The Exemplary Manners of the Friends of Allah

 The Exemplary Manners of the Friends of Allah [1] - NEW,
[A5] Paperback - 336 pages,
by Shaykh Osman Nuri,
English Translation by Ismail Eris,
Published by Erkam Publications, Turkey.

Description :

There is a need for works in every field of the Islamic sciences, which will take the beauty, delicacy, and elegance of Islam into the hearts of human beings. This is especially true in the field of spiritual guidance... The reason for this is because today we are at the pinnacle of spiritual hunger and moral dissatisfaction. Therefore, the demand for religious services is an obvious necessity in our society, and we should be willing to devote ourselves to such service. In this regard; it is necessary for us to utilise the blessings of Allah such as our intellectual and spiritual comprehension, our lives, possessions, and time in the way of His contentment. Hence, it is vital that we fully utilise the blessings bestowed upon us, such as our intellectual and spiritual comprehension, our time on this earth, and our possessions, all for the sake of pleasing Allah.

Since the Friends of God are the heirs to the Prophets, they continue to practice the Prophetic guidance and moral perfection for the rest of mankind. The guidance and advice coming from the tongues of the Friends of God breathe new life into the hearts of others through a language of mercy and in effect these counsels spring from the prophetic instructions.

                              ''The world is wheat, I am hay,
                                The world is nice, I am bad ...''

                                                                [Bah ud-Din Naqshband, radi Allahu anhu].

The Friends of Allah are a means of blessing and mercy for their neighbourhood. They are arms of mercy and compassion embracing to all the segments of the community. They are also like magnets attracting the believers, for Allah the Almighty loved these righteous servants and have people love them. This is why the Friends of Allah are not forgotten after their death and continue to live in the hearts of those who love them.

If we truly love the Saints (Friends of Allah), the Beloved Servants of Allah, and want to be resurrected with them in the Hereafter, we must try to exemplify their good manners. By balancing our behaviour with theirs, taking their actions as our own criteria, and trying to accomplish their spiritual state, we may reach eternal happiness.

Table of Contents :


---[1]. To Know Prophet Muhammad, salla Allahu alayhi wa Sallam, By Heart,
------Endless Spiritual Capacity,
------If its Saint is Like This,
------It is in the Extent of the Capacity of the Sender,
------The Most Prosperous Way to get to Know the Prophet,
------The Love For Muhammad,
------Because He, Used to do This and That,
------The Sensitivity towards the Sunnah, the Traditions of the Prophet),

---[2]. Modesty :
------Friends of Allah The Almighty,
------An Eminent State of Servitude : Modesty,
------Swords are for the Neck of those who have (High and Proud) Necks,
------The Humility of our Prophet,
------The Modesty of the Companions,
------Moderation in Modesty,
------The Role of Modesty in Spiritual Training.

---[3]. Being Patient and Tolerant towards the Ignorant and the Ill-Mannered :
------The Patience and Tolerance of The Prophet Muhammad,
------The Patience and Tolerance of The Friends of Allah,

---[4]. Responding to Evil with Goodness :
------There Shall be no Reproof against You this Day,
------I Have not been Sent as the Invoker of a Curse,
------The Remedy for the Removal of Afflictions,
------Forgiveness when it is Appropriate,
------Wouldn’t You like to be Forgiven by Allah?
------How Much Goodness Should Be Shown In Response To Evil?
------Humans Are Slaves Of Benefaction,
------Eyes which can Cry for their Enemy
------Everybody Sells what they Own,

---[5]. Smiling :
------A Believer’s Smile must be on his Face; His Sorrow should be in his Heart
------The Prophet’s  Smile,
------The Smile of the Friends of Allah.

---[6]. Good Manners and Courtesy :
------Manners towards Allah The Almighty,
------Manners Towards the Messenger of Allah,
------Manners Towards the Friends of Allah,

---[7]. Manners of Speaking advised by the Holy Qur'an :
------To be acustomed by the language of Mercy of the Qur’ān,
------What kind of language does the Qur’an expect from us to Use?
------What kind of language does the Qur’ān Prohibit?

---[8]. Generosity and Charity :
------Compete in Generosity,
------An elevating Characteristic : Generosity,
------Two Great Maladies: Extravagance and Stinginess,
------The Cures for the Hardness of the Heart : Generosity and Charity,
------Donate more than what is Needed,
------Efforts to strengthen Generosity,
------Blindness of Stinginess,
------Help Now, so you will be Helped when you Need it.

---[9]. Manners of Charity :
------Do not waste your Charity,
------Giving Charity with Gratitude,
------The Way to attain Righteousness,
------Aid one another in Kindness and Piety,
------The One who causes Goodness is like the One who does Goodness.

---[10]. Sincerity in Charity :
------Sign of Sincerity : To be able to Find the real Needy,
------If you have Sincere Intentions, Allah will Bestow His Blessings upon You,
------Your left hand should Not Know what Your right hand Gives.

---[11]. Altruism :
------Giving from all Kinds of Blessings,
------Altruism of the Messenger of Allah and His Companions,
------Altruism of the Friends of Allah,
------The Peak of Altruism : Giving from Life,
------The Magnificent Blessings ff Altruism.

---[12]. Speeding up in doing Goodness :
------The Significance of Hurrying Up in doing Good,
------An Exemplary Scene from the last Breath,
------Everybody Regrets,
------The Real Possession of a Person is whatever he prepares for the Hereafter,
------Save yourselves from the malady of stinginess.

---[13]. Brotherhood :
------Brotherhood in Islam is More Superior,
------The Brotherhood of the Ansār (Helpers) and the Muhajirūn (Immigrants),
------Be a Friend not a Burden.

---[14]. Reviving Britherhood :
------Encouraging peacemaking among Believers,
------Hating Sins; Showing Mercy to the Sinners,
------The Basic Foundation of Unity : Islamic Brotherhood,
------Feeling the Suffering of Your Brother in Islam,
------A Companion who left the worship of I’tikaf to help a Believer,
------Divine Blessing : The Month of Ramadān.

---[14]. Love and Anger for the Sake of Allah Almighty :
------Fruits of the Tree of Prophethood,
------Temptations of the World,
------Love those who are Worthy to be Loved and Dislike those who deserve to be Disliked,
------Signs of Real Love,
------Love and Anger for the Sake of Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala.

---[15]. Sincerity in Love and Hate :
------When the Sensitivity of Faith is Lost,
------The Weak point of Muslims : Giving Compromises,
------Reaction of Faith,
------The Disease of Imitation,
------Dialogue with non-Muslims,
------Basic principles of dialogue with non-Muslims.

---[16]. Not to Forget Mortality :
------Two Opposite scenes concerning Death,
------Do not Cry for the Deceased but Cry for Yourself,
------The most Important Unknown : The Last Breath,
------What is Your Destiny going to be?

---[17].  Prefering the Hereafter over This World :
------The Sign of a Sound Heart,
------We do Not Change a Good Deed of the Hereafter for the Entire World,
------Who Is the Real Intelligent?
------The Cure for the Hardness of Heart,
------Fault is not in the World but in Those who are Deceived by it.

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