant him peace, & His Characteristics,
------His Servanthood,
------His Mercy,
------His Kindness,
------His Generosity,
------His Humbleness.

---Chapter [12].
---The farewell pilgrimage,
------The farewell pilgrimage,
------The farewell sermon,
---The incidents after the farewell pilgrimage,
---Illness of the Prophet, may Allah bless him & grant him peace,
---The Sunnah and it's Importance in Islam.


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