Secret of Earning More Reward

 The Secret of Earning More Reward : Sawab,
[A6] Paperback / Booklet - 65 pages,
by Mawlana Ilyas Attar al-Qadiri,
Translated into English by 'Majlis e Tarajim,'
Published by Dawat e Islami.



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Description :

This important work contains 72 Madani Bouquets of Intentions. It is the first English translation of Sawab berhanay ke Nushkay which was penned in urdu by 'Shaykh e Tariqat' Mawlana Ilyas Attar Attar al-Qadiri al-Razawi.

Table of Contents :

---Du’? for Reading the Book,

The Secret of Earning More Reward (Sawab)
---Tip for attaining salvation from absolute terrors of the Day of Judgement,
---Three sayings of the Beloved Prophet, upon excellence of making intention,
---Good intentions at the time of death (parable),
---Blessed statement by A’l? Hadrat – the scholar of intentions,
---Five important Madan? pearls about intentions.

72 Madan? bouquets regarding Intentions,
---A special intention,

---[1]. Make this intention in the early morning,
---[2]. Intentions of wearing shoes,
---[3]. Intentions for taking off shoes,
---[4]. Intentions before going to the toilet,
---[5]. Intentions for Wudhu,
---[6]. Intentions for going to the Masjid,
---[7]. Intentions for making Du’?,
---[8]. Intentions for Mua??in,
---[9]. Intentions for Im?m,
---[10]. Intentions for sermon (Khutba?),
---[11]. Intentions for drinking water,
---[12]. Intentions of eating,
---[13]. Intentions when eating in a group,
---[14]. Intention when picking your teeth,
---[15]. Intentions for hospitality,
---[16]. Intention for attending a feast,
---[17]. Intention for drinking tea/milk,
---[18]. Intention for changing (dressing or undressing),
---[19]. Intention for applying oil or combing hair,
---[20]. Intention for wearing a blessed Imamah (turban),
---[21]. Intention for applying fragrance (itar/perfume),
----------Indications for the wrong intention for applying fragrance,
---[22]. Intention when leaving home,
---[23]. Intention for walking or ascending/descending stairs,
---[24]. Intention for sitting,
---[25]. Intention of caring for parents & loving one's children,
---[25]. Intentions for having children
---[27]. Intention for naming a child,
---[28]. Intention for 'Aqiqah,
---[29]. Intention for treating relatives with kindness,
---[30]. Intentions of business, 
---[31]. Intention for employment,
---[32]. Intention for borrowing money,
---[33]. Intention for lending money,
---[34]. Intention for making and receiving phone calls,
---[35]. Intention for having a mobile phone,
---[36]. Intention for using electricity,
---[37]. Intention for using a fan, air conditioning or washing machine,
---[38]. Intention for using a computer,
---[39]. Intention for watching Madani Channel,
---[40]. Intention for reading religious books,
---[41]. Intention for studying at Madrassah,
---[42]. Intention for teaching the Holy Qur'an or imparting religious knowledge,
---[43]. Intention for reciting the Holy Qur'an,
---[44]. Intention for listening to Qur'anic recitation,
---[45]. Intention for reciting Salat 'Alan-Nabi,
---[46]. Intention for reciting Na'at sharif,
---[47]. Intention for visiting an Islamic Scholar,
---[48]. Intention for visiting shrines,
---[49]. Intention for 'Calling toward righteousness' and 'individual efforts'
---[50]. Intention for forbidding evil,
---[51]. Intention for delivering a bayan (talk),
---[52]. Intention for listening to a bayan,
---[53]. Intention for meeting people,
---etc, etc
upto [72] Madani Bouquets on Intentions,

---Transliteration Chart.








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  • Written by: Mawlana Ilyas Attar al-Qadiri

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