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Miraculous Wonders of Sayyiduna Ali
Miraculous Wonders of Sayyiduna Ali
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  • Authored by: Mawlana Ilyas Attar al-Qadiri

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Details:  Miraculous Wonders of Sayyiduna Ali, karam Allahu ta'ala wazhul kareem,
[A5] Paperback - 88 pages, NEW,
by Mawlana Ilyas Attar al-Qadiri,
Published by Maktaba tul Madinah, Pakistan.

Description :

Sayyiduna 'Ali al-Murtada, radi Allahu ta'ala anhu, is the very origin and foundation of the pure and pious Sadat, he is the mediator for becoming Wasil Billah (i.e. being close to Allah Almighty) and is the portal from where virtues of Wilayat come from. May there be millions of Salutations upon him :

                              Asal e nasl e safa wajh e wasl e Khuda,
                              Bab e fazl e wilayat pay lakhaun Salaam
                                                                                  ----Kalam e Raza.

The life and miracles of Sayyiduna Imam Ali, karam Allahu ta'ala wazhul kareem, from Qur'an, Hadith and other authentic sources.

Table of Contents :

---Du’ā for Reading the Book,
---Transliteration Chart,

Miraculous Wonders of Sayyiduna ‘Ali,
---Excellence of Salāt-‘Alan-Nabī,
---Maulā ‘Alī blew on an empty palm and Severed hand was re-attached,
---What is a Karāmaĥ (miracle)?
---A heavy flood subsided,
---A water spring gushed out,
---A paralysed person was cured,
---Reward of good manners towards Sayyidunā ‘Alī’s progeny,
---Name and appellations,
---A brief introduction to Sayyidunā ‘Alī,
---The reason of mentioning and writing ‘
---How and when was the Kunyaĥ ‘Abū Turāb’ granted!,
---He would recite the whole Qur'an in a moment,
---Grandeur of Maulā ‘Alī as mentioned in the Qur'an,
---Four ways of giving four dirhams in charity,
---Our way of giving charity,
---Sayyidunā ‘Alī’s comprehension of the Holy Quran,
---Exegesis (commentary) of Sūraĥ Al-Fātiaĥ,
---Door of the City of Knowledge and Wisdom,
---Grandeur of Sayyidunā ‘Alī as mentioned by the Nabī,
---Grudge against Sayyidunā ‘Alī,
---The scholar of the seen & unseen,
---Three distinctions of Sayyidunā ‘Alī,
---Ranking of the Sāhabaĥ in superiority,
---The names of the ‘Asharaĥ Mubashsharaĥ,
---The excellence of the Khulafā-e-Rāshidīn,
---What Sayyidunā ‘Alī’s love demands,
---Strange secret of being never thirsty,
---Beholding Sayyidunā ‘Alī is an ‘Ibādaĥ,
---Conversation with the deceased,
---Madanī pearls of admonition,
---Benevolence of Mustafa for Maulā ‘Alī Mushkil-Kushā,
---The conqueror of Khyber,
---A glimpse into Haydarī’s strength,
---Sayyidunā ‘Alī’s bravery is matchless,
---Blessings of saliva and supplication of Mustafa Karīm,
---Devotion of Maulā ‘Alī,
---Past 30 years of Salāĥ were repeated,
---You are from me!
---You are my brother,
---Explanation of this hadīth,
---Sayyidunā ‘Alī’s love for the Holy Prophet,
---The  distinctive traits of Sayyidunā ‘Alī,
---Maulā ‘Alī is ‘Walī’ of the believers,
---What is meant by ‘Walī’ here?,
---To know the rationale behind saying ‘Yā ‘Alī Madad’,
---Reward of Loving the Aĥl-e-Bayt,
---Excellence of Haydar’s households,
---He will turn your beard red with blood,
---Conspiracy of three Khawārij against three Companions,
---Love affair brought misfortune to Ibn Muljam,
---Night of martyrdom,
---Pieces of Ibn Muljam’s corpse were burnt to ashes,
---Blood-curdling parable of the punishment of Sayyidunā ‘Alī’s murderer after his death,
---Terrible fate of craving after lust,
---Eminence of the Prophet’s companions,
---Keep associated with the Madanī environment,
---Repentance from corrupt beliefs,

Questions & Answers about ‘Seeking help from other than Allah’
---Regarding calling Sayyidunā Alī as Mushkil-Kushā?
---Regarding calling ‘Maulā Alī’?
---He of whom I am Maulā, of him ‘Alī is also Maulā!
------The meanings of ‘Maulā
------The meanings of ‘Maulā’ interpreted by renowned exegetists,
---Best explanation ....,
---Persuasion of seeking help from other than Allah in a Hadith,
------Vision restored to a blind person,
------Du’ā made by invoking ‘Yā Rasūlallāĥ’ was granted!
------The Holy Prophet helped after his ‘apparent demise’
---O' Allah’s servants! Help me!
------If a pet animal flees away in the jungle, then,
------When the riding animal of a respected teacher fled away!
------Who is meant by ‘Allah’s servants’?
---Why should one ask help from the dead?
------The Prophets are Alive!
------Sayyidunā Mūsā was offering Salāĥ in his grave,
------The Awliyā (friends) of Allah are also alive,
------Difference between the life of Prophets and the life of Muslim Saints,
------The support from the departed is stronger,
------The Fatwā of a Shāfi’ī Muftī about seeking help from other than Allah,
------The young deceased person said with a smile,
------Every beloved of Allah is alive,
---The proof of saying ‘Yā ‘Alī Madad
------If saying ‘Yā ‘Alī’ is Shirk,
---The evidence of saying ‘Yā Ghawth
------Three faith refreshing sayings of Ghawth al-A’zam,
------Understanding other languages by the Pure Maidens of Paradise,
------A faith-refreshing commentary on this Hadīth,
---Why should one seek help from others when Allah can help us?
------1. Help each other in righteousness,
------2. Seek help in patience and Salāĥ,
------3. Sikandar Żul-Qarnayn sought help,
------4. Help the religion of Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala,
------5. A Prophet sought help for the religion from other than Allah,
------6. The helpers nominated by Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala,
---No individual can live without help from others!
------How 50 times of Salāĥ was reduced to 5 times?
------Help of others is desperately needed in Paradise,
---Is seeking help from other than Allah ever Wājib?
------The situations when seeking help is Wājib,
------The situations when helping is Wājib,
------Seeking help from idols is Shirk,
------The definition of Shirk,

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