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Islam The Final Divine Religion
Islam The Final Divine Religion
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Details:  Islam : The Final Divine Religion -
*[A6] Paperback - 135 pages,
by Dr. Murat Kaya,
English translation by Elif Ecer,
Copy Editor : Dr. Gibril Fouad al-Haddad,
Published by Islamic Publishing, Turkey.

Description :

The book was prepared for those newly acquainted with Islam; it serves as a handbook to learn Islam from the most authentic sources, in the quickest way. For its concise recap of the basics of Islam, the work is ideal for those seeking introductory information on the religion. It begins by expounding the connections between human beings, the universe and the Creator and the relationship between man and religion, making use of subheadings to highlight the essentials of Islam in the process. In all matters dealt with, the Qur'an and Sunnah remain as the main sources.

Enriching the content of the book are topics like the basics of Islamic creed, the importance attached by Islam to the enviroment, a selection of Islam's prohibitions, the Qur'an and Prophet Muhammad, blessings and peace be upon him.

Synoptically covering just about all the important aspects of Islam, the book should serve as a key for a broader and more detailed research.

Table of Contents :

---[1]. Man, Universe, and Creator,
---[2]. Man and Religion.

Part [I]. Principle Characteristics of Islam,
---[1]. Its Essence is Oneness of God (Tawhid),
---[2]. Islam is a natural religion, it does not clash with
---[3]. No priest intermediates between God and His Subjects,
--------There is no Clergy Class in Islam,
---[4]. Islam establishes the balance between the World and the Hereafter, the Material and the Spiritual,
---[5]. Islam Encourages Learning which Encompasses Science, Wisdom, and Religion,
---[6]. Islam Considers Justice the Prime Virtue,
---[7]. Islam is a universal religion,
---[8]. Islam Holds All Human Beings Equal,
---[9]. Islam Considers Freedom of Religion and Conscience Paramount,
---[10]. Ease (in religious duties) is One of the Principles of Islam,
---[11]. Islam Plants Optimism and Hope,
---[12]. Islam Upholds Social Solidarity,
---[13]. Islam Places Utmost Value on Human Beings.

Part [II]. Creed, Ritual Worship & Rulings Pertaining to Worldly Matters (Mu‘amalat),
---A. Islamic Articles of Belief,
-----[1]. Belief in God (Allah),
-----[2]. Belief in Angels,
-----[3]. Belief in the Books Revealed to Messengers of God,
-----[4]. Belief in Prophets and Messengers of God,
-----[5]. Belief in the Hereafter,
-----[6]. Belief in Destiny.

---B. Types of Worship in Islam and the Wisdom behind them,
-----[1]. Ritual Prayer and Its Wisdom,
-----[2]. Fasting and its wisdom,
-----[3]. Mandatory Alms (poor-due), Charity, Aid and their Wisdom,
-----[4]. The Hajj (pilgrimage) and its wisdom.

---C. Islamic Prohibitions and their Harms,
-----[1]. Interest,
-----[2]. Drinking Alcohol,
-----[3]. Fornication.

---D. The Enviroment, Cleanliness and Water in Islam,
-----[1]. The Environment,
-----[2]. Cleanliness,
-----[3]. Water.

Part [III]. The Noble Quran,
---[1]. Its Revelation and Preservation,
---[2]. Its Miraculous Nature,
-------a. It Informs Us of the Unknown,
-------b. It Sheds Light on Scientific Discoveries.

Part [IV]. The Messenger of Mercy, His Excellency Muhammad Mustafa, ﷺ,
---[1]. His Childhood and Youth,
---[2]. The Period of Prophethood,
---[3]. The Era of Madina,
---[4]. Examples from His Unmatched Morals,
---[5]. The Endless Love that He Elicits,
---[6]. His Miracles.


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