Arabic Through the Qur'an

Arabic through the Qur'an :
*[A5+] Large Paperback - 349 pages,
by Professor Alan Jones,
by The Islamic Texts Society, Cambridge.


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Description :

Arabic Through the Qur’an was one of the first Arabic grammar books to appear after many years. First published in 2005 it is now in its 6th reprint such is it's popularity. Written by Prof Alan Jones, Emeritus Professor of Classical Arabic at Oxford University, this work aims at teaching Arabic using only the vocabulary in the Qur’an. In forty lessons and starting with the alphabet, Arabic Through the Qur’an covers the whole of Arabic grammar. Each lesson is followed by exercises and a key to the exercises is available at the end of the book.

'Arabic Through the Qur’an' gives the student a thorough understanding of Arabic grammar and a substantial vocabulary from the Qur’an, including many of the often repeated verses. 'Arabic Through the Qur’an' is an indispensable aid both to those wanting to learn Arabic in order to be able to read the Qur’an and to Arabic students at university level.

Prof Alan Jones has taught Arabic for many years at Oxford and is well known both for his knowledge of the Arabic language and for his work on the Qur’an.

        ‘An entertaining and valuable companion to any English speaker struggling
         to read and understand the Qur’an.’---Journal of Qur’anic Studies.

Each of the forty lessons of 'Arabic Through the Qur'an' explains in detail and with examples a different topic of grammar : this is followed by a vocabulary of new words, and then a translation exercise. There is also a key to the exercises, a general vocabulary, and a glossary of technical terms.

Table of Contents :

---Acknowledgement – xi,
---Introductory Note – xii,

---The Arabic Alphabet – 1,
---Nouns and Adjectives – 7,
---Plurals – 16,
---The Declension of Nouns – 22,
---Prepositions – 30,
---The First Person Singular Genitive Suffix and the Pronoun of Separation – 35,
---Demonstratives – 39,
---Idafa – 44,
---The Perfect Tense – 50,
---Pronominal suffixes – 57,
---The particle ma – 63,
---Kull; ba’d; the accusative of time – 70,
---Kana; qala ; lamma – 75,
---The Dual – 82,
---Cardinal Numbers – 86,
---Derived Forms of the Verb – 93,
---The Imperfect – 99,
---Interrogatives – 105
---The Subjunctive – 112
---Inna – 121
---The Jussive – 127
---Laysa ; idh; idha; man – 132
---Verbs with a hamza as one of their Radicals – 139
---Relative Sentences – 144
---Assimilated Verbs – 151
---The Elative – 155,
---Doubled Verbs – 163,
---Exceptive Sentences with illa – 167,
---Hollow Verbs – 172,
---The Vocative – 180,
---Defective Verbs – 185,
---Ordinal and Other Numbers – 194,
---The Imperative – 199,
---The Passive – 204,
---More about Nouns – 210,
---More on the Accusative – 218,
---Conditional Sentences – 227,
---More about an; ‘asa and la’alla – 240,
---Special verbs; law-la – 248,
---The Energetic; Oaths and Exclamations – 255,
---Special Uses of ma kana; Verbs of Wonder, Praise and Blame – 264.

---Key to the Exercises – 270,
---Technical Terms – 290,
---General Vocabulary – 296.



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