Motherhood & Baby Care in Islamic Culture

Motherhood & Baby Care in Islamic Culture :
*[A4+] Paperback - 157 pages,
by Neslihan Nur Turk,
English Translation by Zeynap Adak,
Published by Erkam Printhouse, Turkey.

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Description :

Knowing The Creator and following His commands is what gives value to the human being. Health, repose and happiness come in the same way. The woman is like the snow flake in its delicacy, sensitivity, sentiments, determination and its attractive powers. Yet Allah the Almighty has given them an additional gift, i.e. motherhood, which is the most difficult of any career.

If we look carefully, we realise that all the qualities found in our nature were given to us so that we could become good mothers. The immense amount of compassion, patience and love found in our hearts exist so that we can bring up a worthy human being. A woman's happiness is completed with motherhood. Every woman who strives to live up to the purpose she was created for, feels honoured upon wearing the crown of motherhood.

We must not overlook that giving this crown its rights is an essential and lofty profession. This book will not just be a reminder of the worth of your occupation and its particulars, it will also give you tips on how to be a successful mother. This important books aims to provide help to mothers in their difficult task in the light of Islamic principles.



Table of Contents

UNIT 1  -  Motherhood :
---[1]. Motherhood Defined,
------a. Biological,
------b. Spiritual.

---[2]. Matters Mothers need to be aware of,
------a.  Preparation before marriage,
------b.  Pre-natal matters,
------c.  Matters pertaining to pregnancy,
------d.  Matters regarding birth.

---[3]. Giving Birth,
------a.  Normal delivery,
------b.  Forceps delivery,
------c.  Vacuum delivery,
------d.  Caesarean delivery,
------e.  Epidural delivery.

---[4].  Manners during delivery,

---[5].  Matters regarding Post-Birth,
------a. Adhan (Call to Prayer),
------b. Cutting of Hair,
------c. Aqiqa,
------d. Good Name,
------e. Circumcision.

---'From a Mothers Tongue' (Short Story),
---Research Topics,
---Unit Questions.

UNIT 2  : Qualities of a Good Mother :
---[1]. Physical Qualities,
------a. Hygiene and Health,
------b. Clothing and Style,
------c. Attitude,
------d. Weight consciousness.

---[2]. Emotional Qualities,
------a. Empathy and Sharing,
------b. Desire and Enthusiasm,
------c. Determination and Resolution,
------d. Patience and Sacrifice,
------e. Tolerance and Mercy,
------f. Love and Respect.

---[3]. Social Qualities,
------a. Confidence,
------b. Sensitivity to society’s problem,
------c. Ability to relate with others ,
------d. Assisting others.

---[4]. Intellectual Qualities,
------a. Being Knowledgeable,
------b. Acting upon knowledge,
------c. Practical Intelligence,
------d. Being open to new ideas,

---[5]. Language Qualities,
------a. Speech ability,
------b. Oratory ability,
------c. Expression ability,
------d. Capacious vocabulary ,
------e. Tone of voice.

---[6]. Personal Qualities,
------a. Observantness and Cognizance,
------b. Truth and defending rights,
------c. Reward and Reprimand,
------d. Trustworthiness,
------e. Keeping up in different fields,
------f. Being able to apologise,
------g. Knowing one’s weaknesses,
------h. Modesty and Dignity.

---[7]. Spiritual Qualities,
------a. Manners and Courtesy,
------b. Worship and Devotion,
------c. Peace and Repose,

---Short Story,
---Research Topics,
---Unit Questions.

UNIT 3  - The Baby :
---[1]. What is a Baby?
------a. New born baby (0 – 40 days),
------b. Breastfeeding Period (40 days until 24 months).

---[2]. What are the Main Needs of the Baby?
------a. Love, Attention, Trust and Safety,
------b. Cleanliness,
------c. Mother's Milk and Nourishment,
------d. Side Track,
------e. Clothing.

---[3]. Features shared by Babies,
------a. Reflex,
------b. Being able to feed while lying down,
------c. Vomiting,
------d. Diarrhoea,
------e. Fear,
------f. Crying,
------g. Sleep.

---'From a Bud to a Rose' (Short Story),
---Research Topics,
---Unit Questions.

UNIT 4   - The Baby's Development :
---[1]. Definition of Development,

---[2]. Factors that Affect Development,
------a. Biologic Factors,
------b. The Environment,
------c. Psychological Factors.

---[3]. Fields of Development,
------a. Physical Development,
------b. Movement Development,
------c. Social Development,
------d. Speech Development,
------e. Mental Development,
------f.  Sexual Development,

---'The Lesson I learnt from a Child' (Short Story),
---Research Topics,
---Activity : Questions,
---Unit Questions.

UNIT 5 - Babies and Illnesses :
---[1]. Major Illnesses,
------1. Fever,
------2. Seizures,
------3. Pneumonia,
------4. Tuberculosis,
------5. Polio,
------6. Jaundice,
------7. Allergies,
------8. Immunisation,
------9. First Aid.

---'When will we tell our Children about the Figs' (Short Story),
---Research Topics,
---Unit Questions.

---Answer Keys.





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