Introducing Hadith Studies, Principles of the Hanafi School

 Introductory Hadith Studies,
Interpretive Principles of the Hanafi School,
*[-A5] Paperback - 232 pages,
by S. Z. Chowdhury,
Published by Dar Nicosia, USA.

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Description :

This book introduces the key interpretive principles that form the hadith hermeneutics of the Hanafi School. It surveys the formation and development of the School from its founder Abu Hanifa, may Allah be pleased with him, until the theorisation and consolidation of later adherents. It then explains the interpretive principles with examples of those principles applied to legal cases.

The copious citation of classical Arabic texts makes this a convenient reference for those studying and researching this subject area.

Although Introductory Hadith Studies is merely a basic and preliminary work, its novelty, scope, contents and references will prove highly useful for those requiring a convenient summation of Hanafi hadith hermeneutics.

Table of Contents :

---The Aim of the Book,

------Formation of a Tradition and It's Methodoligies,

---1.1. The Development of Hadith Studies : Reaching the Sahihayn,
---1.2. The Iraqi Way: Hanafi Hadith Methodology,

---Chapter [1]. Phase 1 - Ta'sil : Hanafi Foundational Principles of Hadith Evaluation,
------1.1. Abu Hanifa,
------1.2. Abu Yusuf,
------1.3. Al-Shaybani,
------1.4. 'Isa b. Aban,
------1.5. Al-Tahawi,

---Chapter [2]. Phase II & III - Tadwin and Tahqiq : Authors, Theorisers and Verifiers,

---Chapter [3]. Hadith Vocabulary : Outlining Key Terms,
------3.1. General Terms,
------3.2. Specific Terms,

---Chapter [4]. Hadith Transmission : The Rules of Tahammul and Ada'
------4.1. Rules pertaining to the Transmiters,
------4.2. The 'Azima and Rukhsa Division,

---Chapter [5]. Jarh and Ta'dil : Explaining Transmitter Criticism,
------5.1. The Evolution of Hadith Criticism,
------5.2. Grades of Transmitters and the Lexical Stock of Jarh and Ta'dil,
------5.3. Some Key Principles of Jarh and Ta'dil,
------5.4. Abu Hanifa as Muhaddith : A Vindication,
------5.5. Abu Hanifa and Naqd al-Rijal : Some Examples,

---Chapter [6]. KhabarWahid and its Near Dozen Conditions,

---Chapter [7]. The Opinion of a Companion (qawl al-sahabi),

---Chapter [8]. Khabar vs. Qiyas,

---Chapter [9]. Ta'arud and Tarjih : Resolving Hadith Conflicts,
------9.1. Outweighing Conflicts : General Examples.
------9.2. Outweighing Conflicts in the text (matn),

---Chapter [10 ]. Some Additional Principles,


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NB: Although this is not a sunni translation we have been informed it is beneficial for those studying as it serves as a useful guide for research and reference.

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