Such a Mercy He Was ...

Such a Mercy He Was : NEW,
The Moral Legacy of Prophet Muhammad,
salla Allahu alayhi wa Sallam
[A5] Paperback - 314 pages,
by Shaykh Osman Nuri,
English Translation by Ali Kose, Rahim Acar,
Copy Editor: R. Terri Harris,
Published by Erkam Publications.

Description :

Such a Mercy he Was ... that his compassion and beneficence surrounded all humanity, even all creation. Such a Mercy he was that he was granted to all souls and minds as a fountain of life, love and wisdom, knowledge, and learning adorned with endless blessing. Such a Mercy he was that the Qur'an, a guide to the true path, was endowed through him. Such a Mercy he was that he became unique among Messengers in that he was the dearest to Allah and was granted with the spiritual night journey to heavens. Such a Mercy he was that without him, all worlds would turn to a desolate desert. Such a Mercy he was that the origin of creation emerged with his glorious being. All previous Messengers came to know his glorious and blessed being. Such a Mercy he was that all beauties bear reflections from him. No flower blossoms without having a piece from his light. None would exist without him.

All existence in the universe rests upon Allah’s love and mercy, and Allah the Almighty treats humans with special benevolence. Even those without faith draw breath and find sustenance thanks to Allah’s mercy. Though it witnesses many kinds of cruelty, corruption, and rebellion, still the world is sustained through the endless Mercy of Allah. It is clear that Allah loves mercy and compassion, for divine mercy encompasses divine wrath. Allah describes His Last Messenger, Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him,  as a Mercy for the Worlds, saying :

                'And We have not sent you save as a Mercy to the Worlds.'

Love for capital and other worldly possessions rules us, whereas we ought to be ruling worldly possessions. Charity, compassion, and altruism should be the hallmark of Muslims. We need to breathe, act, and speak with mercy at all times, just as the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, did. If we are to merit Paradise, then, we must revise our lives. We badly need the light of those principles shown forth in the life of the Prophet of Mercy. We need some shaking up if we are to find our true selves!

Today one may easily observe waste of faith and practice, waste of time, waste of learning, waste of moral sensitivity, waste of spiritual reflection, waste of livelihood and philanthropy, and waste of health and sustenance, not to mention waste of human beings
themselves. Muslims should deplore all this.

We should endeavor to educate our children, who are entrusted to us by Allah, to live life in the spiritual atmosphere of the Qur’an and in the tradition of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, as a faithful generation. Muslims must maintain the delicate line between what is permitted and what is forbidden in all circumstances, putting aside empty excuses.

Table of Contents :

------Prophet Muhammad, was deeply concerned for his community,
------Prophet Muhammad, The Modest One,
------Prophet Muhammad, The Generous One.

Chapter [1].
---Examples from the Life of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace,
------Norms for a Sublime Morality I,
Chapter [2].
---Examples from the Life of the Prophet,  may Allah bless him and grant him peace,
------Norms for a Sublime Morality II,

Chapter [3].
---Examples from the Life of the Prophet,  may Allah bless him and grant him peace,
------Norms for a Sublime Morality III,

Chapter [4].
---Love for the Prophet's, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam, Household,
------Love and Friendship,
------The Household of the Prophet (Ahl al-Bayt),
------Salman was one of us,
------Manners of the Household,
------Love of the Prophet's Household,
------The murder that shook the Heavens,

Chapter [5].
---Righteousness and Justice I,
------The Virtue of Forgiveness in Justice,

Chapter [6].
---Righteousness and Justice II,
------The Opposite of Justice is Tyranny,
------Upholding Justice,
------Obstruction of Justice : A share in Hell,
------Justice among one's children,
------Distributing Rights carefully to those who are Entitled,
------Resistance to Justice and Oppression,

Chapter [7].
------Dont endanger Yourselves,
------Dont Trust in your Deeds,

Chapter [8].
---Conciousness of Trusteeship,

Chapter [9].
------Sensual Mind and Spiritual Mind,
------Development of the Soul,
------Contemplation by the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace,
------The Vision of the Blind Man : An Example of Reflection,
------Reading the Book of Life,
------Discovering the Profound : Tasawwuf,
------Contemplation of Death,

Chapter [10].
---Rays of Wisdom from the Precincts of the Heart of Rumi,
------Patience and Endurance,
------Seeking means Come Close to Allah Almighty,
------Purification of the Self,
------Ambition : Cancer of the Heart,
------Charity: The Healer of Hearts & the Joy of Both Worlds,

Chapter [11].
---The Holy Month of Ramadan : Spiritual Training for Life,
------The Qur'an and Ramadan,
------Ramadan as a Life Opportunity,
------Hold tight to Fasting,
------Being a Sincere Servant,
------The Night of Power,
------Eid : The Festival,

Chapter [12].
---Wastefulness I,
---Concerning Faith, Creed and Worship,
------Wastefulness in Faith and Creed,
------Profligacy in Ritual Prayer,

Chapter [13].
---Wastefulness II,
---Concerning Time,
------Profligacy in the Use of Time,

Chapter [14].
---Wastefulness III,
---Concerning Knowledge,

Chapter [15].
---Wastefulness IV,
---Concerning Morality,

Chapter [16].
---Wastefulness V,
---Concerning Contemplation,

Chapter [17].
---Wastefulness VI,
---Concerning Livelihood and Charity,

Chapter [18].
---Wastefulness VII,
---Concerning Health and the Consumption of Food and Drink,

Chapter [19].
---''There is no Excuse for Violating the Boundary between Lawful and Unlawful Actions'' : An interview Concerning Islamic Sensitivity in the Business World,
---Islam and Capitalism,
---What Kinds of Incomes are There?
---What about the Other Kind?
---Then what kind of Framework does Islam suggest ?
---Care, Attention and Sensitivity,
---Observing Religious Commandments & changing one's Commitments?
---Everything Revolves around Money & Capitalism,
---Being Wealthy is a Difficult Trial,
---The Example of Imam Abu Hanifah, may Allah be pleased with him,
---Examples and Direct Advice regarding this Money Centred World.


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