Fundamental Teachings of Islam : 2

Fundamental Teachings of Islam : Part 2,
[English Translation],
*[-A4] Large Paperback - 108 pages,
Presented by Madinah t'ul Ilmiyyah,
Published by Maktabah t'ul Madinah.


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Description :

Extract from Preface:  '' As children enrolled in Qaidah classes are at an early learning age, this book has been designed in view of their intellectual capacity, covering basic religious topics including; ta'awwuz, tasmiyah, thana (sana), short and easy du'as, basic beliefs, essential rulings, knowledge about the divine books, initial information about the Prophet's, 'alayhi as-Salaam, the Blessed Companions and the Awliya of Allah! ''

Contains English text with arabic meaning with English translation accompanied by colourful images.

Includes Question and Answer section at the end of each chapter.

Table of Contents :

---Du'a for Reading the Book,
---About Al-Madinah tul 'Ilmiyyah,

---Amal ka ho Jazbah ata Ya Ilahi,
---Naat e Mustafa, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,

-------Salah (Prayer),
--------Surah Fatihah,
--------Surah Ikhlas,
--------Tasbih of Ruku,
--------Tasmi' (standing after Ruku),
--------Salat Ibrahimi,
--------Du'a e Masurah,
--------Khuruj e Bisun'ihi,
--------Fourth Kalimah : Tawhid - The Oneness of Allah,
--------Fifth Kalimah : Tawbah - Repentance,
--------Sixth Kalimah : Radd-e-Kufr - Refutation of Unbelief,

---[2].Du'as, (Supplications),
--------Everyday assorted Du'as,

---[3].Iman (faith) and Belief,
-------Allah Almighty :
---------Questions and Answers,
-------Our Beloved Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace,
---------Questions and Answers,
-------The Pillars of Islam,
---------Questions and Answers,
-------The Angels,
---------Questions and Answers,
-------The Prophets,
---------Questions and Answers,
-------The Miracles (Mu'jizat) of the Prophets,
---------Questions and Answers,
-------The Revealed Books,
---------Questions and Answers,
-------The Holy Qur'an,
---------Questions and Answers,
-------Manners of Reciting the Holy Qur'an,
---------Questions and Answers,
-------The (Sahabah) Companions, may Allah be pleased with them,
---------Questions and Answers,
-------The Freinds of Allah (Awliya-e-Kiram), may Allah be pleased with them,
---------Questions and Answers,
-------The Miracles (Karamat) of the Sahabah and the Awliya-e-Kiram,
---------Questions and Answers,

---[4]. Acts of Worship,
--------Method of Wudu,
--------Miscellaneous Questions and Answers,
------Azaan (Call to Prayer),
---------Questions and Answers,
------Pre-conditions of Salah,
------Fara'id of Salah,
------Method of Salah.

---Naat : Madani Madinah Walay,

---[5]. Madani Pearls,
------For shaking hands,
------For trimming nails,
------Entering and leaving home,
------For wearing shoes,
------For wearing clothes,
--------Applying kohl (surma),
--------Applying oil to the hair,
--------Combing hair,
------Etiquette for going to the bathroom,
------Respect for the Masjid,
------Respect for Murshid (shaykh),
---------12 Madani Pearls for Murshid's Respect,
------Respect for Parents,
------Respect for Teachers,

---[6]. Good & Bad Deeds,
------Telling lies,
--------Punishment for telling lies,
--------Other harms of lying,
--------Blessings of truthfulness,
--------Telling lies causes Allah's displeasure,
--------Telling lies is a sign of hypocrisy,
--------Punishment for name-calling and abusing others,
-----------Questions and Answers,

---Naat : Qismat mayri Chamkaiye,

---[7]. The 12 Holy Islamic Months,
------1. Muharram,
------2. Safar,
------3. Rabi al-Awwal,
------4. Rabi al-Thani,
------5. Jumada al-Aula,
------6. Jumada al-Ukhra (Akhir),
------7. Rajab,
------8. Shaban,
------9. Ramadan,
------10. Shawwal,
------11. Zul Qada,
------12. Zul Hijja'

---About Dawat-e-Islami,
---------Questions and Answers,

------Salat al-Razawiyyah,
---Ya Rab e Muhammad mayri Taqdir Jaga Day,
---Madani Pearls of making Du'a.






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