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Jesus Christ the Son of Mary : English
Jesus Christ the Son of Mary : English
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  • Authored by: Habib Ali al-Jifri

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Details:  Jesus Christ The Son of Mary
& His Most Blessed Mother
: 2nd (Revised) Print,
Flexi Cover Slim Paperback - 64 pages,
Authored by Habib Ali al-Jifri,
*Transl. & Notes by Dr. Gibril F. al-Haddad,
Published by Dar al-Faqih, U.A.E.

Description :

This book is the English translation (2nd Edition) of a lecture delivered by Al-Habib Ali al-Jafri in 2003 in Lebanon. The topic of the book emphasises the status and rank of the Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him, (Hadrat Isa, alayhi salam) within the Islamic tradition. The book is split into numerous short chapters, discussing various aspects of Prophet Jesus’ life and includes an elaboration of the esteemed rank of Mary, peace be upon her, (Hadrat Maryam, alayhi salam). It also discusses the second coming of Jesus, peace be upon him, as believed by the Muslims, the trials of the anti-Christ (Dajjal) and the eventual victory of Jesus, peace be upon him, and his supporters over the anti-Christ.

Extract : ''After the manifestation of absolute spirituality appears in this existence in the face of absolute materiality, the latter will crack and cave in before the former, because materiality comes second to the spirit. Materiality was created only as a servant to the spirit, were it not for the foolishness of the people and their covetousness that caused them to make of themselves servants of materialism! When the Manifestation of tyranny of materialism looks at the Manifestation of the supremacy of the spirit, it shall melt and be powerless to resist. At that time the Divine victory will appear in plain sight, at the hand of our liege-lord Jesus, upon him peace. ''

About the Author
: Al-Habib Ali Al-Jafri is from Tarim, the valley of scholarship and light in Hadramawt, south Yemen. He took his classical Islamic knowledge from the great masters of the Ba’Alawi, including the late Habib Mashur al Haddad, the great faqih of Madina Habib Zayn al Sumayt and the great Faqih and Qutb Habib Abdul Qadir al Saqqaf. He teaches at the Dal al Mustafa school in Tarim. His commitment to da’wa has taken him to all corners of the world.

About the Translator
:  Dr. Gibril Fouad Haddad was born in Beirut in 1380/1960. He embraced Islam while a graduate student in French literature at Columbia University in New York. He currently resides and teaches in Brunei, Darussalam, having studied and lived in Lebanon and Syria. Since 1997 he has published many translation of classical texts by the living masters of the past and present.

Table of Contents :

---The Honour and Purpose of Religion,
---Comprehension (fiqh) of the Mission,
---The Vastness of Comprehension,
---Incomprehension caused by the Ego,
---The Comprehensive Goodness of Islam,
---Muhammad, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam, the Quintessence of Prophets,
---Our Special Relationship with the Prophets,
---Our Special Relationship with the Christ Jesus,
---The Descent of Jesus,
---Jesus and the Mahdi,
---The Antichrist (Dajjal),
---Divine Protection,
---The Invincibility of Madinah,
---The Righteous Witness,
---The Killing of the Antichrist,
---Christ and the Antichrist,
---The Jewish Community and Jesus,
---The Secret of the Creation of Jesus and Mary,
---Hanna's Vow,
---Seclusions and Miracles of Mary,
---Birth of Jesus and further tests of Mary,
---Lessons from Mary's Certitude,
---Jealousy of her Community,
---The Great Admonition to Mary and Jesus' Nation,
---Jesus' Attributes,
---Jesus' Mission,
---The Prophet Muhammad, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam, and His Inheritors,
---The End of the Tyranny of Materialism,
---Conversion of the Followers of Jesus,
---Final Recommendations,
---Closing Supplications.

* Includes references.

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