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Method of Purifying Clothes
Method of Purifying Clothes
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  • Authored by: Mawlana Ilyas Attar al-Qadiri

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Details:  Method of Purifying Clothes, with an Account of Impurities,
* [A6] Paperback Booklet - 39 pages,
by Mawlana Ilyas Attar al-Qadiri,
English translation by Majlis-e-Tarajim,
Published by Dawat e Islam, Karachi.

Description :

The first English translation of the important book 'Kapray pak kernay ka tariqah (ma' najasaton ka bayan).'

Contains references from authentic books of fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence).

Table of Contents :

---Transliteration Chart,
---Du’ā for Reading the Book.

Method of Purifying Clothes,
---Excellence of Salāt-‘Alan-Nabī,
---Types of impurity,
---Najāsat-e-Ghalīaĥ (intense impurity),
---Urine of suckling infants is impure,
---Ruling on Najāsat-e-Ghalīaĥ,
---Explanation of quantity of dirham,
---Najāsat-e-Khafīfaĥ (light impurity),
---Ruling on Najāsat-e-Khafīfaĥ,
---Ruling on cud,
---Ruling on gallbladder,
---The vomit of animals,
---If impurity drops into milk or water,
---How to purify wall, land, tree etc.?
---Method of cleansing blood-stained land,
---Piece of land plastered with dung,
---Birds whose droppings are pure,
---Blood of fish is pure,
---Small splashes of urine,
---Remains of blood in meat,
---Dried bones of animals,
---Milk of Harām (forbidden) animals,
---Flies sitting on impurity,
---Rulings on rainy water,
---Stagnant rainwater in streets,
---Splashes of water sprinkled on roads,
---Perspiration after purity with clods,
---If dog touches one’s body,
---What if a dog puts its mouth into flour?
---What if a dog puts its mouth into a pot?
---What if a cat puts its mouth into water?
---Tragic death of three girls,
---Perspiration of animals,
---Donkey’s perspiration is pure,
---Drinking water with bleeding mouth,
---Secretion from female urinary organ,
---Rotten meat,
---Blood-contained within a bottle,
---Water from the mouth of corpse,
---Impure bedding,
---Wet trousers,
---Piece of human skin,
---Dried dung,
---Impure water sprinkled on griddle,
---How to purify the meat and the skin of Harām animal?
---Seating on goat skin develops humility,
---How to wash a cloth soiled with thick and dense impurity?
---What if the colour of impurity remains on the cloth?
---6 Madanī pearls for purifying cloth soiled with light impurity,
---'Squeezing' is not a condition when washing cloth under tap,
---'Squeezing' is not a condition when washing in running water,
---Regarding washing pure and impure clothes together,
---Easy method to purify impure clothes,
---Method of purifying clothes in a washing machine,
---Method of purifying clothes under tap,
---How to purify an impure carpet?
---How to purify the hands coloured with impure henna?
---Regarding washing impure oil-stained cloth?
---If a small part of clothing becomes impure,
---Is it permissible to wash clothes with milk?
---6 Rulings for purifying clothes stained with semen,
---When is it Wājib (obligatory) to inform someone about his impure clothing?
---Method of purifying cotton wool,
---Method of purifying utensils and pots,
---Method of purifying knives, etc,
---Method of purifying a mirror,
---Method of purifying shoes,
---Used and worn sweaters (& other clothing) etc, of non-Muslims.

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