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Backbiting : A Cancer in our Society
Backbiting : A Cancer in our Society
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  • Authored by: Mawlana Ilyas Attar al-Qadiri

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Details:  Backbiting : A Cancer in our Society -
First English translation of Ghībat kī Tabāĥ Kāriyān,
*[A4] Large Hardback - 512 pages,
by Mawlana Ilyas Attar al-Qadiri,
English translation by Majlis e Tarajim, Madinah tul Ilmiyyah,
Published by Dawat e Islami, Karachi.

Description :

Dear Islamic brothers! The Muslim communities at large are committing the severe sin
of backbiting. Whether it is the father or the mother, the brother or the sister, the husband or the wife, the mother-in-law or the daughter in-law, the father-in-law or the son-in-law, the teacher or the student, the employer or the employee, the buyer or the seller, the foreman or the labourer. Similarly, the rich or the poor, the ruler or his subject, the materialist or the spiritual, the old or the young and the ones affiliated with a religious organisation or members of a worldly institution. These days, none of our gatherings are devoid from this heinous act of speaking ill against others because of peoples’ habit of unremitting gossip.

Many people, who appear to be devout, are also indulging in this grave sin. They are seen listening to, smiling at and nodding their heads in acceptance of backbiting. Since backbiting is so commonplace, no one turns a deaf ear that the backbiter, and so instead of remaining pious, becomes a sinner and stands in a line for the inferno of Hell.

Presented here are the many perils of backbiting compiled from the Qur'anic verses, ahadith [narrations] and the aphorisms of our Shuyūkh (pious predecessors). Glance at these and try to absorb as these may instill a fear in your heart. 

We strongly recommend you donate 1 copy to your local masajid or Islamic Centre.

Table of Contents : [Sample of Contents] :

---Backbiting – A Cancer in our Society,
---Du’ā for Reading the Book,
---Brief Contents at a Glance,
---23 Reading Intentions,
------Remember the following Pearls of Wisdom,
------23 Intentions for Reading this Book,
---Translator’s Notes.

Backbiting – A Cancer in our Society
---Excellence of Salat 'Alan-Nabi, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam,
---The community is Backbiting at large,

---Perils of Backbiting at a Glance,
---An Inspiring Madani Parable,
---Why is Backbiting Haram?
---Refuting a contention about Backbiting,
---Difference between Backbiting and calumny,
---Defining Backbiting,
---Ibn Jawzi's definition of Backbiting,
---What is Backbiting?

Examples and  Parables regarding Backbiting :
---Examples of Backbiting,
---An infamous gangster,
---Inspirational efforts led him onto a Path of Paradise,
---Attaining the Sawab (reward) of worshipping one year for every word,
---Our homes are like War Zones,
---Indulgence of Women in Backbiting,
---Two Sayings of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace,
---Does Backbiting invalidate the fast?
---You devoured your brothers flesh!
---16 examples of Backbiting when one departs from a gathering,
---Spewed meat,
---23 expressions of Backbiting used amongst women,
---Vision of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace,
---Dwellers of Hellfire eating the dead carcass,
---9 Examples of Backbiting in Nafl and Mustahab acts,
---Expressions that profess Backbiting,

Backbiting and Children:
---Backbiting against a child,
---Whe is it allowed to Backbite against a child?
---17 examples of Backbiting against children,
---Stop your children from Backbiting,
---Seeking justice is not Backbiting,
---22 examples of Backbiting committed by children,
---Do not make false promises to children,

Effects of Backbiting :
---Humiliating a Muslim is a major sin,
---Sanctity of a Believer is greater than the Ka'bah,
---Defining a perfect Muslim,
---Repentance from disbelief,
---Emphasis on staying away from the misguided,
---Horrifying state of the grave,
---A terrifying depiction of the Hour of Death,
---Being punbished in the grave,
---Backbiting is more severe than fornication,
---An informative fatwa regarding sins like Backbiting,
---Fornication is not a minor sin,
---Deprived of entry into Paradise,
---Those who criticise without cause,
---The Way of Sayyadina 'Umar bin Abdul Aziz,
---The Backbiters supplications are not accepted,
---Defamation of another Muslim is Haram,
---What is arrogance?
---Dont look at others with disdain,
---True poverty,
---Marvellous Blessings on Forgiving,
---Spiritual disease of the heart is the actual death,
---Why advice has no effect?
---Improper use of the tongue,
---Dont get pleased with others difficulties,
---Honour of a Muslim in the sight of the sages,
---Enormous charity and Backbiting,
---Don't get furious if someone slandered you!
---An extraordinary way to rectify the Backbiter,
---When is it kufr to say 'Bismillah' ?
---Backbiting - A cannon for throwing away good deeds,
---Stench of Backbiting,
---Backbiting is a Major Sin,

Backbiting Against Scholars :
---Parable about taking precaution when talking about a scholar,
---Having a good opinion is a form of worship,
---The Backbiter of Scholars is deprived of Mercy,
------15 Examples of Backbiting against scholars,
------When scoffing a scholar is considered an act of kufr & when it is not,
------Some Questions and Answers regarding slandering scholars,
------Dishonouring a non-practicing scholar,
------Considering an ignorant person superior than a scholar,
------Saying things like 'What does the Mulla know' ?
------10 statements about mocking the scholars,

---Angels pray for those who talk good about their fellow Muslims,
---Different methods of Backbiting,
---Backbiting in Du'a,
---Backbiting burns virtuous deeds,
---Accountability of every word on the Day of Judgement,
---My mother is more worthy of my deeds,
---Most mistakes are because of the slip of the tongue,
---Tongues relay what is in the heart,
---Eternal pleasure or displeasure?
---Think before you speak,
---Listening to Backbiting is the same as Backbiting,
---12 examples of Backbiting concerning Eating and Sleeping,
---9 examples of Backbiting against a physically weak person,
---24 examples of Backbiting regarding the clothes others wear.

---Gambling is a sin,
---Gambling is an evil act,
---Repentance from the business of Gambling,
---Definition of Gambling,
---Six types of Gambling,
------1. Lottery,
------2. Tickets of Prize Bonds,
------3. Cell phone messages & Gambling,
------4. Drawing names after collecting money,
------5. Betting in sports and games.
---Method of repenting from Gambling.

Backbiting Against the Deceased :
---Speaking of faults of the dead is also Backbiting,
---Speaking ill of those who commit suicide,
---Backbiting against the deceased non-Muslim,
---Six lurid narrations of the deceased.
---19 examples of Backbiting pertaining to referring to someone as lazy, etc,
---Disgraced in both the Worlds.

Usury :
---Which sin is worse than usury?
---To tarnish a Muslim's prestige is worse than usury,
---Reward for sageguarding a Muslim's honour,
---Four blessings of preventing others from Backbiting,

Other Circumstances :
---''Praised him in front of the Backbiter''
---One way to get rid of the Backbiter,
---Blessings of the polite words of the devotee,
---Three parts fo the torment of Hell,
---Method of repentance and forgiveness,
---Backbiting without naming names,
---Backbiting by Allusion,
---One circumstance when lying is permissible,
---Proper way of asking someone to make du'a,
---12 permissible instances of Backbiting,
---Backbiting against non-Muslims and apostates,
---Dont listen to the Qur'an and Hadith from the deviants,
---Regarding Backbiting against deviants,
---Stench of deviance,
---Regarding sitting with deviants,
---Sixteen things which incite towards Backbiting,
---Easiest method to safeguard yourself from Backbiting,
---An overview of the cures for Backbiting,
---Immorality of Muslims deters others from Islam.

Elaboration of Ten Anecdotes of Backbiting :
---The First Antidote,
------You should be alone or in good company,
---The Second Antidote,
------Personal freindships engender Backbiting,
------Refrain from unnecessary gatherings,
------Who should socialise with others?
---The Third Antidote,
------''Refusing to keep a cat to keep the mice away''
---The Fourth Antidote,
------Manifesting anger can lead to Backbiting,
------Forgiveness leads to Paradise without accountability,
---The Fifth Antidote,
------Recall the torments of Backbiting,
------The last one to enter Paradise,
---The Sixth Antidote,
------Giving a mountain of gold in charity,
------He would give charity if he committed Backbiting,
---The Seventh Antidote,
------Silence is Golden,
------Words are move severe that the strike of the sword,
---The Eighth Antidote,
------The best method to refrain from Backbiting,
---The Ninth Antidote,
------What if Backbiting devours good deeds?
------Stingy with wealth but generous with good deeds,
---The Tenth Antidote,
------Look at your own shortcomings
------Reemember your own shortcomings,
------The one who realises his own faults,
------Conceal frailties and reap Heaven,
------Backbiting weakens faith,
------Ask the person to forgive you,
------The definition of slander,
------The punishment of slander,
------A warning for the suspicious,
------How to save each other from Backbiting,
------Dont be embarrassed, repent immediately,
------The virtue to abstain from quarrelling,
------The virtue of recting 'astaghfirallah' !
------The three conditions of repentance,
------All should make an effort to refrain,
------Du'a of 'Attar.

40 Parables :
---1. Parable,
---2. Parable,
---3. Parable,
---4. Parable,
---5. Parable,
---6. Parable,
---7. Parable,
---8. Parable,
---9. Parable,
---10. Parable,
---11. Parable,
---12. Parable,
---13. Parable,
---14. Parable,
---15. Parable,
---16. Parable,
---17. Parable,
---18. Parable,
---19. Parable,
---20. Parable,
---21. Parable,
---22. Parable,
---23. Parable,
---24. Parable,
---25. Parable,
---26. Parable,
---27. Parable,
---28. Parable,
---29. Parable,
---30. Parable,
---31. Parable,
---32. Parable,
---33. Parable,
---34. Parable,
---35. Parable,
---36. Parable,
---37. Parable,
---38. Parable,
---39. Parable,
---40. Parable.

Examples of Backbiting :
---Definition and examples of Backbiting from Imam al-Ghazali's Ihya Ulum al-Din,
---Recklessness from our tongue,
---20 examples of Backbiting about neighbours,
---17 examples of Backbiting during engagements and weddings,
---22 examples of Backbiting about the in-laws,
---17 examples of Backbiting about her in-laws to her family,
---37 examples of Backbiting in the event of the engagement is broken or after a divorce,
---14 examples of Backbiting during feasts and functions,
---Numerous examples of Backbiting about one's own family,
---68 examples of Backbiting which are commonplace in our homes,
---15 examples of asking needless Questions about personal matters,
---21 examples of Backbiting about people in crisis,
---15 more examples of Backbiting about one's own family,
---11 examples of Backbiting about patients,
---25 examples of Backbiting about deceased Muslims,
---17 examples of Backbiting about Doctors,
------Guidance for the Doctors,
------Bribe for physicians by drug manufacturers,

Bribery :
---What is a bribe?
---One exception for bribery,
---Curse upon the one who offer's and the one who accepts the bribe,
---How to repent from bribes?

Further examples :
---8 examples of Backbiting about driving vehicles,
---10 possible phrases of Backbiting relating to Travel,
---12 examples of Backbiting pertaining to builders and construction workers,
---17 examples of Backbiting pertaining to restaurants,
---26 examples of Backbiting pertaining to businessmen,
---8 examples of Backbiting pertaining to the employer and employee,
---14 examples of Backbiting pertaining to various specialised workers,
---20 examples of Backbiting pertaining to janitors and office assistants,
---17 examples of Backbiting pertaining to a house and its inhabitants,
---16 examples of Backbiting pertaining to tenants,
---35 examples of Backbiting pertaining to issuing political opinions,
---14 examples of pointless conversation,
---4 examples of Backbiting pertaining to a collective or group,
---19 examples of pointless conversation on the occasion of Eid,
---14 examples of forcing someone to lie,
------The worst of its kind,
---5 examples of pointless conversation on the phone,
---13 examples of Backbiting regarding calling someone,
---17 examples of Backbiting when answering a call,
---10 examples of Backbiting regarding text messages,
---3 examples of Backbiting when chatting,
---5 examples of Backbiting regarding the internet,
---5 examples of Backbiting regarding websites,
---92 examples of Backbiting committed amongst friends,
---19 examples of Backbiting committed against authors,
---8 examples of Backbiting committed in the queue for the lavatory/bathroom,
---58 examples of Backbiting pertaining to the body,
---20 examples of Backbiting pertaining to worship,
---11 examples of Backbiting against the Hafiz,
---34 examples of Backbiting pertaining to Hajj pilgrimage,
---13 examples of pointless questions asked to a pilgrim,
---25 expressions of Backbiting pertaining to Na't reciters,
---19 expressions of Backbiting Na't gatherings, mehfils, meetings and congregations,
---40 examples of Backbiting amongst the Na't reciters,
---13 examples of Backbiting regarding those who look after speakers & camera equipment,
---10 examples of Backbiting regarding Muballighs and speakers,
---37 examples of Backbiting regarding Imams and orators,
---15 expressions of Backbiting about the Masjid committee,
---68 expressions of Backbiting in religious gatherings,
---61 diverse expressions of Backbiting,
---15 examples of Backbiting regarding people wasting time on their jobs,
---26 examples of Backbiting committed among students,
---22 phrases of Backbiting about teachers,
---67 expressions of Backbiting that take place in a Madani enviroment,
---14 examples of Backbiting full of sins,
------A secret conversation,
---16 examples of Backbiting committed regarding the establishment of a committee,
---11 examples of Backbiting regarding 'ijtima'

Questions & Answers,
---How to distinguish between permissible Backbiting and sinful Backbiting?
---Should a Backbiter be considered a sinner?
---Impermissibility of Backbiting?
---Distinguishing between permissibility and impermissibility?
---How to refrain from Backbiting in the home?
---Hurting lots of Muslims together?
------12 examples of hurting many Muslims in one sequence,
---Satanic whispers regarding this book?
---How to learn the ways to refrain from Backbiting?
------Most of us do not know how to converse,
------Obligatory upon a believer to learn the evil perils of Backbiting,
------Destruction in spreading fitna,
------Curse the one who gives rise to discord,
------Make an intention not a promise,
------Refrain from suspicion,
------Four perils of breaking a promise,
------Is it Haram to make a false promise?
------What is breaking a promise?
------Declaration of War against Backbiting.

Excellence in Forgiving & Tolerance,
---Three reasons for easy accountability,
---Palace in paradise,
---Honour is enhanced by forgiving,
---Who is the most dignified ?
---Whoever does not forgive is not forgiven,
---Best manners of this World & the Hereafter,
---Forgive and be forgiven,
---Forgiver granted forgiveness without accountability,
---Forgive the person, who tried to carry out an assault,
---Prayer of guidance for the oppressors,
---Pardoned the magician,
---Esteem of the Blessed Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace,
---Forgive them seventy times daily,
---Tolerance of A’lāHadrat, alayhi ar-Rahman, upon receiving abusive letters,
---An important Madanī will,
---Important excerpts from Fatāwā Razawiyyaĥ,
---One who changed the identity!
---Slandering is Harām,
---Fulfilling all the requirements of reconciliation for those who have departed from Dawat-e-Islami,
---If you don’t wish to work with Dawat-e-Islami then,
---O Allah! Be my witness,
---Declaration of war against backbiting,
---I forgive Ilyas Qadiri,
---Madanī pleas to the creditors,
---A mute girl spoke up.

Madanī Pearls of Giving Dars from Faīzān-e-Sunnat,

Method of Delivering Dars,
---Du'a of 'Attar.

Appendices :
---Appendix A: Glossary,
---Appendix B: Transliteration Chart,
---Appendix C: Bibliography,
---Appendix D: Index,
---Appendix E: Table of Contents.

* Dimensions : 24.3 x 19 x 3cm.

Highly Recommended !

High quality paper, print and binding by usual subcontinental standards. However some surface scratches to outer cover.

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